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Listening Skills Activities

Production Stage 

Specific objectives

  1. To improve their listening and after listening skill.
  2. To increase their controlled speaking skill.
  3. Their ability of skimming and seanning.
  4. To increase their speaking power.
  5. To increase their understanding of noun, verb, adjective and

Activity: 1

True False

(Listening skill)

There are two chairs which are labeled true and false, one chair is colored green and the other chair is red. The teacher will put these two chairs in front of the class. Teacher reads out the T/F statements related to the poem, one by one students listen to the statements. If they think the statement is true for them, they go to the green chair, if they thin it is false, they go to the red chair.

Q no.1 Patriot into traitor depicits the political conditions of the  third world countries T/F
2. Robert Browning is a modern poet T/F
3. Patriot into Traitor shows the political instability in the developed countries T/F
4. Patriot into traitor is a romantic poem T/F
5. The people of the 3rd world countries are highly educated. T/F
6. Patriot into traitor shows that the leader of the 3rd countries are very sincere and loyal T/F
7. Patriot into Traitor is a masterpiece of Shakespeare T/F
8. Patriot into traitor is a poem about the 3rd would countries.

Activity# 2:

There is a role play where an interviewer interviews two person. One of them is patriot and  the other is  traitor. At the end of it, the teacher asks the class to identify patriot and traitor among the two.


Interviewer: Why have you come in filed of politics.

Traitor: I belong to an old political family. My forefathers made  many  scarifies to this  country and I want to perpetuate glorious traditions.

Patriot: Basically, I am a social worker and belong to a middle class  family. I think that, I can serve my people in a better way  from the plate from of politics.

Interviewers: What is your opinion about present government. Traitor: It is a bunch of corrupt people. They used  crooked towards to defeat  my party. May God, save us from these  evil doers and help  my party to  come into power.

Patriot: Though, I am not in  government but I am satisfied with the  good intentions of government. We should  give them a fair chance to implement their manifesto.

Interviewer: What  are your political activities at present.

Traitor: I am spending a lot of money on my workers. I have warned then that if they could not make me win in the next election I should expel them from the party.

Patriot: I am keeping a  constant contact with people. They discuss their problem  with me and I try my level best to decrease their miseries.

Interviewer: Would you like to  give some message to the people.

Traitor: I like to ask the  people that young, idealistic  minded and  so called degree holder  politicians are just  fraud.

Voters should elect experienced politicians like me because we are sincere and  we know the  real problems of people.

Patriot: I want to advise the people that they should be very watchful while giving their vote. Do not be emotional and make a decision on merit.

Activity: 3

To give them acquaintance with vocabulary related to patriot into traitor.

The teacher will give the students different cards on which different words are written related to patriot into traitor.  Some wrong cards have been attached on characters patriot into traitor. The students will come and correct them.

Listening Skills Activities

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