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Lesley Gillespie Baker Delight Leadership Characteristics 

Brief history about Lesley Gillespie:

Lesley was a school teacher at Foot scary High school, which starts in 1978; this was her full time job. In 1977, and she completed her BSc hons and Dip Ed at Monash University. During her university, she attains the experience of bakery from Old style bread center. She started Bakers Delight with two partners, Gary Stephenson and Roger Lesley Gillespie baker Delight Leadership CharacteristicsGillespie in 1980. Lesley and Roger develop bakers delight chain in 1983, which is now become the biggest chain of bakery in Australia, Canada and Zealand.

Lesley became CEO of bakers delight and executive director. She is also part of board members and joint owner of chain NQR of discount grocery.

She is an Australian entrepreneur; bakers delight is a unique food chain that supplies delicious and tasty variety of breads. More than 700 outlets are open across the countries. It become mist successful franchise of bakery whose worth  almost 564 million dollars. Lesley and Robert open bakery due to their combine interest in bakery items. Lesley is hardworker, confident, original and creative, no fear of failing, he has characteristics of vision that help Lesley in making baker’s delight since last 33 years. In 1988, baker’s delight 15 franchises open in Australia and in 2003 its number of franchise going to increase. It was difficult for her to make baker’s delight successful but she faced all the difficulties and challenges and makes that bakery one of the best bakeries in Australia. (Abdulle, 30 May 2013)

Lesley Working Achievements:

Lesley achievements include select as a finalist in the award of prime minister for partnership as bakers delight and boroondara citizen of 2002 year, breast cancer net work of Australia in 2004 and in recognition of her philanthropy and business she awarded an OAM in 2006. She also get awarded from Monash University a fellowship due to her contribution in community and business.  Lesley is also patron with Margret Pratt foundation which helps in research of organ rejection transplanted. And now, Lesley also becomes the chairperson of Swinburne business school advisory board industry. (swinburne.edu.au, 09-Apr-2015)

About the Journey of Lesley:

The role of Lesley in business is of co-founder and joint executive with equal partnership of her husband. Lesley includes her family fortune to make the business at $75 million and become the rich women in 2015. She believes that Australian women had no publically recognition for the family business contribution business and have entrepreneurial in itself. She said that my mother in law family was belong to farmers and shepparton who working on a land together. In Australia there are many small businesses running and many people work hard to make their business strong and grow at large scale. She always adopt an attitude

Of give and take as she knows that everyone is doing business and wants to develop its business. Lesley notice a trend of business in ladies and encourage many women to start their business, with this many women start buying the franchise of baker’s delight with an increase in popularity of husband wife business.

Lesley said that business can only run in innovation and different ideas environment, which help in supporting business and more enhance its scope and working methodology. Running of business is an ongoing balance of authenticity, whose aim to become best retailer of the world. And innovate and move with latest time. To keep relevant you have to find new and better ways for business said by Lesley. Over 35 years, many changes occur like better equipment, air conditioned stores, reasonable point of sale system that give too much data and provide new production ideas. Lesley say that the baker’s delight is working in a most suitable environment and making the sales of business more strong. Its biggest motivation to provide more and more jobs to people. She says that I have realistic believe that if people have meaning full employment then they cannot anything wrong in the society. So with this approach we grow more and more business and flourishing and provide employment to many peoples. According to her Australia is a great plate form for doing business. As this country is very much supportive for those who help themselves for making business opportunities. (Fitzsimmons, Mar 8 2015)

Approach to leadership:

Leadership is that quality in the person that follows a number of people as a team. The team works on a common project in an organization. Leaders are the one who leads to a working in the organization according to the strategies made in the organization by the management of the organization. The most efficient way of leading a team is that the team will get the best results in terms of getting the good results in the organization in getting the required profit for the organization.  The overall progress of the organization depends on the working of the team in the organization.

If team did not follow the instructions then this team will not be able to make the products on time as well as it do not be able to achieve the targets on their behalf. If the target of the company cannot be achieved then it became impossible to get the best possible results about the company development. The leaderships are those who manages the working of the company by a team. If leaders do not pay specific attention on the specific task then it became very much issue for the organization because they cannot be able to work on the efficiency of the organization.

Lesley is that person who proved himself the best leader among the others in its organization. She does the best leadership in its organization. She proved herself that women can also do best working in the organization strategies that provides him with the best results. The working efficiency use to say that you will get the maximum profit while you work in the organization within a team after that you will get success.

Key Challenges

The key challenges that a leader have to face in order to get the leadership in its organization is that it leads to the mismanagement of the working of the organization that it cannot be able to achieve its required targets on the required time. If the required time cannot be able to have on required time then this is the biggest issue for a leader because the real task of having a leader in the organization is to get the best output of work from the organization through team work which is working under the leader.

The one more issue may be with the team that sometimes team under you is not very much efficient to fulfill the load of the work in the organization. This issue is considered very much difficult as this issue leads to the very bad impression on the working premises of the organization. As organization’s team do not work properly then it effects badly to the working of the organization. So leaders should handle their team very much carefully and make them comfortable in the office atmosphere so that they can work best in the working efficiency of the organization and can get the best results.

Lesson Learned

The lesson which I learned from the Lesley life as a leader is that she is an honest person. She is very nice person. She is very much effective and essential to its workings as a leader. She is very good in leadership that she always manages its task very effectively and very much easily. The most important is that it needs to be managed properly in terms of getting best result in the working of the organization. The organization works best in the atmosphere where a team will work together and give the best output.

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