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Hybrid Cars Research Paper


Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are simply vehicles that more than one source of energy for its running in order to achieve propulsion. This implies that every hybrid car is provided with a fuel tank, a traditional internal-combustion engine, a battery pack, as well as, one or more electric motors. They are not electric vehicles. Although, are usually gasoline burning machines that typically use electric bits to get and reuse the energy that is wasted in conventional standard cars. There are also diesel-electric hybrids, and are even more fuel-efficient compared to the gasoline-electric vehicles. The only shortcoming is that diesel engines coupled with hybrid systems are very expensive in one vehicle can be prohibitively expensive.

Top Five Most Popular Choices of Hybrid Cars

According to US.News on 2015 Best cars with values for the money worth, the most popular choices of hybrid cars are:

  1. Honda Accord Hybrid
  2. Toyota Avalon Hybrid
  3. BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Sedan
  4. Kia Optima Hybrid
  5. Ford Fusion Energi

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Honda Accord Hybrid

The new Honda Accord Hybrid is a special technology that is flexible and has an excellent fuel economy, its acceleration is strong, and it is considerably roomy, and with high-quality interior. Its interior controls are very user-friendly.

The major problem is the smallish trunk,  it lacks depth. One of its cons feature is its fold-down seat. Additionally, its engine noise can be intrusive at times.

The price of the vehicle is worth its features, and based on customer reviews, many are seen to be very satisfied with the vehicle. Additionally, it is supported by several incentives and credits, making it more affordable. Environmentally, it is provided with an Eco Assist system and ECON button, to maximize fuel efficiency to get the best out of every mile travelled. It is also provided with a camera to keep track of everything happening on the road ahead.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Toyota Avalon Hybrid

The Toyota Avalon Hybrid car is very roomy, comfortable and can suit five passengers conveniently. Toyota is known for its dependability, and therefore, its features are of great quality. This brand is a small car efficient in a big sedan, with a very high safety rating, is interior control are easier to use and are standard. It is provided with Toyota safety connect system to track security measures, the vehicle is spacious and also has an adjustable back seat with ample legroom, and the values befit the price.

Many do not like large cars, the vehicle is too large. Also, its price is quite excessive compared to other five passenger sedan vehicles. The navigation system is relatively poor, and it’s not provided with a standard cargo net in the trunk. Its ride is stiff, and the ratio of the number of miles it travels to the number of gallons of gasoline burned can be so enormous. Many prefer other brands within its competition. The interior space is less.

Advantages and Disadvantages of BMW ActiveHybrid5

The interior is of a very high quality with top-notch technology, it is also provided with luxury amenities, outstanding front seats, very spacious backseat, and its fuel economy is reasonable.

This brand is very expensive, and there is no significant fuel economy as well as performance advantage from its hybrid Powertrain. Its environmental impact is reasonably worth its price and  can travel as long miles as required by users.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kia Optima Hybrid

The Kia Optima Hybrid vehicle is a stylishly designed car with extra standards and operational features for its cost. It is handsome-looking with a beautifully designed cabin and easy-to-use controls, its front seats are very comfortable, with top crash scores and lengthy warranty.

The rear-seat is tight on head room, its fuel consumption is reasonable, but on a higher side, its brake response in hybrid model is odd.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ford Fusion Energi

The Ford Fusion Energi is a pricey, with a comparison with other more fuel-efficient Fusion Hybrid vehicles, but its 20-mile EV range makes it an attractive and favorable to choose for local driving. It is applicable for all-electric driving range, security safety features, relatively sharp handling, composed ride, eye-catching style, and a quiet cabin.

It’s very expensive, with limited trunk space; its MyFord Touch electronics interface can be very frustrating when in use.

My Best Choice

Based on my analysis, the Honda Accord Hybrid car works best for me and my family.

The Impact of Hybrid Cars on United States’ Economy

The economy of the United States is tied to the Oil Market. These vehicles and many others rely on gas and have to be run on it since they use gasoline engine. Although, they are known for their fuel-efficiency, but the fact that the US oil market is limited makes it an impact in the economy. Additionally, the prices of these cars can be outweighing sometimes, some are not easily affordable. The tax paid on these cars can be worrisome, and the maintenance charges can be expensive. Considering the political, economic ripple effects, as well as national resources of building these cars makes it costlier.

The good news is that, the developing technology of hybrid vehicles had paved ways to reduce its negative economic impacts, and becoming easier to use. Due to their environmental friendliness, the sales keep increasing on a daily basis.

The Impact of Hybrid Cars on the United States’ Political Relationships with Oil-producing Countries:

Due to high Oil demand in the United States relative to the use of these vehicles, the prices of oil and gas may progressively increase since most of the oil used is imported from other countries, thereby standing as a great effect on the economy.

One of the major problems between the United States and other countries with respect to this innovation is the technology, money, and the fuel exchange. The only way the United States can thrive excellently is through trading with other countries. Otherwise, there will be limitations in the economy of the country and the economy wouldn’t progress. Therefore, the use of the hybrid vehicles will help this continue favorably.

The production of hybrid cars has kept increasing since its introduction into the U.S. market in 2000. According to Beresteanu and Li 2008, the sales of these vehicles have grown from 10,000 cars to 250,000 in 2006. This implies the sales have been a tremendous in the economy of the nation.

Influence of Hybrid Technology on World Politics

There a many trade opportunities associated with the world politics. The innovations that occur in every part of the world become exposed to the international market with respect to the political government in the country. This is the interdependence between countries. As much as the United States is a superpower country, its political alliances are spread through many countries all over the world. The ability to trade between many countries is what makes the international trade thriving successfully.

There are many African countries that are actively trading with other countries in the Middle East to obtain petroleum fuel, and they then off agricultural produce. The United States, some parts of Asia, specifically Japan, and European block invest millions and billions of money in the development of hybrid cars. This implies that they are the major manufacturing countries of hybrid cars. The major reliance of African countries is petroleum; this means many hybrid car technology countries close to some of the oil producing African countries will influence each other.

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