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Challages Faced in Learning Disability Support Services


 Task 1

Learning Disability Services UK provides support and takes care of services to people having a mental disability. In such work, they have to tackle many challenges, which includes maintaining their migration and taking care of them with their liked and appropriate things. Mental illness and disorders refer to the mental health conditions at a bigger perspective where the mood, behavior, and thinking of a person affected. 42.5 million (18.2%) American adults have some mental illness every year. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5) of Mental Disorders is a product introduced by the international aspects regarding mental health after the effort of 10 years. Mild Neurocognitive Impairment term is added, and the word Mild seems an odd time to be included in the psychiatric diagnostic system (Learningdisabilityvoices, 2019).

The survey of the two countries I-e America and India, shows how cultural differences affect mental disorders diagnosis. The Indian psychiatrists rated anger pain and fatigue higher in the diagnosis of depression than their American counterparts. Childhood abuse, social isolation, loneliness, poverty, social disadvantage, trauma neglect, having a long term physical health condition, unemployment, termination from the job, homeless, etc. Stress is a type of burden on the mind which can be positive and negative, too, and it affects mental and physical health. Suppose if a person is having the stress of work at the workplace, then he can face mental disorders and illness at home too. Community mental health centers provide mental illness and mental disorders instead of a psychiatric hospital or asylum. 

Challages Faced in Learning Disability Support Services

The homeless person can face mortality, unintentional injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, chronic pain, hunger, nutrition, skin problems, infection diseases, and respiratory illness.

To reduce the mental health problems, societies must pay attention to this issue at a higher level and make effective policies on its prevention and resource allocation within the overall health care system. Mental health courts are the judiciary programs that make decisions about the state of mind of the criminals. Outpatient commitment refers to the civil court procedure where a judge orders for the diagnosis to prevent further deterioration in the patient. Legal leverage is the legal authority used to order treatment for those engaged in criminal activities and consider mental illness (sweet tree, 2018).

Several challenges are faced by law enforcement personnel in which most important issue is that the safety of people with mental illness is at risk by law enforcement.

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Primary prevention is to prevent from disease or injury before it occurs, for example use of seatbelts and bike helmets. Secondary prevention is to prevent from disease that has already occur, such as mammograms to detect breast cancer. Territory prevention is the disease or illness that has lasting effects such as diabetes and depression. Disability is a physical or mental condition that limits the movements, activities and senses of a person. A disability is also referred to a continuing condition of a person which restricts his or her everyday activities.

Disability is an intellectual, neurological, physical, cognitive and mental impairment or sometimes may be a combination of those impairments. Disability refers to a permanent or likely to be a permanent impairment which eventually resulted in the reduction in the capacity of a person to communicate, interact, learn or mobilize. As I am working in a company and I am too much engaged in banking regarding our daily transactions. In our banking branch I saw a dedicated person working in the cash counter but he was unfortunately a physically disabled man who does not bring his disability in front of his career. He woke up early in the morning and came to bank on time works all the day and taking healthy salary at the end of each month (Mencap, 2020).

Task 2

It is always difficult and very challenging for health workers and close peers as well as social circle to manage and handle patients with learning disability and the most difficult task among these is the migration of those patients from hospital to home and from home to hospital. This can be very significant that the poor outcomes at the hands of professionals seeking help to manage such patients have to regulate the functionalities of the generic health purposes and also tackling the significant role of reduced abilities which can cater the impaired social facilities and also the lasting effects of the complex development in the domain of special development in the increasing complexities which can lead the patients with information and significant perspectives of the amendable causes.

The perfect and preferable solution to the resulting issue of handling and migrating the disabled patients which can amend the company’s roles in the key form of changing the social functioning. (Krawec, 2013)

The valuable solution would be an integration of accessing the patient with a hospital passport that can further allow them for the complete future investigation and regulation of their treatments so that the handling procedures can be catered usefully and upon the basic purposes of tackling the issues as per generic evidence leads. The systematic approach is to facilitate the patients in such a smooth way that it greatly enhance their reposition for the significant outcome of their proposed plans and the useful treatments so that the liable depth of detail can be used for further containment of valuable perspectives for the special treatment of patients. The use of hospital passport can facilitate the patients in so many generic ways that it might become imperative resolve the issue without this facilitation. (Dell, 2012)

It can help the patients and the health workers in following ways:

  • Generic health requirements
  • Beneficial properties for health and learning outcomes
  • Amendable variances
  • Uptake of immunisations
  • Access to partial interventions for associative diseases
  • Non-learning disabilities and higher populations
  • Lower risks with amendable changes
  • Screening for easy transportation
  • Generalised roles in accessing the valuable health facilities
  • Major learning skills
  • Social functioning
  • Effective development
  • New skills for impaired intelligence
  • Understandable information for genuine facilitation outcomes

The requirements for the health professionals have changed over the time because of the proposition of hospital passports in the way of special treatment of employees that related to their better understanding (Anchordoquy, 2017).

 The much appreciable resources that can be used for patients so that they can be treated well and handled perfectly with the sheer depth of tackling the individuals for their learning disabilities so that they might not feel intrusive of the action plans that has no certain meanings in the role of health professionals which may benefit the patients so that they can move freely within the community with substantial practices of premises of the variety of roles of the patients so that they can learn and regulate their systematic variety of purposes which can associate their mind to productive aspects of the vital information which is used in regard to their satisfactory approach of model used for vital resources and fundamental polices in adherence to the web care and health care interactions and the diagnosis of the outcomes generated from the health conditions of the disable patients who have always been struggling to fight with their learning abilities.

My father asks him to do some physical work in order to earn bread and butter for your family and the whole resources will be provided by him. He agrees on it and started learning how to make horns. After the years of struggle, he is now champion on this and shows the world that disability is just in our minds, if we have ambition to do something then no hurdle can stop you from this. Through these actions we can convert them from tax consumers to tax payers and from beneficiaries to benefactors. My father knows a person who is a deaf and could not speak properly but the spark of his eyes tells the story of his ambition to do something (prioryadultcare, 2020).

Task 3

The implementation of the hospital passport solution can be adjusted with the fundamental roles of what has to be adjusted in the light of the procedural learning facilities that can be used for the available resources and the reliable opportunities for the addictive circumstances that can associate the functional happenings of the reasonable disability challenge that may reduce the procurement of the possibilities under which the health care system can initialize such strategies which can strategically implement the idea of facilitating the patients with a special entry card with less hectic and less experimental visits to hospital which makes the health care representatives prone towards handling and migrating the patients from one spot to another.

It is evident to understand the basic leads in strategically incorporating the social responsibilities of the structures that are to be employed in the factual categorization of implementation of the solution used for the patients with learning disabilities. The systematic pressure on the leads of consultation has to be relied upon the in-depth opportunities which are amalgamated with the special proposition of exploratory factors which can be used for the sharp realities and the significant matters that has catered the several opportunities in the long term implementation of the plan. (Boswell, 2015)

Measures of Success

The provision of the basic leads that are to further collaborate with health care departments and the fundamental parties that has used the person’s disabilities for the true impacted learning factors that can be navigated further with the sharp realities and the generic success measures decreasing the leads of work for health professionals. As much as the staff and employees would start the professional prohibition of the actionable resources in the field of tackling the patients and being nice to them so that it can become easy for them to learn new things with easy approach so that the learning disability can be identified at the initial level of its start. (Chaudoir, 2013)

While shifting the patients from one place to another, the possibility of the syndrome exhaling from the liable struggles have endured the hospital practitioners to change their schedules for such patients so that they can be taught the insignificant learning practices with the changing physical and sensory impairments that has considerable impositions on the valuable complexities that can be associated with the changing outcomes and the reasonable challenging behaviours so that the patients can be treated well at the healthcare departments with periodic changes in their physical and sensory effects on the development has created a havoc of responsibilities on the practicing individuals in the roles of new learner’s skills that has impaired the social functioning of the onset periods having significant challenging behaviours of the concerned patients.  

The implementation can be subjected to the basic strategical imposition as:

  • Significant impairments in the maintenance of self-care departments
  • Expectations of valuable cultures
  • Overcoming the struggles with happening changes
  • Sensory impairments
  • New learning technologies and outcomes
  • Conceptualization of time and needs
  • Correct formulation of ideal function
  • Impaired intelligence
  • Independent care outcomes

If I had a disability of deaf than it will be too hard to contribute anything to my society or to my family. My life will not be so much social as I am now. I will be having special classes which includes speech, lip-reading and writing notes. I will sign language interpreters who conveys my message to others. My life will be tougher as compared to current life. I will definitely feel difficulty in speaking clearly or having a normal tone of voice. I will definitely lose my temperament if no one would be able to understand me because it feels like so hard and difficult to continue life with disability because everyone will make fun of me and sometimes they may become panic if I didn’t understand their sayings. What if he started feeling stress and saw himself useless begging here and there in the streets but he never thinks of it. Disabled persons could be a gem of our society if we provide them equal rights and opportunities to work and to learn (c-i-c.co, 2016).

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