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McDonald Service Delivery Experience

I visited McDonald’s, as it was the instructions to follow by the teacher as an assignment.  I have to order something to check their working criteria and services offered. I ordered a glass of McCafe Hot chocolate shake with a classic chicken sandwich. As I go there at the time of breakfast so I suggested ordering a healthy menu to start a healthy day. I had to check the hygiene and health level of the restaurant. I also need to check the food quality of the food items used.

Physical Cleanliness

When I entered into the parking lot, I saw a neat and clean parking area. There was no trash spread around and in the parking as well. There was a trash bin placed in the starting point and ending point of the parking as well. The trash was also very neat and clean it was not smelly at all. There was a shopping bag placed in between the trash, which is a good method of waste.

McDonald Service Delivery Experience

The view was very neat and clean very attractive and eye-catching as well for the people who came here to eat and drink. People always first get themselves satisfied with the cleanliness criteria of any place where they go. Especially food courts must be neatly cleaned and kept hygiene as well. Cleanliness is the necessity of a place or person as well to live healthily and physically and mentally active in its daily routine life. At the parking lot, there were also placed some weeds at the corners of the walls where we were parking our cars.

The weeds were very neatly and beautifully designed in an Italian style cutting that was very much attractive for me and as well as for the other people. There was flower placed in pots hanging on the walls of the parking area with beautiful colour flowers having extraordinary nice fragrances. I enjoyed the odour of those fragrances. The entrance and exit of the parking were also very spacious and properly designed which was making parking of the car very easy and very comfortable.

The building of the restaurant has a very attractive paint colour applied on it. It was eye-catching even from a distance while you were on the road and coming from a distance. The colors chosen are very decent as well. The buildings entry gate had a security pass, which makes it more secure and safe as well. The security factor is very much important for any place so that people will rely on it and come repeatedly to meet their wants or needs whatever they had. The gate of the restaurant has a wide size, which people can easily pass through from.

The entryway was very neat and clean there was a person standing at the gate opening the gate for the customers to come in and saying good morning and hello to the incoming customers and saying goodbye, thank you for coming and do come again to the outgoing customers. The area where customers use to sit and eat, I observed that and that was very neat and clean. The table and chair covers are properly washed having a light fragrance in them. The setting of knife and frocks’ along with plates was also good. The dining in the area was satisfactory.

The beverage area in the restaurant was also very neat and clean. The slabs were properly cleaned; the crockery used by them was in a very good condition. All the ingredients they are using are of best quality and the meat was fresh, it was not smelly at all. The oil they are using for fry was also fresh the canned was opened before me. The internal trashcans have shopping bags placed in them and were very clean and neat as well. The washrooms of the restaurant are also had a clean atmosphere. There was no smell coming from them and the soap and tissue papers were placed there properly and of good quality of a renowned brand as well. All the atmosphere of the restaurant was properly cleaned and hygiene. The customers are satisfied with the atmosphere of the restaurant of McDonald.

Human Interaction With McDonald’s Staff

My next observation is to examine the interaction of restaurant’s staff with the customers. It is one of the most important and essential features for a restaurant to create a goodwill among the people of its area where it is working and providing its services to customers. If the foodstuff is good in a restaurant but the services offered by the staff were not good then customers will not go to that place to fulfill their demand of hunger. Restaurant owner or workers should take very care of this point to increase customers percentage in their food hub.

The McDonald’s staffs are of very good nature. They receive you with pleasure and with a big smile on their faces all the time. They say kind words to you like hello madam / Sir how I may help you. What do you want madam / sir? Are you sitting comfortable etc? They do not keep you wait for long. Whenever you are entered into the restaurant and get sit on a corner they suddenly come to you and acknowledge you. They without wasting your time provide you with their meal menu.

They wait for your order write it down on a piece of paper of a writing pad placed in their hand. They also suggest you if you ask something from them about the meal. They are very confident and neatly dressed as well. They are also somehow educated to talk with you in the English language frequently and politely. They use polite and gentle words with you also. The remains humble and nice to you during placing your order. They can also guide you in the understanding of the menu and in selecting the order to eat as well.

They confidently maintain an eye contact with you so that you can easily and confidently ask anything from him/her. There are also hired some females by some branches of the McDonald restaurant where they have a female server as well. Most people do not feel comfortable with the males to interact. To avoid this problem they hired now females also in their food chains so that customer more comfortably communicates with the female’s waitress. This is a plus point in the goodwill of the McDonald restaurant’s services among their lovers.

The staff should be very cooperative with each other as well. The atmosphere should be friendly not acts like a war is happened in between the waiters. Waiters should be well dressed and must have neat looks, which makes people comfortable and happy that they are in a hygienic environment. People most of the time gives attention to the physical appearance of the people shopping them at a public place like a restaurant, shopping mall etc. The McDonald’s staff is good and has the qualities to be called the best service providers.

When I ordered my meal, I noticed that they are very interestingly listening to me he carefully note it down on the paper he has in his hands. He said to me that your order will be here in just 15 to 10 minutes and actually, in 15 minutes it was before me. I was so amazed and surprised by their quick service. This enhances my likeness towards them more and more. He presented me the food in a very delightful and tempting way. There was a nice presentation of the chicken sandwich with mayo sauce at one corner and making a smile with tomato ketchup at the other corner of the plate. The smoothie of course, fully tempted by the coating of chocolate over it.

The chocolate coating was decorated with chocolate biscuits, which was increasing my appetite. He came to me and said here is your order sir in a very sweet and nice ascent, which makes me very delightful. The employee’s engagement with the customers in the dining area is very impressive and nice and very cooperative as well.  Which makes the atmosphere of dining in the area very calm and people feel like sitting at home? This is the biggest achievement for a food area, which makes it successful more quickly among the citizens and they make other people aware with this.


The quality of food is the most important and biggest challenge for a food place called the restaurant to maintain. Whether you have a very clean atmosphere, very good staff but if you do not have the great and delicious food quality, then people will not come again to you once they will come and go from your restaurant. Therefore, you must maintain a healthy and hygienic food quality in your food items so that people would love to come repeatedly at your restaurant. The food quality at McDonald’s is very good and excellent. All the ingredients were fresh and tempting.

The first and foremost responsibility of a restaurant owner must be shall to keep the proper and extra amount of items which they are offering to people. Most of the times people like one or two items from your menu very much that they just asked for that one. Therefore, you should have a double triple quantity stock of that item at your warehouses or refrigerators and store you can say to meet the demands of your customers at the time.

All the time when I visited McDonald’s whatever I ordered or how much people ordered I never had a complained that this one is lacking or this one is out of stock. This is also a plus point of services of McDonald’s. The order should be noted down carefully and properly by the services providers also called as waiters that whatever a customer orders he/she must be entertained with that. He/she will not be excused by the owner that this item is finished.

This makes the customer unhappy and sad. The food items should be assembled properly and timely according to the taste and interests of the people, which have different tastes of their own choices. Therefore, the food should be categorized according to the taste and demand of customers. In McDonald’s they take care of this that what customers like the most. They had a focused on beef items which is very much liked by the people now a day.

The order when placed must be provided to the customer within 15 to maximum 20 minutes after placement. Because people do not like to wait longer for their order especially when they ordered food. Here is McDonald’s, I noticed that when I ordered the meal it was delivered to me within 15 minutes although within 13 minutes after ordering. The presentation of the meal was also very impressive and attractive as well. This increases the hunger of the customer and he/she will most like to have it and wants to come again and again at McDonald’s.

An order should be placed must be according to the demand of the customer. This gives a very bad impression to the customers that the order, which they placed, was not provided to them. In McDonald’s, I mostly visited and observed that whatever anybody orders he/she will be provided according to the list of demand they asked for. This also creates a healthy goodwill towards the customers. In addition, the quality of food items in McDonald’s is also exceptional and up to the mark. No one can remain silent after having their meals from words of appreciation.

The other important factor is that food should be cooked properly. They should not be remained uncooked so that customer when started having a bite they feel it bad. I observed in the McDonald that the food always served was properly cooked and the temperature of the food when served was acceptable for the mouth to eat at once because food tastes good when it is slightly hot not very cold and not very hot.

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