McDonald’s Global HR – Case Solution


McDonald’s Global HR – CASE SOLUTION

McDonald’s Global HR - Case Solution

  1. Identify cultural factors that might be important in a training program for food handlers at McDonald’s in Saudi Arabia?

Cultural factors that might be important in a training program for food handlers at McDonald’s in Saudi Arabia are as below:

  • Understanding of religious norms. For instance, Muslim in Saudi Arabia will only eat ‘Halal’ food. Thus, ‘Non Halal’ should not be sold at McDonald’s in Saudi Arabia.
  • Learn their language and communication style. It will be a value added if we can speak Arabic. They will respect and appreciate it. Understand their communication styles and do not misunderstand it when they speak.

2. Rather than focusing on the differences, what similarities do you expect exist among McDonald’s customers and employees in both the united states and abroad?’’

    • Positive attitude.
    • High  motivation
    • Clear perception.
    • Easy going lifestyle.
    • Ethical on the job.
    • Positive attitude.
    • Creative
    • Age group.

3. What is the culture of McDonald’s?

The core values of McDonald’s are:

  • Dedication to provide customers level of quality, service, cleanliness and value.
  • McDonald’s commitment to their work. A diverse team of well-trained individuals working together is a key to its continuous success.
  • Their motto is to provide same level of service at every branch around the world.
  • McDonald’s is committed to franchising, maintaining a highly collaborative relationship with its franchisees and making franchising decisions based on what’s best for its customers.

The answers to the “Mcdonald’s Global HR – Case Solution” have been written after completely studying the full case study.

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