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Importance of Cultural Change and Its Example

What is Cultural Change

Culture change, relate to the values and beliefs of the society can be related or influence on theImportance of Cultural Change and Its Example cultural capital. However, with the time, there are the changes seen in the values and beliefs of the people, as the women of old age, gave more importance to the family structure, but the women of today also give value to the family structure, regarding to the values; values are changed because women or new generation is giving value to the money. There is the focus on making the money; however, the values or structure of the families do not change, so we can say that there is the repositioning of the culture stereotyping in the societies and attitude and values and beliefs of the people have changed with the time.

The cultural change or the changing of values and beliefs in our society can be described as the changing attitude in the society.

There are social skills and people are more focused on the education, however, the thinking of people has changed as compared to the people of old age. The societies have altered or transformed from the rural to urban, people of the countries have the equal rights, without the differences of color and caste. There is the realistic understanding of the functioning or the structure of a society. Moreover, there are the work success ethics, people and families are more focused on creating the money.

Importance of Cultural Change and Its Example

Importance of Cultural Change:

Culture is automatically changing in the society, however, the changing of the culture, values and beliefs with the passage of time, is important in the society, because in this way the environment can be shaped in the better way, people can get the understanding about the modernization. Moreover, other countries and societies will do efforts to bring the change; cultural change based on the society values and the norms. Example, if in the culture people have the thinking to earn money or to get the education, then automatically people will learn from each other’s, while living in the society, there will be the society influence, people will consider the things in an organized manner and there can be growth of the country’s economy.

Example of Cultural Change:

I have seen many examples of cultural change in my societies, as people are giving importance to the changing values and beliefs, however, last week I was with my friend, she is from the family, who do not allow the women of their home to go out for jobs, she was restricted by her family. Consequently, from the cultural change of the society, when her family noticed that other girls are earning good money and thus the living status affected they also allow her to do the job of her choice, she was happy. However, the changing values and cultural change influencing the minds of the people and people are learning from each other.

The essay can relate to the topic of cultural change, as the societies or different cultural are learning from each other while sharing the same society, people are influenced by the cultural changes and the values and beliefs. However, the culture of making the money is impacting on the mind of the people, everyone in the early age wants to make the money without changing the philosophy of life. From the example of my friend we can know about the people thinking, which is actually changing as the societies and cultures are changing. Through the transformation of the American culture, other cultures are learning or adopting the attributes.

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