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Impact of Employee Motivation on Organizational Performance

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In an organization, there is need of motivation; motivation can result in best services as the focus ofImpact of Employee Motivation on Organizational Performance the paper is on how motivation affects the organizational performance if a company faces any problem regarding motivation. In our organization, there is the need to focus on the employee’s motivation, because many of the employees are not working or performing their jobs effectively, due to which organization has to face issues.

Every organization needs to attract and retain the employee’s, so they continue to perform their work effectively to enhance the productivity. Employees could be motivated to perform their job well, if managers have a good vision, to motivate the employee’s, they should not be neglected, and need because unsatisfied employees, perform or give the unsatisfied results. The managers have to understand the behavior of every employee and need to motivate then through rewards. There are different types of reward practices and strategies that should be implemented for the usefulness of employee’s motivation.

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The success depends on the members of an organization; if they are not motivated then there will be the loss of productivity and with poor working morale. There are pleasures in rewards, in a grocery store, there is need understand that what is reward system? In addition, how it should be used to motivate each employee individually? For the positive employee behavior, the win-win situation is compulsory and that is only possible through motivation and implementing reward system (Osabiya, 2015).

Impact of Employee’s Motivation on Organizational Effectiveness

Motivation in any organization is concerned with actions that what actions should be taken to improve the level of performance of workforce or employees, to sustain the high level of performance there is need of close attention to the best way of motivation. Individual or employees could be motivated through the rewards, leadership, incentives etc. Employees performance and motivation depend on the factors like performance appraisal, employee satisfaction, training and development, job security, compensation, organizational structure etc. Employee’s motivation is highly influenced by employee performance, for getting the desired outcomes, an organization needs to design motivation programs effectively (Dobre, 2013).

Researchers have found out that both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation have effect or impact on human behavior, however, some of the employees are motivated through the intrinsic motivation and some form the extrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation is related to the tangible rewards, such as salary, wages etc while intrinsic motivation is related to the psychological or intangible rewards like appreciation on achievement, caring, positive recognition etc.

The quality of the performance is the actual skills of the employees, of the critical influence on the performance; there is need of the attention of employees through motivating them. According to the research in every organization, financial motivation has become a primary concern, manager and other managerial concerning bodies think that through giving money or financial incentives to employees; their efficiency could be increased, however, with the financial benefits or incentives there are need of non-financial incentives so the employees could be satisfied towards their job. (Ehimen, Mordi, & Ajonbadi, 2014)

Factors Effecting Employee’s Motivation

In a grocery store, there are various factors of motivation through which employee’s effectiveness and efficiency could be improved, there is also need to value the motivation and its factors, as when workers receive the desirable salary or payment, they get satisfaction, which increases their performance. Incentives are the motivational technique that can motivate the individual towards better or higher performance, researchers have found that satisfaction of employees can be achieved from the rewards; rewards can contribute to influence group and individual performance. Employees need to be motivated by the payment of their performance; managers must consider the importance of special allowance, pensions, benefits etc.

For the higher level of morality and motivation, motivation can be increased through the leadership behavior; motivation is the active process, which could be achieved if an employee has a sense of belongingness towards it organization. Employees can be motivated through creating sense of belongingness in them, because through rewards system when employees know that their organization value them and appreciate their performance, then their performance could be effective and they will trust their organization (MUOGBO, 2013).

To build the win-win between employees and the organization, it is needed to empower employee so they should focus on the work and effectiveness. It is needed to create the sense of responsibility with the sense of belongingness, which can be possible through trust employees; because when employees feel the responsibility on their part, they will motivate to perform the work, and they will effort to give effective and efficient results because organization trusts them. To increase the interpersonal influences, trust plays a significant effect on the motivation of employees.

To maintain and motivate the performance of employees, rewards are the tool management, in a case of a grocery store, flexible working hours can also create motivation in the employees as responsibilities depend on nature of the work. However, organizations need to give advantages of flexible working hours so the employees or staff gets motivated to accomplish the work tasks at the suitable time. Research have indicates that flexible working hours or flexible scheduling can reduce the number of absentees at the workplace and can motivate and accommodate the employees through healthy and positive approach.


To improve the productivity and efficiency in any organization, employee motivation needs to be recognized and empower, when employees are appreciated for the work they have done, they feel internal satisfaction and their productivity increases. Employees need to involve in the decision-making process so their interest towards the organizational goals increase and performance could be enhanced. If employees are involved in decision-making processes them their motivation, enthusiasm increases towards the accomplishments of the responsibilities.

There is the importance of reward system in day-to-day performance; human performance is increased through the motivation, reward packages are important to increase the motivation, when someone is rewarded for the job done, his motivation, loyalty and effectiveness increases towards his job. There is a need to value the reward system in any organization, I am as a Customer Services Representative, also suggest my organization to implement reward system properly so the effectiveness could be increased. I think organization needs to give the best environment and workplace to the workers where there they feel free to express their ideas because due to displeasure, there will be poor performance in an organization and employees will be non-committed. A happy worker could be a productive worker, to make employees happy; motivation play an important role, different kinds of rewards can influence workers performance. Appropriate incentive plans can encourage the employees, there is a need to build the sense of commitment and truest so the employees work better.


In our organization, a grocery store, where there is the direct link with the customers, for the customers satisfaction; employees need to satisfy first, they could only be satisfied if they motivated for work, and properly given extrinsic and intrinsic motivational rewards. There is need to develop the procedure and policies that can support and motivated the workers, to retain and satisfy employees are not easy, so proper tools are needed to handle the conflicts and poor reward system. There is the need to provide the environment that supports attainment of higher productivity, employees morale will boost if they are satisfied, management can take effective steps to increase motivation in the employees. Management can improve salaries, working condition; can provide job security and effective supervision in appraisals system to make employees happy and motivated.

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