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Kuwait Clearing Company (K.S.C) Internship Experience Report

Kuwait Clearing Company (K.S.C) Internship Experience Report


Kuwait Clearing Company (K.S.C) was founded in 1982; K.S.C is the company that is dealing effectively with the central clearing and the depository services in the market; the company is applying the principles of the Kuwait Stock Exchange I did the internship there and I worked in the Marketing department. I was provided with the opportunities there so that so that I could implement the marketing practices by exposing real world. Abdulaziz was my supervisor, who helped me throughout the session and he has excellent management skills.

I have got experienced as the marketing representative and team helped me in managing the managing marketing campaign. I have analyzed the marketing performance of the company that how the company is dealing with the customers and the depository operations performance. The company is providing the value-added services for the employees and the customers. K.S.C is focused on to treating the customers in the efficient way by providing the culture of equality.

Description of the Organization

I did the internship in the Kuwait Clearing Company K.S.C; it is the company that was founders in 1982. It deals with the settlement, central clearing and the depository services in the market; however, it focused on the principles of the Kuwait Stock Exchange, the traded securities, and the derivatives. The company is focused on the depository services for the clients; the company provides the information and the depositary services of the unlisted equity securities and the debt instruments, there are also the services of the registrar and trustee services for the companies along with the investment funds.

K.S.C is the private cooperation. The foreign investors are concerned for the local and regional custody services. Moreover, Kuwait Clearing Company K.S.C also provides the collateral trading and the mortgage services by keeping and processing the corporate actions. There are the consolidated accounts and the records of the local and the listed foreign companies.

Kuwait Clearing Company K.S.C deals with the capital markets operations, the company have the 51-200 numbers of employees. It is located in the Stock Exchange Building on the 6th Floor, of Ahmad Al Jaber Street, Safat, Kuwait. K.S.C was founded in 1982 and 965 1841111 is the phone number of the company.

Kuwait Clearing Company K.S.C has various competitors in the market, example, CreditOne Holding Company, Al Fanar Investment Company, Al Muzaini Exchange Co. K.S.C.C. Al-Soor Financing Company etc.

Internship Expectations

I worked in the Marketing department, as my major focus was to focus on the marketing activities, however, the routine and daily tasks include the organizing and managing of the marketing campaign for the company. As an intern there, I was provided with the opportunities to analyze or focus on the operations that are there in the market. My work is was promote services and materials that can be helpful or useful in managing social media accounts. There I did the follow-up session with the vendors and agencies. The major dealing of the company was to settle and deposit money for the client, thus, my responsibility was to review the documents requirements and then manage it or focus on it by fulfilling the requirements of the Kuwait Securities market policies.

The organizational chart of the Kuwait Clearing Company K.S.C. includes the key executive’s example, Mr. Othman Ibrahim Al-Issa is the chief executive officer of the company. Mr. Rasha Abdulrahman Al-Sheridan is the finance manager and the acting head of the settlement & reconciliation unit of the company. Mr. Esam Abdul Aziz Al-Qaoud is the deputy chief executive officer of the operation sector in the company. Adel Yousef Al-Subaie is the deputy chief executive officer in the support services sector and Mr. Khaldoun Shakir Al-Tabtabaie is the deputy chief executive officer of the information technology sector (Bloomberg.com, 2017).

I had the expectations to learn and apply the marketing principles that I have learned in the classroom and in the K.S.C I have got the opportunities to apply the marketing principles through the application.

Structure the Department Related to Major

I applied the concepts or operations of the marketing activities that what I have studied in my literature. I have got the marketing department experience from the K.S.C as I applied the theories of marketing in my real life, there is the focus on the financial services sectors and relevant knowledge and experience of marketing. Thus, my marketing degree program is facilitated through the internship and the marketing careers provided me with the pertinent knowledge that I gained from the classroom. Moreover, I got the understanding through implementing the marketing practices by exposing real world and there were the understating of the marketing essential responsibilities (Reynolds & Lancaste, 2013).

I have got the knowledge of the basic principles of marketing that I have learnt in the classroom, there is the better understanding that how to take decision by involving the marketing team, I have got experienced as the marketing representative. I did the face-to-face interaction with the company customers; there was the proper application of the theories as I got the opportunities. I have learned the marketing activities from senior employees and they were responsible for raising awareness about the marketing projects and planning. The K.S.C team helped me in managing the managing marketing campaign, they raise awareness about the marketing aspect and programs, and they helped to know about the bank services and managing the social media accounts.

Duties Discussion

Through the internship I got the experience of the marketing department and got the interest in marketing activities that were not known, I believe that now I have rich knowledge and experience and the knowledge about the real life operation in the Marketing department. The Department of the Kuwait Clearing Company K.S.C was helpful, as I got the experiences and support there. There were the marketing campaigns as I helped the team to manage the project as a coordinator with marketing head or supervisor. Thus, I also managed and coordinated in the managing events. I also focused on the public relation teams as I was responsible for raising the awareness and do the branding for the company. I did the planning for managing the marketing activities or campaigns. I focused on raising awareness by doing communication effectively in the social events and by managing or promoting the bank services for the customers.

As a marketing representative or a marketing intern, I have to focus on the administrative support and got the opportunities to work with the marketing team. I was involved in the marketing management programs and focused or gave my best in preparing marketing materials. My supervisor provided me with the understanding that how marketing project databases can be built and the marketing principles can be done in an effective way through drafting internal and the external correspondence. I have performed various duties by working as a marketing person.

Supervisor helped me a lot and allowed me to do real life practices about what I learned; he was cooperative and helpful, as he told me, how to conduct the marketing surveys and the questionnaires. I have created the unique and the appealing designs in order to help the company to make the effective marketing campaigns, the media materials were made by me and marketing team by using and designing the software (Wang & Pizam, 2011).

Organizational Assessment

Regarding focused on the organizational assessment, it could be said that Kuwait Clearing Company K.S.C is the company is a best. I have analyzed the marketing performance of the company that how the company is dealing with the customers and how depository operation is being focused by the company. K.S.C is focused on the valid performance and doing the evaluation of the business performance while assessing the industry and the marketing activities. Through organization assessment it is known that K.S.C  is very concerned about the marketing operation, as the company focused on to market the new and satisfy the old customers through accessing the need, therefore the company has the satisfied customers.

K.S.C is focused on the operation of the Kuwait stock exchange and providing the benefits to the entire stakeholder including the local and the foreign investors, the company is performing well in the depositor’s operation or unlisted equity securities and the debt instruments, and performing well than the other competitive companies. K.S.C is the fastest-growing company and having the effective relationship with the investors so that the financial activities can be supported. The marketing activities are also focused on making the effective relationship as the stakeholders are informed by the camping’s about the major or new company operations. Thus, the marketing department of the company is managing the departmental activities and focused on to bringing the effectiveness in the company.

The company is performing the effective operation regarding the marketing and the other activities, as there are respects for the religions of all the stakeholders, the stakeholders are given the comfortable environment, where they can give the relative knowledge. Moreover, Kuwait Clearing Company K.S.C is focused on to create the harmonious effective or working environment so that there could b socially responsible corporation and company could better achieve the technical competence. The company is focused on the value-added services for the employees and the customers; there is focus on building effective team spirit so that there could be the knowledge about the professional skill and the ethical understanding. K.S.C also focuses on the healthy the financial relationship with the investors and they are positively influenced so that there could be effective in the business operations.

Work Environment

Moreover, through analyzing the work environment of the company that how the employees and the other stakeholders are treated, it is noted in the internship period that Kuwait Clearing Company K.S.C is focused on to treat the employees and interns in the effective way. Moreover, the employees are positively influenced so that there could be a building of the best teams and the company. K.S.C is focused on providing the effectiveness in the human right by providing them the culture of equality.

While analyzing the leadership styles, I focused on the leadership style of my supervisor, Mr. Abdulaziz, he taught me a lot about the marketing activities of the company told me that how to manage the operations and how to do the management of the campaigns. Thus, I believe he is effective supervisor, and the “transformative” and “strategic” leadership style traits. The staff is really helpful because the facilities are provided to the employees and the relevant skills are taught to them. The company is managing the performance by focused on the talented employees so that there could be efficient market practices.  The CEO’s Mr. Othman Ibrahim of the company have the understanding of the better ethical consideration because the employees are motivated and given the opportunities so that they can able to work in the competitive environment and with the technical competence.

I have noticed that the work environment of the K.S.C provides the opportunities to employees and interns to learn from the company operation and help them to get the relevant managerial and management skills in the competitive industry. Moreover, the company believes to have the efficient and competitive workforce because the company wants to grow, thus, the work is proactive and the more marketing encouragement to the interns.

Lesson Learned

My personality has been improved as I learned the loyalty and satisfaction with the excellent motivation and knowledge. Abdulaziz was my supervisor, he has excellent management skills and the analytical skills, and I have learned a lot from him. I could say that the company is competitive because it focused on the effective marketing practices and effectively manage it employees, the company operations, and the market assessment through learning of the deep marketing activities, made me a stronger person. Appropriate feedback is given to me and I have got the determination and willingness so that in future I could serve best in this industry, as I have got the effective understanding of the operations and know how to reach the goal quality. Kuwait Clearing Company K.S.C helped me to make my future and build the good rapport; I have learned supportive and accurate marketing principles.

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