Motel Mount Gambier Australia Internal Industry Analysis Report


Motel Mount Gambier

Executive Summary

The Motel Mount Gambier focused on the reasonable or affordable prices and providing the relaxing accommodation for the customers. The parking of the rooms is comfortable and convenient and the motel is serving the customers or tourists from different countries. The IOTs and the FITs are satisfied with the staff services, the motel is generating much return in the tourism industry. However, there is the intense level of competition in the hospitality industry of the Mount Gambier, therefore, the model should increase the number of rooms in the motel; the motel can also focus on the digital strategies in the city as the customers could be targeted on the social websites. The motel needs to satisfy the customers who are tourists and there are 80,000 visitors annually in the city because there is the intense level of competition in the industry.


Mount Gambier is the city that is located in the South Australia; however, it is the second most populated city in the country, the city is located on the slopes of the Mount Gambier also called Volcanoes. The City of Mount Gambier is famous for its beauty and it is the best place for the tourists. Moreover, the tourists enjoy the gardens or parks, caves, and blue lake, park there. The geographical features are exciting of the city. It is the best place for the tourists as they enjoy with their couples and families, though, there are so many hotels and motels in the city so that people could enjoy there by getting the good experience of the motels. The economy of the Mount Gambier is depended majorly on the hospitality industry, based on the reason the customers are provided with the quality services by the hotels and motel industry in the city. Motel Mount Gambier that is very famous in the city because it is the closest motel from the city center, however, the motel that attracts tourists the most as have the extraordinary services for the customers in the affordable prices.

Motel Mount Gambier Australia Internal Industry Analysis Report

Description Of The Enterprise

In the hospitality industry, there are different hotels and motel, providing efficient services to the tourist, there exists a motel name Motel Mount Gambier that is very famous in the city because the services are provided in the reasonable or affordable prices. Motel Mount Gambier has the relaxing accommodation for the customers, the company focus on providing the welcoming and courteous services. However, there are the extensive gardens in the motel and with there are beautiful views from the motel because it is located on the Penola Road of Mount Gambier. The motel focus on providing the perfect solutions to the customers, as it is the closest motel from the city center, the near places from Motel Mount Gambier are the biggest Shopping Centre, an Airport, and a Wine Region, therefore, it is the motel that attracts tourists the most (Howitt, 2011).

Another major attraction for the customers or the tourists about the motel is that it has extraordinary restaurant and cafes, national parks, forests and the beaches etc. Moreover, all the rooms in the motel are at the ground level which is spacious and customers could reach there on the cars through parking directly. There are parking for the coaches, swimming pool and other gaming facilities that attract the customers most. Motel Mount Gambier also provides the customers with the exciting packages as there is discount offered on the clubs booking (, 2016).

Main Activity

The main activity of the Motel Mount Gambier is to provide the customers with the great services, however, in order to provide the extraordinary services to the customers, there is the picnic area where families and couples could enjoy a night as outdoor BBQ also seems attractive to the people. There are the delicious meals for the customer or everyone, the view of the model is attractive because of the big shady trees. Thus, the rooms of the motel are at ground level and the swimming pool is attractive, as an outdoor swimming pool is located at very enjoyable places, which is next to the BBQ area. Coach bookings also welcome the customer to play the sports, as the sporting and social clubs is there so that customers can do the exercise and enjoy gaming or sports. There are landmarks, large function rooms and meeting room in the Motel Mount Gambier so that indoor activities can be supported.

The customer is provided with the great level of quality services, as there is also the disability access room where the disable people could feel comfortable as disability needs and special needs in life are try to focus over there. Moreover, there are also the security sensor lights so that customers do not face the tensions in a night, the lights installed in order to provide the customers with the extra security. The car park is great in the motel as there are the opportunities to park right and it takes one’s exact outside the room. The parking of the rooms is comfortable and convenient, so that customer could enjoy the safe and easy parking, they can easily manage their luggage by the safe and secure parking spot (Pegga, Pattersona, & Gariddo, 2012).

Size And Structure

Regarding the size and structure of the Motel Mount Gambier, it could be said that the motel is quiet spacious and affordable for the customer the size and structure of the Motel Mount Gambier are attractive in the city because it is half Km’s away from the city center and the major tourist attractions. The motel has the low operating cost structure; as compared to the customers, the motel is offering the reasonable prices. However, the stature is amazing in the Mount Gambier, hotel and motel industry because providing the benefits to the city economy as well. The company is going in profit because tourist comes there and enjoy. Thus, it is 27 square meters in the size and offers the serving in the $105 per night, which is very reasonable as compared to the other motels in the city (Penner, Adams, & Rutes, 2013).

Customer Analysis

Motel Mount Gambier has identified the customers and the target market as there are the customers, who want to enjoy the best services in the reasonable and the cheap prices; the motel is providing the efficient services to the clients, in order to satisfy them. Mostly there are the tourists in the city, therefore, the motel timely focus on to enhance the services. The business plan is satisfying the customers need so that they could enjoy the food and places in the Mount Gambier.

The customers of the Motel Mount Gambier are from the different countries, as the motel has given the different language option to the different cultural customers from overall the world. Therefore, there are the customers or tourists from different countries, who come and want to enjoy in Mount Gambier.  There are the customers from China, from the customers review on the websites it is known that customers are satisfied from the motel services and they want to get the experiences, again and again, there are customers from different background and different social classes because Motel Mount Gambier is three stars so there are the white collar and the blue collar customers.

Description Of The Client’s

Most of the customer of the Motel Mount Gambier is the tourists, who come in the city to enjoy and have fun; however, maximum customers are attracted to come in Mount Gambier because of the famous blue lake and the unperson sinkhole. Riddoch art gallery and other free entertainment complex are the other attractions for the customers in the city. Through the interview with the owner, it is known that customers are satisfied from the motel services as a company is successfully managing the operations and the customer contact the company or motel through the different channels in order book a room, most of the customers are asking travel agencies to do a booking for them. However, the motel gets around 50% of the customer through different travel agencies, there is rush of customers or the customers are maximum in the number at the New year, Easter, Christmas etc. There are the customers from different background as from the report and reviews on website it is known that the customers are satisfied with the services, however, some of the customers still believe that the motel is offering high prices, they says that there are big room in the motel and comfortable for the family but bathrooms are small as compared to the rooms, it is hard for one to enjoy bathing there.

Motel Mount Gambier Internal Analysis

Focused on the interview by the owner of the Motel Mount Gambier, it could be known that company is performing well in the market, as through the internal analysis it is known that customers are satisfied and staff is trained for the best customers services, this is the reason motel is generating great profit or revenue in the market.  The IOTs and the FITs are satisfied with the staff services, the motel is generating much return in the tourism industry. The motel is focused on the quality services as the knowledge about domestic Australian tourists is focused in order to appeal the maximum customers. Therefore, through the internal analysis, it is also known that company has the industry services and the best performance is focused on the stakeholders or employees so that specific customers could be focused, as the details are taken from the customers when they come to stay in the motel. The motel is performing well as the reviews are taken from the clients timely so that there could be better in the internal performance through staying focus on the services or internal analysis.

Motel Mount Gambier Industry Analysis

  • Size And Structure

Regarding the hospitality industry of the Mount Gambier, the tourism is giving the good support to the country economy, as the tourism generates about $100 million every year. However, Mount Gambier is known as the tourism region and the hotels and motels there are providing the significant benefits to the industry (Biggs, 2011). The tourist is helped in the country as they are given support by the hospitality industry, the Mount Gambier Regional maps are provided to the customers so that they could enjoy the attractions of the city because the tourists are attracted by the city cave divers and the water-filled caves. Mount Gambier motels have the accurate information of the customers, as the attractions and accommodation are provided so that customers could enjoy. There are about 80,000 visitors annually in the city, which is a big number, maximum of them are getting the great experience (Ziegler, Dearden, & Rollins, 2011).

  • Competition

In the hospitality industry of the Mount Gambier, the customers value with the lavender, olive oils, they are given the handmade chocolates which become the natural attractions for them. However, there is the intense level of competition in the hospitality industry of the Mount Gambier because there are several hotels and motels in the industry. The customers are treated in an effective way so that they could enjoy the services, the competition and rivalry among the competitors are high (Burrow & Fowler, 2015).

  • Potential Threats And Opportunities

There are the potential threats to the Motel Mount Gambier in the industry because Potential threats and opportunities the threats of substitutes is moderate in the industry, customers could move towards the hotels if they are not satisfied with the motel services, people are connected to the motel and enjoying the services because the services are provided on effective rates to them. If the hotels offer them great service value in the fewer prices then they could be motivated or prefer to go there. The bargaining power of the customers is very high in the industry, as the customers could ask to lower down the prices. However, Motel Mount Gambier have the opportunities in the market, as the company is already providing the customers with the best services but the customer services can be improved. There are opportunities for Motel Mount Gambier in the industry as the company needs to focus on the advancement from the technological aspect and there is need to know how the competitors are performing in the market. The motel can increase the number of rooms in the motel; the motel can also focus on the digital strategies in the city as the customers could be targeted on the social websites  (Ferrell & Hartline, 2010).

  • Competitor Analysis

The competition and rivalry among the competitors are high, the competitors of Motel Mount Gambier are performing well in the market. Motel Mount Gambier is a three-star motel; there are the competitors in the industry as example Avalon Motel, Best Western Motel, Blue Lake Motel, Mid City Motel etc. However, all the motels in the industry are performing well in the market; they have the exciting services for the customers, as other motels are also offering per night stay at the competitive or lessen prices so that maximum customers could be attracted. However, according to the owner, there are only two motels in the hospitality and tourism industry who are offering the great value of the services to the customers. The competitor’s analysis revealed that competitors are also providing the great value of money to the customers and there are also better services, example, they are also offering, swimming pool, wifi, night BBQ, quality food etc.


As the hospitality industry has the wide range of opportunities to flourish and enhance their business. This industry will be successful if it has some characteristics like commitment. In this, it is required to be committed with the satisfaction of the customers to make them happy and for the sake of repeat business. The communication skills either it is written or oral should be excellent in order to be successful in this industry. All the facilities that are provided to the customers should be latest and also it should meet world standard. A wide range of technology should also be used in the industry.

All the members who are associated with this industry should meet and respond their customers with enthusiasm so that their experience in the motel would be great. All the associated people of this industry should have leadership skills and each and everything that is offered to the customers should be organized. All the rules about safety should be adopted and there should not be any kind of hygiene issue in the motel. The quality of teamwork should be adopted. Different packages should be introduced according to the demand affordability of the customers so that every class can afford it. In addition to promoting business, the strategy of marketing should be adopted in which the improved position in search engine, good performance in Google AdWord and also the engagement in social media (KUSLUVAN, KUSLUVAN, ILHAN, & BUYRUK, 2010).

Motel Mount Gambier Focus Point Analysis

  • External Conditions

As the location of the Motel Mount Gambier is very attractive and central as all the thing that is required by the customers is available like the airport, shopping mall and other shopping as well as tourist spot around it. So the need here is to make the internal environment as such that people like to prefer it. So little effort can generate very good results. It is also a fact that the motel possesses many good facilities like garden, swimming pools, instructors, parking etc so by adopting the recommending the efficiency of the motel may increase further and it becomes a leading motel.

  • Recommended Solution(S) And Short-Term Business

There is no doubt that the repute of the motel is very good and it is considered as a leading motel of the area that is characterized by all the modern facilities and the technology that is used in the motel is also new. The staff is also well trained with much knowledge of their respective field. So, all the recommendations that is given has the ability to meet all the short terms objectives o the business, because after the external environment and other external factors the major point of that become the reason of the attraction of tourist is the internal environment of the motel that can compel to chose or select again this motel.

  • Sustained Growth And Competitive Advantage

It is a fact that the motel industry is a competitive industry, so, it is necessary for each hotel of this industry to create and produce innovative and new ideas in order to create the difference in the product that is being offered from others with same nature. In this industry, advantages can be gained by each presented point. As the good and demanded location is the competitive advantage of Motel Mount Gambier that is an external factor. Similarly, it can make its growth sustainable and competitive by adopting the suggestions that are recommended. Different packages that are according to the affordability of the customers and the marketing strategies are the tool to create and catch the attraction of the customers that may become the reason of competitive advantage and sustainable growth even in future.

  • Client’s Key Resources And Capabilities

The Motel Mount Gambier should plan the business in such a way that it can fulfill the need and demand of the clients. It should know the financial status of the clients and offer the packages to them according to their affordability. In this way, the people of all the class give preference to select it. So in this way, it can meet the key resources of the clients.

  • Recommendation Changes In The Current Business Model

Business Canvas Model (Osterwalder & Pigneur, 2013)

Motel Mount Gambier Australia Internal Industry Analysis Report

Coherent Action Plan With A Timeline

  • Action Plan

Motel Mount Gambier Australia Internal Industry Analysis Report

  • Timeline

July 1st (Quality of teamwork) – August 1st (Affordable Packages) – September 1st (Involve leadership skills) – October 1st (Wide range of technology) – November 1st (Communication skills) – December (1st Improve position in search engine) (Bradt, Check, Lawler, & Pedraza, 2016)

Limitations Of The Solution

While implementing the action plan there can be still various limitations assigned responsibilities as Motel Mount Gambier, if implement the plan, then the plan may not be a successful one as in action plan there could be issues regarding managing or evaluating the costs. Recommendations for the efficient staffing and upgrading the computer can also the be limitation, however, the target date for the completion may not be attained, and thus, there could be issues in deciding the new location for the business or the implementation of the plan. The actions plans need to be focused intentionally so that the each strategy should be implemented properly, as the management and owner need to develop and introduce new strategies effectively.

Major Challenges

There is the range of challenges that could be faced by the company in the market, as the industry is facing the high competition. Due to this high competition, the travel and tourism industry can face the issues because the customers want the perfect accommodation but there can be the major challenges in the industry, as customers will always prefer to reduce rates and the greater conveniences in the three-star motels. Thus, there can be other challenges because the motels are significantly expanding the marketing effort and facilities and moving towards the OTA marketing the customers in this way can focus on the best motel or old marketing practices are not focused in the industry, therefore, the motels could face the issues of low-quality foods and the other cleanliness issues, clients can also face the issues regarding security challenges, terrorism or public violence etc. However, the cyber crime issues including credit card fraud and other issues of like sexual abuse or food poisoning can also biggest challenge for the Motel Mount Gambier. Customers could be bored due to lack of the refreshing facilities.


While concluding, it is focused that Motel Mount Gambier is attracting the tourists with the extraordinary services for the customers, at the affordable prices and the best. However, motel needs to continuously improve its condition in the market because the position of competitors is strong. There is the need to have the proper check on the customer services. Motel Mount Gambier needs to utilize the online technologies and the digital marketing, the motel also needs to the social media promotions so that review could be taken from the customers and poor customer satisfaction should be focused. The company needs to evaluate the programs so that there could be the better quality of teamwork through the effective leadership skills.

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