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LG Electronics Strategic Alliances and HR Management Case Analysis

Strategic Alliances and Human Resource Management


International businesses and globalization are akin when it comes to the need for a respectful as well as successful conduct business. So as to fully be able to grasp and be conscious of the things that are fundamental to ones operations will require that they recognize the culture of others. Being able to understand the customers is a vital aspect in all business in the entire world irrespective of where one is planning on selling their products or services. Along the same line, it is worthy to note that each and every culture has there customs, their history as well as a way of living. Every culture has a real and sensible reason as to why they are doing things the way they are doing them. Owing to this reason, one needs to be conscious and respectful of the culture of their client’s culture just as they are to theirs as this will ensure that the business and the clients have an efficient interaction. Business people who are having understanding of other cultures that are foreign to their native cultures are able to adapt to those other cultures and be able to interact with foreign clients as well as other international associates because they are able to understand other cultures and they show respect to what those other cultures dictate. Being able to understand other cultures is an important and crucial aspect for organizations, companies, individuals, businesses and even countries as it dictates the sort of interactions that they are able to sire (Morgan & Vardy, 2006). One need to remember to do their homework in that they need to fully understand as well as establish respect and trust for the various cultures that they are going to or that they are interacting with. As brought out in the sections of this paper, the discussion is mainly based on the economy of South Korea and the business connections in the South Korean economy, the positive as well as negative characteristics of the South Korean economy, an examination of South Koreas human resources and finally it taps on the evaluation of the strategic alliance partnerships, The paper draws all this content using LG Electronics as the case study. The vital aspect of this paper is to give an understanding of the varied work cultures and how they operate as well as respecting the businesses and normal life. Importantly, the paper enhances the knowledge to respect and understand differences even in businesses.

LG Electronics Strategic Alliances and HR Management Case Analysis

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