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L’Oreal Operations Management Techniques Case Study Analysis

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Case Study
    • About the Organisation
    • Analysis
    • Recent Developments
    • Area-wise performance of L’Oreal
  • Conclusions
  • References

Executive Summary

The following study focuses on the management of operations and their effect on creating the competitive edge for a company. Proper management of a company’s core activities is critical to improving its branch role. With this in mind, the study highlights the three specific operational management divisions (management of raw materials, manufacturing of finished goods and product distribution) and thus brings them together practical significance, using case analysis.

This report focuses on the cosmetic industry with L’Oreal as the target company. It aims to address the different operations management strategies that the organization has embraced over the years, and to concentrate on supply chain management. Supply chain management is an important field of operational management and successful implementation of SCM strategies can help companies not only save millions of dollars, but also set up a seamless production and delivery process. The report’s study reveals L’Oreal’s total benefit as regards its selling and market share in the industry. The research provides a comparative analysis of L’Oreal with some of its competing firms to highlight competition.

L’Oreal Operations Management Techniques Case Study Analysis

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