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Leadership Effectiveness in Dolphin Energy Company


For any organization, to understand leadership and management programs are very important.Leadership Effectiveness in Dolphin Energy Company For the achievement of the outcomes, workers or employees should be cooperative, talented and skillful. Team need to be managed by the mangers or team leaders; leaders should adapt the leadership styles, and should be committed towards the common goals. Leadership skill also include one’s personal skills, there should do accountability of its people or employees that how they are performing. Organization or leader must have the ability to manage the projects in the teams; there should be training and development programs for the employees. Goals should clear and identified in this sense team could perform better. Leader need to develop the trust within the team members, by making good relationship with them, support and feedback should also be given to the employee, for the effective performance. Leader should evaluation of his/her self, so come to know about his performance, feedback should also be taken from the employees about performance (Bakhiet).

I am employee in Dolphin Energy Company, U.A.E. It was founded 1999, it is oil and gas company, they are working for years and showing effective performance, company is getting success every year, their sustainability report tells that they are managing their employees and services very well, through effective management, supervision and skills, they have applied leadership styles and abilities in their organization. According to the Chairman of Dolphin Energy, Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahayan, they are pleased with their standards today and their financial condition is strong. They are developing and are engaged with their team, their team is talented and trust worthy. They are prepared for the successful future, as they are collaborating with the employees and stakeholders; they are also providing feedback to their employees for effective and efficient performance. The CEO of the company, Ibrahim Ahmed Al Ansaari, said in the annual sustainability report, that they are concerned to their employees, they are trying to improve their services and performances, and they are focused on efficiency and long-term goals.

Dolphin Energy company, building a culture of sustainability in the organization, to compete with their competitive firms they have to sustain development, for sustainability they are focusing on their employees and their needs, they want every employee to work for the future sustainability, they are training their employees, they are arranging campaigns to give them awareness about the better performances. Foe the sustainability accomplishment they do assessment every year and try to work on aspects they are lacking.

The Dolphin Energy Team

They emphasis to build their work force, every organization need to train their employees if theyLeadership Effectiveness in Dolphin Energy Company want sustainability and development, success. They give development opportunities to their employees, they engage their employees in communication, to maintain the two-way communication, there are many benefits by them to the employees, they effectively connect with the employees through newsletters, meetings etc. They conduct the interview that employees are satisfied or not. They reward their employees on better performance; long-term services are given to on the excellent performance. There are health safety and life insurance that are given by the management to the employees. The rate of employee turnover is very less, because their employees are satisfied. They also give benefits and compensation to the employees.

For the effective leadership, employees should be happy and satisfied, mangers and leaders should know about their employees need. Dolphin Energy is satisfying their employees as they want better outcomes from the employees every company should have effective leadership styles if they want to get success like Dolphin Energy. For the effective leadership, the must have the traits and skills. Leader plays an important role to make the mind of its employees, so they can achieve the goals. Leader should be intelligent so he can create the ideas, clever so he could take decisions efficiently, creative to adapt the new ideas, persuasive so he can persuade his team to achieve the goals, and socially skilled so he can understand the situation and know what is going around. He should be energetic so he can, so he performs more in less time and appreciative his team on their performance. He should have the tolerance, so he can manage the team conflicts.

Better Leadership/ Management Skills

Dolphin Energy Company organizes the better leadership and management skills for the company. The organization has the clear vision and goals. The company applies the strategies and tactics to meet the objectives. The strategies that are used for the production of the company are innovative and technology based. It is very necessary for any organization to have the electronic and technology based strategies and system. It provides the better outlook to the organization (Prosser, 2010).


Dolphin Energy Company has the better communication skills. It is the greatest ability of leadership to develop the communication skills in the organization. Better communication skills among the people of the company increase the production of the company. The quality of good communication in the organization involves the ability to listen and understanding that what the other people are saying actually. Better communication elaborates the real meaning of the conveyed message. The Dolphin Energy Company always tries to improve verbal, non verbal and listening skills.

Passionate and Confident

Dolphin Energy Company is more organized and passionate. It has the confidence in producing the product. It is more confident in market due to its good reputation. The company cares about the Company progress. It creates the ways to express the zeal of the Company. It gives its customers more confidence and courage. The main aim of the company is to produce, process and supply of natural gas in the substantial quantities from offshoot Qatar to United Arab Emirates and Oman. The process is continued from last 25 years.

Approaches to Sales/Marketing

The approaches that are used to increase the production of the organization are very authentic and valuable. It is the best quality of the leadership to promote the sales and marketing approaches of the organization. Marketing and selling of the product are the important component of the organization. The profit of the company depends on the selling and marketing of the company. The Dolphin Energy Company has the good reputation in the market it’s selling and marketing approaches urges the other countries to share with the company.


Dolphin Energy Company has the good planning criteria to run the organization systems in the country. The systems are organized and constructed with the new and better techniques. The planners are more efficient and keep every point in mind while making plans for the company. The company has the best policies to evaluate the planning. It has the quality of flexibility to change the plans for the company according to situations.

Skilled People

Dolphin Energy Company has the best leadership qualities. It has the quality to polish and trained the workers according to the company’s environment and culture. Workers are trained and having best skills to work and that is the way the company is progressing over 25 years. The trained and skilled people provide the company more advantages. The company grows and flourishes in this way. Skilled people are the main tool in increasing the production of the company.

Time management

Dolphin Energy Company has the best time management. Time management provides the company a better discipline. Time management reduce the work load of the employees it equally distributes the work among employees. Discipline maintains in the time management. The task is accomplished in the given time and process. The company has the best time management system for the employees. It saves the time. It enhances the production of the organization. Time management quality creates the stability in the employees. This leadership quality makes the employees more regular and disciplined (Edger, 2012).

Team work

Dolphin Energy Company has the quality of team work. It is the important leadership quality to work with the team. Team work provides the stability of the organization. It provides motivation and solidarity to the organization. The company has the best team for working. It has the best team of employees. The employees work in a group and learned more in the group. The work in a group polishes the qualities of the employees. Team work creates the spirit among workers. It is the best quality of the organization and the best leadership quality. Team work excites motivation among workers and they work with more zeal and zest. The company gets the profit in the form of teamwork.

Strategy Formation and Strategy Implementation:

Before the strategy formation, leader needs to access and identify the problems occurring in his leadership, for the change of in the environment and for the outcomes of better results, full scanning of the organizational situation is needed. Situational analysis can be effective in developing the strategic process, understanding of the people and organization in a suitable is necessary to deal with the problems. In the strategy formation process, a leader does internal, external analysis of the company or organizational, situations, and then formulate the proper strategy, a leader has to plan and must set the measures for the evaluation of targets. Leader should do implementation o plans by converting his strategies or plans into real actions (Korbi, 2014).

Role of Leader in Formation and Implementation of Strategy:

Leadership plays an important role, in the formation and implementation of the strategy, InLeadership Effectiveness in Dolphin Energy Company Dolphin Energy Company, the strategic formulation and management is efficient, so it related to the strategic management with the organizational vision. Leaders need to develop the vision in an organization, so that everybody knows what to do and about the value of the firm, it is the duty of leader to provide the value to the direction and provide base line for strategy formulation. The leaders need to be committed and efficiently implement the strategy because a leader in an inspiration, and can motivate he people of the organization. After scanning or doing analysis of the organization the plans should be made which fill the gaps, a leader should support his/her team members so they should motivated and committed to their work. There are various role of leadership. At Dolphin Energy Company, leaders make effective strategic plans by evolving their team, this is the reason their strategic management is effective, and their leaders have the following abilities or capabilities to detect the problems during strategic change in organization (Azhar, Ikram, Rashid, & Saqib, 2013).

Leader as an Innovator: Leader needs to ensure the innovation, so that new thing will come out, he should involve his entire group members to make the new plans or innovation; innovation will also support strategic management process and help to evaluate the performance within the team.

Leader as a Caretaker: Leader should take care of his organization and of his team; he should look after all the processes going in the organization. He should work for the effectiveness of the organization; he should develop and execute the strategies, which result to achieve the mission and vision.

Leader as an Analyst: Leader need to play a role of analyst, he should analyze the situation and make the decision or formulate the strategies according to the situations, he need to fill the gaps, so current and desired situation need to examine or inspect, it is the important task of leader to scan the environment properly.

Leader as an Organizer: to play a role as an organizer is the basic function of any leader; leader needs to plan and organize things effectively, he should organize the organization in a way, where everybody work with motivation to achieve the desired goals, as an organizer. He should also play the role of controller, by leading and controlling managerial work results could be effectual.

Leader as a Guide: Leader should guide his team members, guidance plays an effective role to manage the functions, and people could be direct, to what to do and how they can achieve the strategic vision. In this way leader can move towards positive strategic management.

Leader as Strategic: Leader should have the vision to provide the strategic direction, to his organization. Leader enables his people and organization to do work for the achievement of the goals, by implementing the effectual plans (Larson, 2016).

Leader as a Motivator: If the team is not motivated to do work, then all plans and strategic management fails, no matter how much effective the plans are. The leaders need to motivate and encourage his subordinates and team members, if he wants to achieve the desire results.

Leader as a Developer: Leader as a developer should develop the structure and culture of his organization, the culture of organization, should be according to the organizational objectives, it is the responsibility of the leader to develop the plans and provide resources as per need.

Leader as a Change Enabler: Leader needs to accept the changes, with the changing process of organization, most of the people hate the changing in the environment or plans, however, if leader is welcoming, and accept the changes, and it will result in better strategic management process. Management and strategies are worthless and not give positive outcomes if there will no acceptance of the changes with the time and requirement.

Leader as a Decision Maker: Leader should be capable enough to take the right decisions on the right time, for the effective strategies and outcomes, leader decision could be helpful in attainment of the goals or vision, leader should properly function the organization by taking decisions, leaders should know about when and what type of decisions should be taken.

Leader as a Collaborator: The leader should collaborate with his team for managing the effective decisions, to fulfill the demands and planning of the organization, leader responsibility is to provide resources to his members or team, and perform his tasks by helping his team.

Leader as a Risk Analyst: Leader as a risk analyst can identify the risk between his planning and strategic management, leader need to manage the risk, and handle the problems, involved in the strategy implementation.

Leader as an Evaluator: Leader should evaluate the tasks of strategic management, management process require evaluating to know about performance of the strategic process, if result are not affective then alternatives plans or strategies could be used. The vision and evaluation can direct toward the strategy formulation.

Model of Leading the Change Process:

For the creativity, innovation and change, including people to bring the change is important, the reality tells us that people are not resistant to change, but for the development and success, effective planning and strategic management process need to be changed if organization is lacking or have some flaws in process. One has to take initiative and do effort for the change, leader need to face the change, to overcome the causes of failure. Diagnosis, flexibility and collaborating of performance are the requirement of the leadership skills, one should look at situations that what have been asked to change and what need to be changed. Leader should be very flexible for the implementation of the comfortable strategies, and should increase his commitment to adapt changes (Jooste & Fourie, 2009).

Expand Involvement and Influence Outcomes:

The best way to implement and sustain change is the involvement of the people. It is strategy, which can bring the ability to make people responsible, people, will work for the proposed change if they are involved and influence. The involvement of people helps the management or leader to make the effective plans, through seeking input and ideas (Peter, 2016).

Explore Possibilities Outcomes:

The worst thing in the organization is not seeking the changes, or selecting the wrong change prescription, leader may not make plans effective sometimes, due to hurry, or quick results, this is the reason there is need to seek other ideas, or the alternatives outcomes. When the change is announced, the leader can immediately change his plans. In using this strategy, leader needs to scan the environment, opportunities, threats, competitive challenges etc. Before changing the strategy leader must think from his team and customer perspective.

Select and Align the Leadership Team:

For any organization, it is difficult for single leader to manage the functions and the changing predicts or takes place. Changes required the strong and broad-based leadership; team should have the aligned to speak through one voice, to make the strategic management effective, if the team of leaders has one voice then there will be no problems in the acceptance of the change, the uncertainty and confusion will minimize, in this way, people begin to outlast the change.

Explain the Business Case for change:

It is important to tell the team member that why change occur in the organization, it should be told that change take place for the betterment in the organization, and the change is needed for the sues and positive outcome, in this way strategic management could also improved. To balance the customer need, change take place and manager or leader should answer the entire question, asked by team, that internal and external environment, drive the need to change in policy and management system. This is the strategy, which can be effective for the people to accept change, however, answers should always be given in a positive way so people encouraged performing good.

Envision the Future:

About the changing in the organization and strategic management, managers can play an important role in satisfaction of the team member to the change for effective management should be accepted, the leader can help the people to see the vision and future benefits, organization and people could get. It can make the people excited about the future, and inspire one’s vision to work in an efficient way. If people or team members know that they are going to give benefits or rewards in the future, definitely, their performance will be affect in an optimistic way.

Enable and Encourage:

New skills and commitment can encourage the employees or the team; leader should focus on opportunities without blaming their team members, by teaching the employees or team about the new skills, their performance could be enhanced, they will try to show best performance because they know they will be appreciated and they will get the future benefits (Oracle, 2012).

Adapting to Emerging Threats or Opportunities:

A leader must be prepare of a external environment, he need to stay updated, he should know about the emerging trends, if he want to do effective strategic planning, he should get ready for threats and opportunities, for the organization. Example new competitors, he should know the competitors and as well as their strategies and need to design the strategies according to the emerging trends and competitors, social and cultural change; changing could be occur in the society and culture, leader need to plan accordingly. New technology, leader should be updated with new technology and need to implement the new technology within his organization; successful adaption is needed from all aspect for the decision-makings process and strategic plans. Legal plans and governmental regulations could also take place in the society or country, so leader need to aware of everything happening around. Leader need to do analysis, and adapt the innovations for the betterment of the organization.

The leaders of Dolphin Energy Company are fully aware about the external environment; they do planning and make strategic plans consequently. Adaption of the changes should be obtained accurately; time information is needed for the management of function and team, the flexible and adaptive response can build confidence and commitment within the people of organization, successful leader’s access necessary revisions in the strategic plans.

Trait and Skills for Flexible Leadership:

Leadership should be adaptive, skill and abilities are involved to understand about the leadership situation, the skill involve the abilities, should be better and flexible with the changing conditions. Traits and skill for effective leadership are still limited, there are need to understand the various components of the organization, which are related to one another. Cognitive skills are essential for every leader, if he wants to do effective strategic planning, for the higher level of management he needs to focus on his self; self-awareness can help in the understanding of the values, effectiveness and one can influence others.

Leader should take advantages of the opportunities; he should train, monitor and assess his-self and the team members, for the improved, flexible and adaptive leadership he must seek to increase his talent and skills, the diagnosis or identification of the situation is necessary to facilitate the subordinates and team members. A leader should recognize his responsibilities and adapt new behaviors as world is full of change, high level of commitment is needed for the ethical and successful strategic management (Yukl & Mahsud, 2010).


Following are the recommendation for an effectual leadership and strategic management, leadership is an action, not a title, a leader should not be proud of his self, he need to work efficiently for the growth of the organization and for the development of his team. Leader has to show his ability by his actions, he has to lead every person within the group or team; a leader must positively contribute to advancement and effective management.

A leader need to check his attitude an love his people, for the management of effective leadership one must have a correct mind, free of negative thoughts, a leader must be welcoming, he need to welcome all the people, from various background. He should not evaluate or compare the people based on their backgrounds examples, culture, religion, caste, color, creed etc. He should not classify the people based on their incomes, sex and preferences, for him everybody should be equal, it his responsibilities to deal the people equally, he must judge the people or group member, based on their performances and presentations; he must not us the team for the personal goals. He must motivate the team for the organizational goals, he must love and respect the people they deserve and it is their right, if he have authority to lead; he may not lead the team towards negativity.

Communication plays an important role in any relationship, if leader want to manage his team efficiently for the effective outcomes of strategic management, then he should have skills of listening. Leader needs to listen to his group members, he should manage the conflicts among group members, and after listening to both parties, the conflicts should be resolved. He need to develop trust within the team members, if team members know that their leader trust them, then they will never deceive him, and try to perform better. A leader have to manage the workload and stress, he must have control on his self, and must able to maintain the discipline. A leader need to follow the rules and policies of the organization, if he is a leader, it does not mean should not follow the rules or pattern of organization, he should understand his authority but also respect other authorities.

Leader should evaluate team members and make the strategies like incentives, rewards system, appraisal system etc, if the employees know that they are fairly evaluated and are given rewards, their will perform better; their performance is very important for the success and development of the organization. A leader needs to manage and encourage the creativity, of his team members, if he encourages their performance they will work more hard for the appreciation, he must be decision-maker, able to take decisions according to the situation. Self-assessment and management is also needed to achieve the goal, he must support the favorable environment for his subordinates and team member, so their performance could be effective for the organizational goals. For the accomplishment of organizational goals one have to, learn from the Dolphin energy company, as they mange and respect their employees, however, they still need to access performances of their leader for more effective results.

Recommendation / Conclusion:

            To conclude it, Dolphin Energy is a well-established company. It has good management team, provide flexible working hour, and time to their employees. They have knowledge about how to do business effectively. They know and have strategies to manage their teams at the work place. Dolphin Energy is considered a highly profitable company of U.A.E. People working at Dolphin energy know how to work in stressful environment and to handle stressful conditions. Their customers and employees are satisfied with them. Employees working with them feel motivated and they are committed to the firm because the firm has provided them with great opportunities, facilities, job security and a good working environment. Dolphin Energy contain diverse workforce that is people working in the firm are from various countries and  areas that helps the company to have different ideas, thoughts and plans to make their policies and strategies.

As the company is working effectively and efficiently, they can enhance their skills by adopting some more skills for example; CEO MR. Ibrahim can enhance the effectiveness of the firm by introducing effective teamwork in which peers working in the team give respect to each other and help each other by sharing their ideas, thoughts etc. Moreover, people working in the team should know their duties, responsibilities so that they can achieve their organizational goals effectively. Company can use its resources that are employees, tactics, skills and knowledge in the way that it help them to compete with other and to achieve the competitive advantage. Knowledge skills abilities also help the company to make operational plans, to bring in new technology and to bring in innovation in their products or services.

The leader helps and guides the people by introducing them their duties and responsibilities working in the company towards achieving their goals. CEO of the firm can make plans and can promote performance-measuring tools in the firm so that they can evaluate the performance and can implement improvement plans if needed. CEO can make managers in the organization to organize meetings and plans on daily, weekly or monthly basis so that issues, suggestions and improvement plans can be discussed.

Organization can be successful, if there is a better communication system in the organization that is, people can easily communicate with each other, can give their ideas, plans and suggestions to each other without any permission. There must me job autonomy in the organization to such a level that makes the employee feel motivated and confident so that they can bring in more effective ideas and Plans for the organization. Counseling of employees is also important for the organization as it helps the people to explore their potential towards the work and towards the organization. It also helps the people in the organization to solve their problems if any. The most important thing that requires great attention is the plans and policy of the organization. With the help of plans, company can be able to define their business, goal etc. can be able to handle and manage the business practices and processes. Dolphin Energy is working serving its stakeholders well. By following these steps, they can become more effective in the market and can set the example of successful business in the world of business.

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