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Lewin Leadership Styles Model

Leadership And Lewin’s Model

Lewin introduces many of the leadership styles that would help the leaders to make a better decision. Lewin introduces total three leadership styles.

Autocratic Leaders

Autocratic leaders are those leaders who make the choice for their team members by themselves. They not like to talk to their supporters and co-workers, or engage them in the managerial process at all. Having made a choice they inflict it and wait for agreement by the other team members. These kinds of leaders are not liked by the people.

Lewin Leadership Styles Model

Democratic Leaders

Democratic leaders obtain a vigorous position in the process of decision-making but they engage others workers too. In spite of the expression “democratic”, they do not unavoidably put a choice to the taking part in an election. Certainly, they still take the liability for considering that choice attains the preferred result.

Laissez Faire Leaders

Laissezb faire leaders have very small participation in decisions making process; they are more likely to leave the whole issue to their supporters. These kinds of leaders are good to go when the team members are talented and aggravated but it can also create troubles otherwise.

Organizational Impact of Leadership

The leadership styles that the organization is choosing for their business have the great impact on the business of that organization. More effective the styles of the leadership are the more good the organization would be for the employees. The styles of the leadership should be according to the natures of the organization. The employees f the organization also very much affected by the leaders. The leaders also have the great part on the productivity and performance of the employees in the organization.


So by analysis the styles of the leadership we can say that all of the leadership styles have the different impact on the organization business. The overall production of the company is also based on the leadership. The employees in the organization are also affected by the leaders. The compete for an organizational culture change with the change in leadership style.

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