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Mattress Product Template Example

  • What is Leesa's Mattress?

  • Overview of Benefits​​ 

  • Overview of Features​​ 

  • Technology Details​​ 

  • Who Should / Buy Leesa?​​ 

  • Leesa Pricing​​ 

  • Product Specifications​​ 

  • Height / Weight​​ 

  • Review / Introductory Videos​​ 

What is Leesa?

When you start​​ searching for the best mattress in the mattress industry, you end up with many choices in this scenario. Leesa is the name of the latest breath of fresh air in this industry. If you are looking for a reliable mattress that supports several sleeping positions, Leesa may be the right choice for you. ​​ 

It is a sort of hybrid foam mattress. It has two layers of foam, as well as a core proffering the firmer support. It is covered with a reliable as well as breathable fabric cover, which is stylish as well. It is​​ available with single-level firmness.

The manufacturing company of Leesa was launched in the year 2014, and due to its fantastic quality and reliable products, the company has grown in popularity all over the world. This mattress proffers you the Universal Adaptive Feel, which is the best choice for all body sizes, shapes, and sleeping​​ styles. The Leesa has 5-star customer reviews because it proffers its users the best sleeping experience. You can choose to purchase this mattress online. It is available in​​ all standard mattress sizes, which are discussed below.​​ 


Overview of Benefits

What is the easiest way to assess the quality of any mattress? You can do it by spending a lot of time on it. Leesa makes you available a 100 day trial period to​​ proffers you the utmost satisfaction that you have chosen the right mattress for you and your family. It consists of three foam layers that eliminate the need for any spring inside it.​​ 

Leesa is firm – It has a dense support foam base layer but isn't hard​​ at all. The reason is that Leesa's topmost layer is soft enough to give you an excellent sleeping experience. ​​ The best thing about Leesa is that it doesn’t heat up and provide you the well-rested nights.​​ 

So, you can shop for this mattress with the utmost​​ satisfaction because if you feel unhappy you can demand a complete refund for any reason. You can have your bed at your doorstep within five days as the company proves it the most effective and reliable in delivery services.


Overview of Features

  • It is a sort of firm mattress but proffers you the utmost comfort.​​ 

  • It is made of great material, offering you bounce and softness.

  • Mattress-in-a-box? Yes​​ 

  • Breathable and softcover​​ 

  • Easy to open, lift, and maintain.

  • Where to buy? Leesa


Technology Details

Leesa mattress – a combination of high-performance foam layers, which are three in number.​​ 

Leesa mattress top layer has a 2-inch thickness that uses patented foam (Avena foam). It proffers the comfort, bounce, and softness as latex foam provides.​​ 

Leesa mattress middle layer – This layer is formed with a 2-inch memory foam (for the solid core). It proffers you the pressure relief and excellent body support.

Leesa mattress bottom layer is made of high-density support foam, acting as a somewhat firm foundation​​ base. This layer has a thickness of 6 inches. Being firm supports both layers above it.​​ 


Who Should Buy Leesa?

Leesa is the name of quality and reliability. It is neither too soft nor too firm. It becomes the best choice for all because it is​​ suitable for almost every sleeping position. But keeping in mind its characteristic, we can say the following things:​​ 

  • The people who need a firm mattress should buy this mattress.

  • The people who require the mattress for couples should buy it.​​ 

  • The people​​ should buy this that looks for the material that can match body shape such as Avena.​​ 

  • The people who need to proffer mattress to needy.​​ 

  • People should buy this if they need budget-friendly solutions.​​ 

  • The people should buy this who need risk-free​​ sleeping solutions.​​ 

  • The people should buy this who need support for back and side sleeping.​​ 


Who Shouldn’t Buy Leesa?

Here are a few things regarding Leesa mattress, which could not make it the right choice for you. You must read all of them. ​​ 

  • Leesa mattress comes only in a single level of firmness. For side sleepers, it may not prove it the best sleeping solution.​​ 

  • Upon opening its packaging, you may feel an off-gassing odor. It may not be an acceptable choice for you if you are sensitive to it.​​ 

  • It proffers inappropriate support for those people having weight more than 300 pounds.​​ 


Leesa Pricing

When talking about the best mattresses, it must have the finest quality and fair prices. Being the best, Leesa has both. Here are the details of its merits, along with its appropriate size.




$ 525

Twin XL

$ 625


$ 790


$ 940


$ 1070

California King​​ 

$ 1070


Product Specifications

When talking about Leesa construction, this mattress is straight to the point, but most​​ importantly, it has a touch of flair and innovation both. It is made of three layers, as mentioned above. It is wrapped in a non-removable cover. It is technically a sort of mattress which is hybrid. The reason is that each single foam layer of Leesa is different but has to complement properties. All the mattress elements, even the packaging box, is made in the USA.​​ 


Product Height

The height of the Leesa mattress is about 10 inches.​​ 


Product Weight

  • The weight of a twin Leesa mattress is 45 pounds.​​ 

  • The weight of the twin XL Leesa mattress is 48 pounds.

  • The weight of a full Leesa mattress is 56 pounds.

  • The weight of the queen Leesa mattress is 71 pounds.​​ 

  • The weight of a king Leesa mattress is 90 pounds.​​ 

  • The weight of a California king Leesa mattress​​ is 92 pounds.


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