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Long Term Care System Case Study

Long Term Care System Case Study Questions & Answers

Answer the following review questions:
  1. Why should the long term care system be equipped to provide a variety of LTC services?Long Term Care System Case Study

Ans. Long term services are provided to those who are not able to take care of yourself due to any reason. Different type of long term services provided to users according to their need and demand like sick people proper nursing and care of 24 hours because they are not able to eat or walk by them self. But some people do the house hold activities to provide facility against some money. Different variety of long term care enhances its scope and people come in this field with helping thoughts and minds.

  1. What are some examples of preventing long term care services?

Ans. Proper medications are provided to sick or ill person so its long term care can be stopped and he become able to take care of you. Laundry or cleaning facility not provided by specific people so owner of house do all the work at its own hands. After receiving a short term care patient move to their houses and remaining medication done at home with their family members. So those who didn’t want to take long term care use any excuse on their own behalf.

  1. What are ADLs and IADLs? What purpose do they serve in long term care?

Ans. Ativities of daily life are related to self care basic tasks that every person learn from its childhood. These are also known as basic activities of daily life which include walking, feeding, toileting, transferring, dressing and grooming and bathing.  Instrumental activities of daily life are more learning activities which every person start from teenage. These are also self-care tasks. These activities require more difficult skills of thinking like organizational skills. Different instrumental activities include managing transportation, housecleaning and home maintenance, managing finance, shopping and meal preparation, managing medication and managing communication.

  1. Describe how caregivers can promote maximum independence among people with functional impairment.

Ans.  Care givers are those people who always available for people for giving their help and support for any purpose. Basically they enhance the spirit of care and help other among other people. People who didn’t like to talk or help any other can learn from care givers. With their behavior and services they give learning to many people so they also try to help others and provide their services in case of any problem.

  1. Briefly describe how the holistic model of health care in long term care delivery incorporates the physical, mental, social and spiritual elements.

Ans. Holistic model of long term care give physical, mental and spiritual health to their patients. In this they also care patients with medicine and good food also provide such facilities and keep them busy in such activities which make their mind strong and they start taking interest in their life activities and start meeting people and enjoy the life with full positivity. They care their body also their spirit and support them to live their life again with full of love and joy.

  1. How can nursing care facilities enhance the patients’ quality of life?

Ans.  Good nursing facilities can improve the quality of patient’s life in such a way that it provide best facilities, medicine and food on specified time, spend time with patients which help them to forget about their sickness pain and they want to live their life again.

  1. What are some of the common and specialized services offered by adult day care programs?

Ans. Adult day care programs are consider as short term care program which provide reliable source to restore valance in times of crisis, enhance overall quality of life and support to people. Different services which day care centers provided are social activities, meals, counseling, special diet, and recreation, specialized care for dementia, medical help, transportation, mental simulation, exercise, education, emotional support, personal care, therapies, health monitoring and assistance in different activities.

  1. What is a meal on wheel program?

Ans. Meal on wheel is programs for those who are not able to prepare meal for themselves or their families. Many different reasons can be happen behind this issue but the main thing is that meal on wheel is a very helping and supporting program. They provide meal against reasonable charges to their customers at their home. They work as a helping tool for all jobholder persons who have not enough time to prepare food for them self.

  1. Discuss the role of case management in long term care delivery.

Ans.  In long term care delivery, the role of case management is very important. They have to study in detail the condition of patient, its health status, its medication process and procedures and also concern with their doctors who give proper guidance about long term care of such patients. These patients have difficulty in feeding, walking and also in toileting.

  1. Describe the type of clients for whom skilled nursing care would be most appropriate.

Ans. Proper and good skilled nursing care are necessary for those patients who are unable to talk, walk, and eat and many other problems. They cannot do nay thing without the help of person. So full time nursing care has to provide to such type of patient for their betterment and care.

2nd home work:

What is the mission and values of the system along with how they operationalize them?

Ans. In mayo clinic health system your need of health comes at first. They also provide primary care or special care to every patient. They get information about our local medication services, they held meetings with patient’s provider, give more attention on all required needs and services . this the basic aim of this clinic to work for every patient who want proper medication, care with full attention and good medication according to their problem or disease. They always ready to serve people who are in problem or single and no one there for their care and help.

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