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Masters Degree Program Admission Essay Example

Dear Sir/ Madam,

REF: Admission For A Masters Degree Program In Your Institution

I kindly request for a chance in your esteemed university which, will see me do my Masters Degree Networking. My passion in this field has never faded even after graduating from King Faisal University  with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science & IT between the years 2006- 2010. I graduated from the university with a GPA 3. 91 on the scale of 5, and this encouraged doing my masters and then PhD. Previously, I attended Al Rowad High School and passed with a good grades before proceeding to the campus. Thereafter, between 2010- 2011 I was engaged in various computer projects such as Car Rent System where I used visual Basic & Sql server as the final project. The period between 2009 – 2010 found me learning Basics and advances in Microsoft Access Training Course. In April 2009, I completed a course in Ms Access (Intermediate Level). A year earlier, I did a course in MS Access (Beginner Level).

In the period, July – October, I did my attachment with Saudi Arabian Company (SAUDI ARAMCO). I was mainly in the Petrol Engineering Application Services Department (PEASD). I got the precious opportunity to test the skills I learnt in college and to measure my level of competency in networking. After completing the attachment, I got employed with King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST). In the institution, I was employed as a Researcher, in National Satellite Technology Program (NSTP). I still work with the organization, and I enjoy every bit of my time I spent within the organization.

Masters Degree Program Admission Essay Example

While, in school, I had the chance to develop some skills which have been useful in my life. These IT skills include Web Development tool, Programming Language, Data Base Tools, and Advanced Computer Hardware Technician. Consequently, I also possess skills in Design Software and various OS such as Apple Macintosh, MS Windows, and Linux. These skills have given me hope of developing interests in the latest technology in computing, system analysis, and design, technology forums, education, and learning. These skills and interests have given me hope of achieving my objective, which entails seeking a challenging position that enables use of my expertise and abilities with opportunities to grasp new skills in international companies.

The purpose of applying for a chance to study masters’ degree in your prestigious university is because ever since I finished my undergraduate course, I have admired the institution. My interest in Networking has, therefore, provided me with the opportunity to study in your institution that has always been my best choice of higher learning. As a trained computer scientist, I believe getting some skills in Networking from the institution will improve my skills and experience in IT sector thus, ensuring success and achievement of my goals and objective. In order to improve these skills and talent and be able to become efficient in using computing subject and networking in researches, I request for the chance and promise to utilize the opportunity not only to my advantage but also to the advantage of the institution. With my degree program being recognized by ABET, I am rested assured I have the best qualifications your institution requires for admission for the programme. I hope for the best, as I believe that a new horizon is opened for me and promise never to disappoint the institution. I will make it achieve its set goals and objectives and ensure it becomes one of the best and treasured institutions of higher learning in the world.

From the days of my college life, I have gained and developed some advantages, which make me meet the admission standards you set in the institution. First, I am a goal-oriented person. When you give me the chance, I would use my goal-oriented personality to ensure that I achieve the best out of my career and ensure that your university meets its goals and aspirations. Secondly, I am a person eager to learn. I would learn more about my career and rules together with regulations to ensure I do not go against any of the laws and regulations set by your institution. I am an obedient person and my manager at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology can ascertain this attribute. Third, I am a team player and able to mobilize team members to achieve the set goals and objectives. This has been my advantage since childhood and has accorded some respect among other players. Fourth, I possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, which will assist me in communicating with fellow students and lectures thereby, ensuring effective communication, and understanding. Fifth, with adaptive skills, I will change as quickly as possible and remain flexible to the changes that may arise during my stay in your institution. Sixth, I seek new responsibilities in any place I visit and always perform at my level best to ensure that such responsibilities are done successfully. Finally, I use an active and dynamic approach in working and getting things worked thus, ensuring such responsibilities is done to both my contentment and the satisfaction of others.

Therefore, I anticipate to your response and promise never disappoint you but make you proud of me. Never shall you regret your decision of admitting me into your prestigious and esteem institution.

Yours sincerely,

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