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Measuring The Productivity of a Sugar Mill


Sugarcane ranks among Pakistan’s most valuable cash crops. It serves as a raw material for the whole sugar industry. Presently, the sugar industry is Pakistan’s second biggest agro-based industry. Production efficiency has become a vital determinant for the prospects of the sugar industry in Pakistan due to the diminishing competitiveness because of escalating imports, and high production costs. The improvement and adoption of novel production methods can significantly improve the efficiency of production. However, there seems to be some difficulties due to inadequate income and credit facilities to out growers (Raheman, Qayyum, Afza & Iqbal, 2009, p. 927). As a result, this industry can meliorate its operational efficiency using the currently available technology. Technical adjustment means technological progress not only in the physical sense of improved machinery, but innovations in knowledge as well. Improvements in the levels of technical efficiency derive from circumstances where resources can be utilized more effectively through the application of practices from the current pool of knowledge.

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