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Micheal Kors Marketing Strategy Analysis in Canada

Michael Kors is a designer’s brand which is owned by renowned designer Michael Kors. The brand sells perfumes, clothes, accessories, and jewelry for both men and women. This paper describes how Michael Kors is doing business in Canada.

  1. PEST Analysis of Michael Kors

The PEST analysis of Michael Kors has been described in details below (Turbo, 2012):

Political Factors

There has been seen a decrease in corporate tax rates, general tax rates, and organization tax rates from the year 2011. This impacted the company a lot. Michael Kors was able to make more profit than before. They started to do more charitable activities in order to make their image better in the market. This way, they are able to promote themselves as an ethical company in the market. This shows that the Canadian political environment is favorable for the company.

Micheal Kors Marketing Strategy Analysis in Canada

Economic Factors

The GDP rate is increasing in Canada. There was a slump in 2016, but it is increasing since then. It is increasing since 2016. This also means that the per capita income of the company has increased too. This way, the company will be able to increase its sales as there will be more buyers in the country. The more the income of the individuals, the more sales Michael Kors can expect as Michael Kors is a premium high-end brand.

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