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Law Research Paper Topics

The Law is a system of rules, regulations, rights, and duties that are binding on society by order of the sovereign; it is an interlacement of rules that regulate behavior applied by social institutions. Law frames a nation’s politics, history, economics and society in various ways, acting as a mediator of human relations.

If you are a law student (or undertaking an LSAT prep course to become one), you know that research papers are likely to be written during law school, so it is essential to master writing research papers and find the research paper’s right topic. Before choosing a topic, you must know that there are only two main types of Law:

  1. Criminal Law
  2. Civil Law

 But the domain is so ubiquitous that law students are often confused about choosing a research topic. Civil and Criminal Law has further subdivisions:

  1. Criminal laws are built to protect society from illegal acts, including traffic and road traffic violations (e.g., drunk driving or speeding), breaches of public order (e.g., riots, terrorism or indecent exposure), crimes involving property (e.g., incendiarism or garbage), and crimes involving people (e.g., murder or rape).
  2. Civil laws are outlined to help solve problems among individuals or groups that do not require police intervention but involve the judicial system or trained legal personnel. These laws include contract laws (e.g., issuing marriage licenses or resolving contractual disputes), employment laws (e.g., wrongful termination or employment discrimination), family law (e.g., child custody issues), and civil liability laws (e.g., dog bite cases or accidents)

Writing a research paper on such a broad domain will give you excellent legal experience. But unfortunately, not all Research topics for undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates that interest you may be as easy to write about. 

  • One thing that works well for finding a good topic for a research paper is to list several topics that interest you.
  • Choose one topic that interests you the most and chunk down the whole topic into smaller, related bits.
  • If it is a debatable topic, choose a specific angle to present it in your research paper.
  • Read about the different perspectives related to the topic, as this will broaden your knowledge and make writing a research paper more comfortable to handle.

legal Law Research Paper Topics

Given below is the list of Law Research Paper Topics ideas, you can choose one of your likings:

Criminal Law Research Paper Topics Ideas

Criminal Law Research Paper Topic

Criminal Law defines what constitutes a crime and the prosecution of those who commit it. The offense is considered an act or omission of a show that violates a law prohibiting or mandating it.

When selecting law research topics for a research paper or thesis on criminal Law, it is essential to understand that the branch of Law is divided into two main categories: wrong and crime. Wrongs are considered minor offenses and carry penalties of less than one year’s imprisonment. On the other hand, crime is a more severe offense. Crimes include robbery with violence, murder, drug trafficking, and manslaughter. Below are some of the main research paper topics ideas of criminal law.

  1. A comprehensive assessment of rape legislation for men and women: What are the main differences?
  2. Analysis of the use of lie detectors in criminal justice: How influential are lie detectors?
  3. Evaluating the misuse of homicide laws in the U.S.: What is the best way to protect victims?
  4. Assessing crime-related factors that should not be brought to court.
  5. A zoomed-in look at the history of the death penalty.
  6. Research into the challenges of identifying the nature and distribution of crime.
  7. The use of anonymity in sex crime cases: How to find a balance between the accused and the victims’ rights.
  8. What are the insinuations of the war on terror for criminal law enforcement?
  9. Evaluating the relationship between fundamental human rights and Islamic Criminal Law.
  10. Religious rights and religious crimes in developing and developed countries
  11. Classical criminology and its theories – can they be revised now?
  12. Criminology of the future: how does science help to study crime?
  13. Reports and statistics on crime in (selected country) over 20-21 centuries.
  14. Hate crimes: their nature and associated laws
  15. Drug abuse and crime: can society break the link with the help of the Law?
  16. Experimental criminology: failures and victories
  17. The defense of insanity: a loophole for criminals
  18. Police interrogation rules and human rights
  19. The death penalty: pros and cons When and why can it be justified?
  20. Crime prevention: what can the government do to reduce crime rates?
  21. Juvenile courts and the juvenile justice system: similarities and differences
  22. The role of the media in research: critical issues
  23. Misconceptions: how can the state undo the damage?
  24. Gangs and special laws dealing with gang crimes
  25. Prostitution, slavery, and trafficking in persons. Global disciplines to eliminate it?
  26. Identity theft: is it a modern crime? Preventing Identity Theft in the Post-Internet Era.
  27. Psychology and crime – are some people more likely to break the law than others?
  28. The theory of self-control versus the idea of social control.
  29. False confessions and how they are handled in different countries.
  30. Broken window theory: the influence of the environment on crime rates.
  31. Mental illness and crime in different countries: similarities and differences.
  32. Intelligence, education, and types of crime.
  33. The fieldwork of criminologists: from the beginning to the modern world.
  34. The history of Scotland Yard.
  35. Feminist criminology: the emergence of a new branch.
  36. Crime classification systems in the United States and around the world.
  37. The influence of sociology and statistics on crime prevention.
  38. Principles of Jury Selection and Cancellation.
  39. Cybercrime: are the laws on this type of crime outdated?
  40. Sexual offenses. Harassment. The #MeToo movement and its legal implications.
  41. Exotic crimes in different countries – why are they considered crimes there?
  42. Privacy in the Internet age. Private data. Blackmail. Revenge porn.
  43. Why does the same crime have such a wide range of punishments?
  44. Leading to suicide. From abuse to psychological torture.
  45. International Criminal Court: when does it come into play?

Terrorism Law Research Paper Topics

Sadly, the problem of terrorism remains very sensitive in today’s society. Terrorism is not history; it can happen in peaceful urban centers in advanced countries. No one is safe, but there is no reason not to study terrorism and look for ways to prevent it and possibly eliminate it completely.

The definition of terrorism is the action taken to intimidate and threaten people to achieve federal, ideological, or theological purposes. Therefore, it can be classified according to the objectives the terrorist is trying to achieve and the methods he uses to do so. Each type of terrorism has well-known patterns that can quickly identify potential terrorists and disarm them.

Another issue that inevitably arises in terrorism is the balance between personal space and private data and public security. Governments may apply more stringent laws, using the fight against terrorists as a cause, but this can lead to quasi dictatorial regimes where citizens’ fundamental human rights are stifled. On the other hand, granting everyone full freedom and privacy may lead to terrorists abusing these rights and using privacy against society.

A difficult question that arises from time to time is also this: can terrorism be justified in some cases of extreme poverty or urgency if the alternative is much worse, and the objective is valid? Of course, almost everyone would say no, but even today, some dictatorial regimes are so horrible that their consciousness can make even the most innocent of souls suspicious. And if you are a law student who wants to write a research paper on the law of terrorism, here are some research ideas for you:

  1. How do progressions in technology affect the ways of terrorists?
  2. The Incel movement: is that a growing threat?
  3. Terrorism and religious extremism; how are they be connected?
  4. The use of minors and helpless social groups in terrorist acts. Is that justified?
  5. The role of terrorism in the creation and expansion of Israel. Discuss
  6. The most potent international terrorist groups; Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, etc. Elaborate
  7. Party movements and terrorism; Discuss the correlation?
  8. What techniques are acquitted in the battle against terrorism?
  9. The Hiroshima attack: can it be analyzed as terrorism?
  10. Terrorism in the media and the cinema.
  11. The process of radicalization and the creation of terrorist groups
  12. Reasons for the evolution of terrorist groups. Discuss
  13. Terrorism and the Mafia: similarities, differences, and cooperation.
  14. Terrorism as a tool of policy – can it be used to serve specific political authorities?
  15. Guantanamo Bay detention camp: was it justified?
  16. Suicide bombs and psychical training of suicide bombers. Discuss
  17. Bioterrorism: how is it a threat to peace?
  18. Terrorism and human trafficking; how can you save your society from it?
  19. Terrorist threat and security of international travel. Discuss
  20. Is a non-violent rejoinder to terrorism possible?
  21. What are the ways to work with society to prevent terrorist acts?
  22. What is the psychological first aid for victims or witnesses of terrorist acts?
  23. Why do terrorists use hostages? What must potential hostages do to survive?
  24. What are the critical differences between political and non-political terrorism?
  25. What are the strategies for terrorist recruitment?
  26. Fighting Terrorism in the World: how successful has that been?
  27. What are the most notorious terrorist leaders in the world?
  28. What are the best known anti-terrorism operations?
  29. What can society do to prevent terrorism?
  30. The future of terrorism – can it evolve?
  31. The process of taking responsibility for terrorist acts: why and how do terrorists do it?
  32. The ideal society in Israel: is it useful in combating terrorism?
  33. Terrorism as an international crime: Why is the USA petrified?
  34. Nuclear terrorism: how can it be a threat to peace?
  35. Is it possible to leave a terrorist cell?
  36. Ideological terrorism: and the impact on society?
  37. What are the different definitions of terrorism and the reasons for their creation?

Civil Laws Research Paper Topic Ideas

International Law Research Paper Topics

International Law is a broad set of norms, standards, and rules that are used among states legally recognized internationally. It is an exciting field to derive international trade law issues because it can observe and address the world’s real problems and different states today.

It can focus its study on things like war, peace, diplomacy, and economic trade issues. When selecting topics for your research paper on international law, it is prudent to understand that the discipline has been strongly influenced by ethical principles, especially in the field of human rights. The following are some of the top research paper ideas of international law that should be considered:

  1. Estimating the different challenges in implementing the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).
  2. Assessing the future of consumer protection in the post-Brexit era.
  3. Appraising the history and future possibilities of U.S. and U.K. military cooperation in the fight against terrorism.
  4. Exact the legal situations in which a country is authorized under international Law to intervene in other countries’ affairs.
  5. Comparing gaps in human rights law.
  6. Has the U.S. involvement in Iraq provided justice or violated the Law?
  7. What are the problems in implementing international Law in developing countries?
  8. Assess the effectiveness of international tribunals in resolving war crimes.
  9. Rethink the principles used to formulate international criminal Law.
  10. Assess the relationship between public security and civil liberties in international Law.
  11. Digital and Internet law: Anticipating the Future.
  12. Hearings of the International Court of Human Rights: An assessment of the importance of precedence.
  13. International Law and Jus Cogens Norms: Jus cogens define a norm’s status and will more ever be formed?
  14. The settlement of international disputes in friendly ways.
  15. Critically analyze the role of custom and general postulates in the development of international criminal law.
  16. Critically traverse the connection between international and national law.
  17. ‘There is no international organization laying down technical rules regarding the creation of a State. Yet, on thorough analysis, it is possible to understand from the body of customary international laws granting basic rights and duties to States that these rules suppose certain general characters in the actualities to which they address themselves’. Review.
  18. About the 2001 International Law Commission’s Articles on States’ liability for Internationally Wrongful Acts, what are the lawful values of breaches of assertive norms of general international law, and who can summon them?
  19. Peace Processes in Burundi from a U.N. Perspective: Ensuring Peace or Expediting Power?
  20. The Self-Determination of Minorities in the Knowledge of Globalization.
  21. In determining whether there is a menace to the peace, a breach of the peace, or an act of hostility, the Security Council enjoys explicit discretionary powers. Discuss.

Cyber Laws Research Paper Topics

Cybersecurity is a science that is invariably and quickly developing, so there are always many exciting law research papers. When the Internet became convenient for almost everyone, criminals began to use it for their own malevolent purposes as well.

Cybercrime is now a global problem that affects many areas of human life.

Almost everything we see in our daily lives could use some cybersecurity. Even when we are wholly disconnected while walking in the park, cameras around us and many digital devices could be turned on if it were not for the security professionals who protect them from interference. The digital world’s vulnerabilities should not cause fright for anyone who uses the benefits of modern civilization. If you are struggling with the subject of your Cyber Laws Research Paper Topics, here is a list of research paper ideas you can work on:

  1. The policy of installing applications on phones and desktops
  2. Security measures in Windows, Unix, and macOS
  3. Forms of network intrusion and their detection and prevention
  4. and security measures
  5. The most crucial cyber virus pandemics
  6. White hat hackers and black hat hackers: who are they?
  7. Phishing and Internet scams
  8. Social networks and digital security
  9. Revenge and blackmail porn on the Internet
  10. What is a firewall, and how does it help protect the network?
  11. Cookies, privacy, and computer security
  12. Identity Theft on the Internet
  13. Synchronization and protection of the device
  14. Terms and conditions in the software
  15. Hacking and digital security
  16. Cyber-crime laws of UK
  17. Computer security when downloading files
  18. Social engineering and its importance
  19. Software updates and patches and their importance
  20. The best known closed vulnerabilities
  21. Emergency actions after piracy
  22. The leading causes of cybercrime
  23. Bots and computer security
  24. Unified user profiles, their advantages, and dangers

Family Law Research Paper Topics

Family law is an area of law discipline that focuses on issues related to family relations. By choosing a research topics topic in family law, you will improve your skills in dealing with divorce, adoption, and child custody.

Under family law, states have the right to determine marriage requirements, including age, legal capacity, and procedures for different things such as marriage and divorce. Here are some Latest research paper topics  ideas to consider in family law:

  1. Reviewing the significant changes in family law over the last 50 years.
  2. Analyzing the impact of culture on family law cases
  3. Domestic violence: Assessing the impact on men against women.
  4. Assessing the implications of the Law on divorce: Has the Law increased or decreased divorce cases?
  5. What are the legal consequences of child neglect in the USA?
  6. Assessing the compatibility of juvenile justice with family justice.
  7. Evaluate the factors that prevent couples from seeking a divorce.
  8. Is it time to reform family law?
  9. An analysis of the legal foundations of parenthood and civil societies.
  10. Negligence of parents: Is it enough for a child to have food, clothing, and shelter to grow up healthy?
  11. Divorce and its consequences for all family members. Minimizing the adverse effects of divorce.
  12. Toxic and narcissistic parents. Overcoming the trauma of a dysfunctional family
  13. Meeting family expectations: what to do when they are too high for one person?
  14. Family violence: where is the point of no return?
  15. Sexual abuse in the family. Escape strategies and organizations that can help.
  16. Toxic and abusive relationships. Psychological problems of separation from a toxic partner. Discuss
  17. Domestic abuse. You can always save yourself, but can you save the rest?
  18. Are war veterans and their families the only ones who need help?
  19. Acceptance of an LGBTQ+ family member.
  20. Coming out: what’s it like to be an LGBTQ+ person in a conventional family?
  21. Losing a family member: stages of grief in children and adults – how can we deal with it together?
  22. Religious conflicts in families: what to do and how to resolve them?
  23. Juvenile delinquency: when does it become more than a natural impulse to independence?
  24. Child custody: what problems can parents face?
  25. Generational difference. The difference in morals and culture: is this normal?
  26. Living with elderly relatives: how to cope and avoid emotional exhaustion?
  27. Family members with mental disabilities: how to integrate them into society?
  28. The importance of family support for people with disabilities
  29. Pregnancy and the first year with a child: are fatigue and depression bad for bad parents?
  30. Types of family relationships: are they healthy and entirely unusual, or are they somewhat harmful to family members?
  31. Life after a disaster: how can you get your life back together? The importance of family support
  32. The issue of older siblings – how do you make each child feel equally loved?
  33. Gender discrimination in families. Gender roles and expectations
  34. Multicultural families: how to reconcile their values?
  35. Children from previous marriages: how to help them accept the new family?
  36. Traumas of the parents’ childhood: how to help them not to pass them on to the next generation
  37. Any family can face a crisis: how to overcome it in a civilized way?
  38. Family counseling: why is it so important?
  39. Accidentally learned family secrets: how to deal with unpleasant truths?
  40. Adultery: why does it happen, and what can be done to prevent it?
  41. Career choice: how to save family relationships instead of inheriting the family business?
  42. Transition to adulthood: balancing family support with trying to allow the young adult to live his or her own life
  43. Unwanted actions: should the family issue a warning, or is it only fashionable now?
  44. Returning a family member from prison: caution against unconditional love.
  45. Family in trouble: what can be done to really help when a loved one is in a severe problem?
  46. Lack of love: what do you do when you need to love someone but can’t?
  47. Aging in families: are older people always, right?
  48. Terminal illness and palliative care: how can you give your family member a good life?
  49. Where can dysfunctional family members seek help?

Employment Law Research Paper Topics

Employment law works on the relationship between employer and employee. If a registered business has more than one employee, it will likely apply employment law in some domains. This legal niche covers both federal and state laws and other issues such as workers’ rights. This means that if you focus on employment law for your research paper, there is a very far-flung area from which you can choose.

In employment law, it’s not just a question of figuring out which Law should apply. You also need to know when a particular law covers a topic and when to seek legal advice. Some of the areas on which you can base your discussion of employment law including workers’ compensation, industrial relations, immigration, social security, wrongful dismissal, minimum wage, employee benefits, and employment discrimination.

To help you decide, here are the leading employment law research paper topics you should consider:

  1. The convergence of employment law and religion in the USA.
  2. A comparison of U.K. law before and after leaving the European Union.
  3. An analysis of the impact of trade unions and their work: what are their successes and challenges?
  4. Confidence in your job: a comprehensive analysis of employment contracts and contracts of employment in the manufacturing industry
  5. Overview of the Legal Perspective on Employment in the Social Work Industry.
  6. Dismissal of employees: a comparison of the legal grounds for dismissing employees in the USA and in the U.K.
  7. Equal employment opportunities: a comparison of gender differences in the world.
  8. Assessing the effectiveness of sexual harassment in the workplace.
  9. A legal perspective on employee mobility between E.U. countries.
  10. A critical appraisal of disability employment law in the USA. What policies need to be integrated to make it more effective?
  11. The relationship between employment and religion in Britain An academic perspective.
  12. An analysis of the relationship between sports agencies and their employment contracts.
  13. The impact of changes in U.K. employment law following withdrawal from the E.U.
  14. The role of child labor laws in the U.K. – how is the judiciary dealing with the rise in child labor?
  15. The importance of the use of social work in U.K. law.
  16. A UK trade union analysis of labor laws and regulations.
  17. A comparative study of U.K. and E.U. auto labor law. Who has the best compensation and employment rights protection systems?
  18. An in-depth analysis of litigation costs in U.K. law.
  19. A case study critically examining the salient features of U.K. law. What changes have there been in employment law since leaving the E.U.?
  20. An in-depth comparative analysis of Islamic headscarves and workwear in the U.K. employment sectors. Do Muslims have their rights?
  21. The impact of religious holidays on U.K. organizations and their employees. Are there problems for minorities when they request religious holidays?
  22. A study of unfair dismissal in U.K. law – do organizations provide compensation for unfair dismissal?
  23. A study of unfair dismissal in the employment model An overview of countries with redundancy benefits.
  24. Is your job really safe? An in-depth case study of U.K. employment law and its loopholes.
  25. An overview of employment discrimination laws in the U.K.
  26. The impact of racial discrimination on an organization’s brand image. An in-depth study of U.K. employment law.
  27. A study of the criteria for selecting employees in the U.K.

Few Labor law Research Paper Topics:

  1. Long and strange working hours in companies and industries exploit labor laws that must be conducted by law. Discuss.
  2. The law on child labor must be strict so that people do not escape punishment through loopholes. Discuss
  3. Labors’ or consumer courts that look after labor laws are also entangled in the swamp of corruption.
  4. How can the laborers demand their constitutional rights from their employers?
  5. Labor law is the leading cause of the inability of the legal system to secure laborers’s rights.
  6. Reports and crime statistics in (selected country) over 20-21 centuries. The changes required in The labor laws when it comes into play?
  7. Labour laws and crime in developing and developed countries.

Commercial Law Research Paper Topics

Commercial Law is a legal practice related to persons, companies, and traders involved in buying, selling, marketing, and trading. It interacts with other areas, including property law, environmental regulation, and security laws.

In order to select an excellent topic for a commercial law research paper, it is crucial to understand the general upshots. In particular, commercial Law deals with issues relating to both business-to-business and business-to-customer transactions. The most mention-able is the breach/violation of the contract by one or both parties. Other issues to focus on when choosing a commercial law topic include:

  • Matters related to unfair competition.
  • Advertising and marketing disputes and violations.
  • Challenges associated with starting a new business.
  • Consumer complaints about business and commercial practices.
  • Trade secrets.

When a trade law issue arises, it is resolved depending on the conflict’s nature or the type of infringement. Below are some excellent commercial law research paper topics you should consider:

  1. Evaluating the effectiveness of commercial Law in supporting commercial transactions in the United States Of America.
  2. Examining Commercial trade law: What should be changed or added?
  3. Assessing the effectiveness of international trade law programs at universities.
  4. A review of the implications of international trade law for U.K. trade law.
  5. A review of the use of international commercial Law in energy projects around the world.
  6. An assessment of the commercial Law to be used against dishonest managers.
  7. A zoomed-in look at trade partnerships: What are the dangers and potential outcomes?
  8. A comprehensive review of pre-registration contracts: How do they work?
  9. A thorough assessment of arbitration under commercial Law: A closer look at U.K. policy practice.
  10. Consider the conditions under which the corporate veil can be lifted and analyze how effective the law is in piercing the screen when necessary.

Intellectual Property Law Research Paper topics

Intellectual property law deals with applying legal rights, artistic works, designs, and inventions. Just as the Law secures a person’s personal property, it also secures the authority of incorporeal belongings. The goal of intellectual property Law is to benefit inventors with their creative works.

In the Constitution of the United States, (Article 1, Section 8) authorizes Congress to issue exclusive rights to originators and creators of their works. And, it’s not just the United States. Germany, the U.K., and the E.U., among other countries, also have strong statutes to protect intellectual property.

As a law student, there are several topics you can converge on when selecting a topic in intellectual property law. You can focus on copyrights that protect people’s rights to their creative work, patents that give legal rights to original inventions, or trademarks. Below are some of the leading intellectual property rights research topics ideas you should consider:

  1. Assessing the scope and effectiveness of intellectual property rights protection for indigenous peoples in the United States.
  2. Can emerging technological developments work smoothly with current U.S. intellectual property laws?
  3. Demystify the relationship between intellectual property laws and E.U. regulations?
  4. Assess the cyber laws protecting intellectual property rights on the Internet.
  5. Does E.U. Copyright law provides an overall balance between the needs of inventors and users?
  6. Assessing fair treatment in terms of copyright law.
  7. Comparing and contrasting the U.K. and U.S. intellectual property management.
  8. Is E.U. intellectual property law safe and appropriate for users and owners?
  9. What has been the impact of E.U. legislation on the U.K. intellectual property management?
  10. Assess the implications of Brexit for the security of intellectual property rights in the U.K.
  11. What is the economic impact of intellectual property rights?
  12. How intellectual property is protected on the Internet?
  13. Do trademark law and identity transfer law provide sufficient protection in the U.K.?
  14. Does the U.K. create a right to trust?
  15. Creativity and the patent system: Can the modern patent system, which is too strict, continue to encourage innovation?
  16. Does United Kingdom’s intellectual property law (copyright) provide a sufficient balance between the needs of right holders and users?
  17. Does the principle of fair use provide an effective exemption from U.K. copyright law?
  18. How does European legislation affect intellectual property rights in the U.K.?
  19. P2P file sharing – To what extent does the law protect copyright holders?
  20. Does the U.K. intellectual property regime provide sufficient safety? Compared with the position in the U.S.
  21. To what extent are indigenous peoples’ rights to intellectual property effectively protected?
  22. What more can be done to improve legislation so that these people in the least developed countries have better protection of their intellectual property rights?
  23. How will Brexit affect the protection of intellectual property rights in the U.K.?

Tort law Research Paper Topics

The tort law concept effectively defines what is considered legal damage and establishes the circumstances in which one individual can be held liable for the damage of another as a result of intentional acts or accidents. It is a potentially broad scope that includes professional negligence, misrepresentation, and trespassing on both land and the person’s intellectual property. It is challenging to study, so here are some research paper topics to help you with your tort law research paper.

  1. A critical assessment of the importance of predictability and policy in establishing a duty of care.
  2. A critical analysis of the rules that limit the recovery of economic losses in criminal actions.
  3. Where there is a failure, there is a complaint: an analysis of the growing compensation culture in the U.K.
  4. Gregg v. Scott: Where does the loss of an opportunity cease to exist?
  5. Is Bolam still a reasonable person? An analysis of the standard of care in cases of medical negligence.
  6. Occupant Liability: When is an Intruder, not an Intruder?
  7. Psychiatric Injury: An Impossible Complaint? An investigation of English case law that limits the recovery of psychiatric damages.
  8. The impact of Chester v Afshar on the law of informed consent.
  9. The duty to care for children: a step too far?
  10. An investigation into the need for political considerations in claims.
  11. An assessment of the need to reform the rules to determine causality: the case of multiple and consecutive causes of the claimant’s loss.
  12. A perceptive discussion on the need for suffering law reform.
  13. An exploration of the rules to establish a duty of care towards defendants of public figures.

Medical Law Research Paper Topics

Medical Law focuses on medical professionals and patients’ responsibilities and rights. Like other areas of Law, medical Law has different domains on which a law student can concentrate. The common area on which you can focus your research paper is confidentiality. Confidentiality between medical experts and patients goes back to common English Law. But it has been currently codified so that any piece of information provided to a doctor during diagnosis or treatment cannot be revealed without the patient’s consent or unless the patient has intentions to cause personal injury.

The other area of concern on which you may base your research paper is negligence. This may refer to professional negligence in the diagnosis or treatment of patients resulting in death or injury. For example, a doctor may slander a patient by revealing incorrect information. Here are some of the main medical law research topic ideas you should consider:

  1. Should judges who deal with medical disputes receive special education so that their judgments are based on facts?
  2. Evaluating the Laws Governing Organ Transplantation.
  3. When should an embryo be considered capable of having feelings, and should abortion be banned?
  4. With relevance to forced sterilization: Who should be targeted, and how should it be implemented?
  5. Assessment of medical complications in surgery: What is the best way to decide which party is responsible?
  6. Explore the legal aspects of electronic fetal monitoring.
  7. How do ethics and medical Law coexist?
  8. How do lawsuits affect doctors’ commitment to providing life-saving treatment?
  9. Law enforcement in medicine: Background and practice exploration.
  10. Assessing the ethical and legal challenges of using biobanks
  11. Can a doctor remain neutral when treating a mental disorder?

After selecting your research topic from these research topics list above, the writing journey has begun! But let’s not lie here: writing a research paper is a considerable task. Many times, people write research papers only to be told that they wrote it entirely wrong. But the truth is that this is your last chance to get the bow to complete your master’s or doctoral degree. So make sure you get the right topic and write the best research paper.

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