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Metrich Drug Enforcement Unit Internship Report

In the universities, the internships are offered to the students so that they could able to understand the formal primary purpose of the degree they are going to get, thus, the organizations they are committed with provide them with the programs of the practical work so that students can get experiences in the particular occupation they are interested in. The internships strengthen is that to helps or built the resumes of the student effective for the future needs, so that one could have visible work experience that support and changes the careers. Internship helps in the training and it also facilitate the student learning when they are outside the classrooms.

Internship also provides the opportunities to the student so that there could be application of the theory to “real world” situations and students can gain the insight of the academic and career goals. The students able to do analysis of the real situation and get the fresh, deep insights to the workplace that helps to think or bring new ideas. Internship as an integrated part helps the students to earn the degrees with full understating and encourage them to learn about the ultimate future goals. Students can productively and successfully applies the theoretical characteristic of the career and can understand the job market. Internship can develop the holistic graduates in their own field as when they apply the theoretical aspects they have learn in the courses and the classes.

Metrich Drug Enforcement Unit Internship Report

Internship could be explained as an integral part of the student learning experience, when one student is attached to the organizations the teachers and universities make sure that students are committed to the right groups so that they could feel comfortable in the learning experiences and gain the better knowledge of the theoretical aspect. The programs of internship are focused to convert the students learning and tell them about the real theory or applications. Students can get the insight so that how they could effectively develops the effective communication skills that are required in the professional market; therefore, students can understand the management and disciplines in the workplace environment (Studer, 2015).

Practical and realistic experiences can help the student to learn about the workplace environment and market, a student can able to learn skills that are required in the job market; they come to know about the employer demands for the fresh graduates. Students can change their attitude according to the market conditions or the requirements. However, during my degree in major with Homeland Security and Terrorism, I got the opportunities to work in the METRICH Drug Enforcement Unit, located in the Seneca County in Tiffin Ohio, it is organization work on the illegal drugs.

METRICH (Metro Richland County) is easily identified in the community of the Tiffin Ohio; however, the mission of the METRICH Drug Enforcement Unit is to improve the quality and provide the excellence in the life of the people or citizens who are in the METRICH region. METRICH Drug Enforcement Unit focuses on the protection of the illegal drugs and the drug weapons that can be harmful to the community. With the help of the community partnerships, the company is promoting the safe environment with the secure neighborhoods. The METRICH Drug Enforcement Unit is located in the Tiffin, Ohio it was focused on the operations of drugs through the year 1989.

The unit as focuses on the fighting the distribution of the usage of drugs so in the region there are numerous conflicts that are faced by METRICH Drug because of the different authorities. The representatives do the drug raids with some of the particular agency. The METRICH Drug Enforcement Unit is made in order to ensure the objectives of drug and weapon protection, there is focuses on providing the adequate resources to the department and prior the company uses the assets that is seized during raids, the agencies focus to provide the necessary equipment so that the unit could be given support. The State of Ohio, after recognizing the efforts and commitments of the unit, focused on providing the necessary resources to the department so that it could accomplish the objectives. There can be the high profile cases by the METRICH investigators that are collective identity, in order to work efficiently there is the cooperative law enforcement.

When there is the establishment of the METRICH Drug Enforcement Unit, the unit focuses on the officers that qualified and experienced in this field so that they could meet up and discusses the solution and the various strategies that can be helpful for the department. However, the focus was on the generation of the new ideas so that state and community can able to tackle the drug problems of the state particular region example; the region that is focused on the department is Seneca County Drug.

The steps are there in order to provide the protection to the citizens of the people of Ohio through focused on the drug menace. The unit consulted with the most experienced people or detectives that are in the METRICH Drug Enforcement Unit. The METRICH Drug Enforcement Unit made the possible solutions so that there could be the enforcement of the various issues regarding the drug-related operations. The officers have the insight to investigate the situations according to the data collection. METRICH Drug Enforcement Unit, have the operations in various region example, the Ashland, Crawford, Knox, Morrow, Marion, Richland, Wyandot etc. There are also the detectives and officers in every state and the department; however, the investigators are from the Tiffin Police Department.

During my internship in the office of the Sheriff of the Seneca County, I come to know about the duties and the responsibilities that the METRICH Drug Enforcement Department or Unit have. I monitored the performances by the officer so that there could be better understating of the theoretical courses. Moreover, the universities and college provide the theoretical insights to the student so that there could be understanding of the market; they want to see the student at the optimal level. It is their responsibility to provide the better internships experience to the student so that they could become able to compete in the modern world. Through internship experience there could be the understanding of technical aspects and the various theoretical parts of the courses that is studied.

The internship provide the sufficient understanding to the students in the real world as they could get the practical experiences in the field, however, in the world there is the rise of globalization and there is high competition for the jobs in the job marketplace. Therefore, students can be helped in this way; so that they could get the actual practical experiences in the organization, they are doing internship in. Teachers from the colleges or universities can help student in find out the multiple internships or the multiple internship opportunities because they think it is their primary responsibility to provide the students with the extraordinary learning experiences.

The internship helps the students, in order to gain the practical experiences so that students can get the better understanding of the real-world conditions and there could be the applications of the theories in the real life. Moreover, if the student lack of the practical skills then they may find issues while they get the first job, it is important for students to have the understanding of the profits and efficiency in the workplace, so that they apply the theoretical concepts not only academically but also practically. The internship can help the students to maximize practical experiences so that they get the better learning experiences according to the major subject.

In my internship program with the major of the security and terrorism, I have focused on the dealing and ensuring that issues that are related to the safety and protection of the Americans nation. On the other hand, the Americans are committing the crimes in the State because they are addicted to a drug, there is the war on drugs and the drug is traded for the sake of benefit to few people.

I have understood the disastrous effects of the drugs as METRICH Drug Enforcement Department helped me focus on the current issues created by the drug abusers, I come to know about the violent crimes that the people do when addicted to a drug. Thus, I come to know about the operations of the METRICH that how they work, I focused on the development of the department in the previous years. Laws are helpful in providing the benefits to the department, as the department follows the instruction in the laws regarding the procedure and operations that are followed during the drug raids.

There are several things and the principles that I learned working with the detectives that how they collect the sufficient evidence and how they investigate the situation of the crimes. The detectives there taught me about the various usage of the special equipment that how the criminal or guilty fingerprints or the footprints could be retrieved. The investigation process is taught as a whole that how the assessment on the computer system can work I have learnt about the phone and computer analysis process and the search warrant that how to enter in one home. I also helped the department in collecting evidences. The METRICH also focus on different crime classifications and I learnt about the crimes types that are under the drug laws, so that suspects could be precede.

During my internship opportunity, I get the opportunity to learn various things about the department, as the drug trials were my first-hand experience and consequently, there is learning of the complete test procedures. I also come to know about the key players, who are involved in the process. During the internship, I helped the team with the finding of the actual evidence as I come to know that the detectives focus on to testify for or against the accused (Edgell, Gottfried, & Granter, 2015).

I come to get the insight of the entire criminal justice system and the drug trafficking processes, that how the investigators collect the relevant information, from the informants. Informants are very important people while suspecting the cause; however, the informants have the critical role related to the issues of the drug seizures. The officers can get the reliable and relevant information about the accused that supports the drug trafficking suspects by the informants, as they can give the details about the location, time etc.

I come to know that how the test of drugs that is seized focused, as with the change of the color of the chemical solution the drug could be suspect, thus, the test carried out in the analytical lab and the lab results tell that the drugs are illegal or not. I come to know that it important or need to get the evidence, as it is important for the further court procedures; however, evidences are required during the future procedure. Thus, the lab tests have the different variety of tools, which I have learnt to use, particular tool are necessary in order to check the authenticity of the drugs seized by the investigators. During the investigation the investigators uses the plastic bag and the two types of the pipes, which can be further used with the chemical solution in order to know about the crime scenes that it is an illegal substance or not, the sample of the drug is taken when the case is investigated so an arrest can be conducted.

I also come to about the weaknesses that were there in the internship program as the course syllabus was not according to the performance that was in METRICH, an application was quite difficult than the material that was prepared. I was lacking the efficient skills and the knowledge that are necessary for the database management software; I have very less information about the crime and forensics.

I can saw the deficiencies or the absence in my learning and myself. Thus, the drug crimes were focused on me because I was having some theoretical learning by the course, I was also committed to the ethics that I have learned in the classroom. While the internship program I come to know about the importance of the teamwork as during the investigation and drug arrest we perform effectively as a team. Organizational performance can be enhanced if the departments and people work in form of team and if there is the effective leadership.

The structured internship programs can help the one to meet the career goals and help in the personal development of one, there could be also be the career exploration. There are various other benefits of the internship has provided to me, as it provides the opportunity to me so that I could make the networks with individuals, who are in this industry. METRICH help me to focus on and develop my career, as through networking, I get the chances and possibilities to make the contacts with the people in the social gatherings etc. opportunities create, there I have developed the meaningful bonds with the people, who can help me in pursue a career. METRICH can help me so that I could develop myself in the field of Homeland Security and Terrorism. There I learn about the absorption programs that company is going to hire one, who is best suitable for the culture, this is the reason I have gathered the feedback so that I could focused on the future career opportunities.

During the internship, I learn that there is the collaboration in the law enforcement agencies example, the METRICH, and the state, also including the country. The METRICH operations focus on the different federal agencies example the DEA and FBI, the department also focuses on the numerous resources so that the goals of the department can be meet. Moreover, I have the information about the process of county judicial system that is in the state of Ohio, as I also come to know about the job opportunities that are there in our state.

Through the internship programs, there is the learning and focuses on the career development through the practical experiences that provide the glance of the job market. METRICH developed various initiatives in my life as I have gained the better understating of the industry and academic courses now, therefore, many college students can improve the social lives and the professional lives through applying the various concepts of the theoretical characteristic.

Students can efficiently and productively apply the theoretical characteristic of the career and have the understanding of the time management, which is necessary in every workplace. The students need to understand the importance of time and they need to keep pace with the fast moving work environment. METRICH have helped me to think about the efficient valuable resources and to meet the deadlines of the given tasks.

Thus, I become able to adequate manage the responsibilities that I have in METRICH because my supervisor helped me to effective manage my work and monitored me. However, supervisor provided me with the opportunities that helpful for me in the personal development, there was the encouragement so that I am to do the planning appropriately and stay committed on the dreams or aims that I had. There were different levels of clarity through focusing on the real life situation, I also become able identify the weaknesses and strengths that were there in my personality, and I am working continuously, in order to improve my weaknesses so that I could get better opportunities in future.

There we have the several benefits of the internship, as the experience, I have received while doing the internship with the reputable organization can lead me towards the career development. There can also be the practical experience, which I have learned when I was working in the unit. I remember that before going to the internship in the drug enforcement unit my fellows and I were thinking that it would be difficult to work in the drug industry, as there can be issues of funding terror.

Moreover, we met competent professionals in the industry, who told us about the job requirement and were doing their jobs seriously. The law enforcement agencies were following the code of conduct for the effectiveness in the industry. Thus, in the organization, the leadership, selflessness and the contentment was focused. METRICH Enforcement Unit provides me with the professional skills and knowledge regarding the criminal justice systems and helps to shape my experiences; there I got the opportunities to encourage myself because the industry focus is on the short-term projects that are also cost-effective. The internship programs can help the students of the colleges and universities, so that they could understand the educational enterprise (Bossche, Gijselaers, & Milter, 2012).

There are several benefits of the internship in the organization, as it could increase the productivity in the organization and it can motivate and retain the workforce. Interns can provide the short-term support to the company, there can also be the energetic and active attitudes in the company because new workforce can be helpful in increased earnings. There could be the sophisticated tasks and the strategic thinking as the company could more efficiently achieve the career goals, the companies get opportunities in future (MacRae & Furnham, 2014).

While concluding, it could be said that METRICH provided me with the valuable and the practical experience. There I got the learning about the industry and the use of technology. While the internship programs, I gain the training that facilitates my learning, gave me an insight of the future academics and career goals. Internships can promote the students learning so that there could be the learning if the real theory.

I learned about the investigation process that how the assessment on the computer system, I was committed to phone and computer analysis process that can be beneficial for me in the future when I will do job. I get the insight of the search warrant or merit and I helped the department in collecting evidences as detectives there taught me about the usage of the special equipment. Thus, internship provide with the practical and realistic experiences so that student understand about the workplace situations or environment and market. METRICH Drug Enforcement Unit helps me to think on, the various issues in regards to the drug-related operations, there was the learning to investigate the situations and concerned matters of drugs, under the drug laws.

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