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Montefiore Case Study Solution

Montefiore Case Study SolutionAccording to the U.S News and World Report, Montefiore is among the top health care providers both globally and nationally. This is because they have been able to come up with new drugs, therapies and treatment approaches that have created stellar outcomes globally for more than 100 years. They have a mission based on innovating, coaching and advancing the healthcare of the society. Since its inception in 1884, they have been at the vanguard in education, research and health care (Montefiore Medical Center, 2014).

On 17th July 2013, Montefiore Medical Center announced improved health services to its patients as part of the ACO model (Accountable Care Organization) (Montefiore Medical Center, 2014). The hospital managed to generate substantial savings attaining the top financial performance amongst 32 Pioneer ACOs. Montefiore achieved this savings after they adopted a new strategy, which aimed at boosting care management, patient-centered care and patient engagement among other nurse-driven involvements that improved patient outcome. The success of the health institution provided an exclusive approach in healthcare. In fact, Montefiore also attributes its success to the collaborations they formed with some local healthcare providers and physicians.

Based on statistics, more than 60% of the total patients in this health institution receive health care from private community physicians while physicians who are employed by Montefiore cater for the rest of the patients. In addition, all the ACO patients have complete contact to the institution’s groundbreaking care programs. Based on the institution’s first-year achievement with the Pioneer ACO model, $14 million will be given to Montefiore from the Medicare savings they generated. According to the Vice President of Montefiore, the institution is strongly determined in improving health care on a global scene. Furthermore, the company was the only one chosen in New York to take part in the Pioneer ACO Model alongside 32 other institutions (Montefiore Medical Center, 2014).

The chief medical officer, Henry Chung, asserts that in the system, each individual is accountable for creating a healthier society. The success exhibited by Montefiore have verified that the Pioneer ACO model is one of the determined CMS programs since it was developed and designed in the provision of extensive care to patients in the society (Montefiore Medical Center, 2014). The coordination of this model also boosted Montefiore’s payment arrangements, which integrated incentives based on worker performance and fiscal accountability.

Furthermore, with the formation of integrated teams of social workers, care managers, physicians and nurses among other health care provides, Montefiore is able to provide optimal health care to a patient in any setting. The team of experts who work in collaboration with Montefiore have developed a strong obligation to the society hence; they are able to provide crucial healthcare services even in non-traditional locations. The partnerships they have formed have enabled Montefiore to hasten the rate at which new discoveries in the health care field are made.

In conclusion, the Montefiore has been able to provide optimal health care services to its patients for more than 10 years. Through the partnerships they have formed, they have extensively developed their infrastructure and have been able to provide health care service to more than 200,000 patients (Montefiore Medical Center, 2014). From the data obtained from the (CMS) Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services innovation center, Montefiore have achieved the best results in healthcare provision. With the engagement of private community physicians, patients are assured of cost-effective and better healthcare services.

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