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Impact of Employee Motivation on Organizational Performance

Organizational Behavior



In an organization, there is need of motivation; motivation can result in best services as the focus ofImpact of Employee Motivation on Organizational Performance the paper is on how motivation affects the organizational performance if a company faces any problem regarding motivation. In our organization, there is the need to focus on the employee’s motivation, because many of the employees are not working or performing their jobs effectively, due to which organization has to face issues.

Every organization needs to attract and retain the employee’s, so they continue to perform their work effectively to enhance the productivity. Employees could be motivated to perform their job well, if managers have a good vision, to motivate the employee’s, they should not be neglected, and need because unsatisfied employees, perform or give the unsatisfied results. The managers have to understand the behavior of every employee and need to motivate then through rewards. There are different types of reward practices and strategies that should be implemented for the usefulness of employee’s motivation.

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