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Job Career Essay


Accounting as a Career/Profession – Introduction:

Accounting is a very interesting and informative field. It has a large scope for all those who have well in math andJob Career Essay their calculation ability is good. This essay tells you the importance of accounting, its path career, its scope in market, what qualification need to become accountant and at what level, what is job opportunities available in the market, how we can enter in this field, what type of jobs different organizations offer in the market related to this field, and tell you how this field make your working career strong and powerful from earning point of view.


The question is why I am going to select this field as a career! Actually, I am a student of commerce and good in all subjects of accounting. I have a clear understanding of accounting techniques. I am enjoying in solving difficult accounting problems and having too much interest in this subject. Basically, accounting is a field which is always demanded in the market and provides you more chances to grow up and move forward in the companies. Many positions can be finding out in the field of accounting. Accounting career starts from entry-level and goes to executive level which makes your career strong and experienced for future. Accountant, assistant accountant, budget analyst, accounting manager, internal auditor, CPA, CFO, controller, Forensic Accounting, tax accounting and staff accountant, these are few posts at which you can work and get experience in accounting field. So many job opportunities can be available in this field. And because of my keen interest and hard working, I think I can move further my career in this field, and try to get maximum concepts related to this field as well as practical examples should be studied to get real-time knowledge and enhance our experience.

Accountant Job description:

In any company, an accountant accomplishes all financial functions which include collection, analysis, recording and accuracy and properly present financial operations. The accountant has to deal with the third party also and it has an administrative role. Accountants’ responsibilities and duties changed according to the size of the company but basically, accountants’ link with all type of financial transactions occurring in the company.

  • Responsibilities of Accountants: the basic responsibility of accountant of every organization is to keep a record of all transactions which are related to money and perform its duty with great honesty. It is accountant’s responsibility to work always according to law, they guide them to modify the ways but not adopt an illegal way of doing any transaction. The accountant should notify the relevant authorities if they come to know about the fraud of any person in the company. They have to perform their duty with impartiality and without any personal benefit, for example, they have to give advice to clients with fair thoughts. In other words, the responsibility of accountants is to provide financial information to management by analyzing and researching accounting data and present them by making reports. While performing its duty, these responsibilities should be kept in mind so they work more deliberately with any company and fulfill their task with honesty and loyalty.
  • Duties/ Roles of Accountant: here we are going to discuss some duties of accountant:
  1. Maintain accounting controls by preparing policies and recommended procedures.
  2. Prepare all assets, liabilities, capital, sales and expenses accounts according to accurate account information.
  3. Entering account information with document financial transactions.
  4. With the help of internal control maintain financial security.
  5. With auditing documents, substantiates financial transactions.
  6. Coordinate the activities, giving the answers of their questions, guide accounting staff.
  7. By analyzing accounting options, recommend actions.
  8. Summarize current financial information by making income statements, balance sheets, and other statements.
  9. Reconcile financial differences by collecting and analyzing account information.
  10. Special financial reports should be prepared.
  11. Secure financial information by keeping a backup.
  12. Maintain the confidence of customers and keep their information confidential.
  13. By verifying documents and requesting disbursement, prepare payments.
  14. With the help of accounting policies and regulations, give the answers of all accounting questions.
  15. Perform its duty and accomplish all the results.
  16. Try to maintain technical knowledge and skills by attending workshops, review publications maintain personal networks with other accountants.
  17. With new and existing legislation, compile with state, federal and local financial requirements and provide proper guidance to its management.
  18. For getting results contributes to teamwork and efforts.
  19. Help to produce a budget and cost-saving
  20. Analyze the financial information and budget and advice them where savings should be utilized.

Therefore these all are the duties which an accountant has to perform while working in an organization.

  • Qualification and skills: for making accountant in any company, some specific qualification or degree is required at everywhere such as corporate finance, reporting skill, attention to detail ,accounting, reporting research results, time management, data entry management, confidentiality, SFAS rules, Dead-line oriented ,general math rules, all accounting laws, rules and regulations of every specific country while doing accounting. These all need to be learned by accountant because these are all basic skills for making accounting in any company. in other words, if I want to move further in this field, I have to learn all these techniques and skills for making a good
  • Salary range: a handsome salary package can be avail according to qualification and experience. Accounting salaries can be different according to positions in the accounting If you work as an accountant assistance or clerk then you can earn $30-40000 per year. Moving upward in accounting department take some time but with the passage of time your salary may increase with your learned experience and after reaching the executive level or above this you can easily earn $100000 per year or more. Basically, after entering in this field practically, it’s up to you that how much speed you learn more things, enhance your experience and move to a better position in the company.

These are all main things we discuss the field of accounting. Another point is that accountants help to set the position of the company in front of general people or customers. They issue financial report yearly which represents the financial condition of the company and also helps in attracting investors by showing good performance in reports.

Information about the job:

As we discuss earlier, different types of jobs are available in the market in the field of accounting. Now we talk about companies, every company needs a group of accountants who can handle and control their all financial issues and transactions. So according to requirements, company appoints the employees at entry level and also at an executive level according to his experience and education. Without accountants, the company cannot run its business. Executive accountant always appoints at the head office of the company because all transaction related to all branches or areas are collected in the head office and many major and financial decisions also take from head offices. Manager accountants or junior level accountants are appointed in different branches to gather and record all the information carefully and transfer to head offices. So, there is a number of jobs related to accounting field are available in the market but sometimes not match with your accounting level.

Description of entering in accounting field:

Now I am in school, but from next few months, I will start my college. In college, I take the admission in the field of commerce and get the degree of bachelors in commerce. Then move to university and get a masters degree in my specific field. But with this, I try to work as a junior accountant in any company part time to get more experience in this field with education. So after completing my master degree, I may be able to apply a job of the good post in any renowned company because I also have practical experience in accounting. Which goes a plus point in my side because most students first finish their study then start the job and get experience but I will get the experience in small age and may be eligible for a good position in the field of accounting.


Now I am going to conclude my discussion relating to my career and job. I just want to be a good accountant in future and want to work with well reputed and renowned companies. Accounting is a very major field in the life of business and having too much importance. I also discuss different responsibilities and roles of an accountant which I have to be following in future and provide most accurate and authentic report according to my knowledge and skills. Job opportunities are also frequently available in the market having different salary packages according to practical experience in this field. So we can get the good package if we have enough experience in this field. And for achieving a specific position in this field, I have to complete my studies in specific subjects with good marks. Accounting is a good field for those who have interest and working hard in this field. Find thousands of vacancies for accountants with no experience on Jooble.

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