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Hunsk Engines Case Study Summary


Hunsk Engines is company that deals with motorcycles; company made and then sells motorcycles. It is one of the well-known companies for motorcycle. Harley Davidson Bike is one ofHunsk Engines Case Study Summary the big competitors of Hunsk Engines. Gordon McMaster is the CEO of the company and Marty Echt is the new marketing head of the company. Marty Echt is an experienced professional who follow old strategies in his work, he is successful person of his field, and he is smart, efficient and a skillful person. According to Marty, employees should be hard working because they are the people who can give spirit and soul to the product. His focus is on employee that they should have proper understanding about motorcycles. Gorden believe on authenticity of the product they are selling and he personally like the Marty strategies and marketing campaigns. According to the Gillian Arnold (Strategic Consultant), Gordon is a CEO who is lack of leadership and he don’t have sufficient insight for the people work for him, and according to her Marty is a right person because he is passionate inside and out.

Gordon should appreciate Marty for his effort towards the brand image; because Marty’s unrestrained authenticity approach is help for the organization in the future. Marty want see bright and successful future of the Hunsk Engines. According to him, company is investing a lot on the motorbikes; company is not selling clothes or something else, which is cheap. Company is selling a brand so the people who bought bikes should be impressed and should be long-term customers. There were strategies behind his marketing campaigns, he want to go back in the roots of company because Hunsk has always been known about authenticity, customer feedback is very important for him. He believe on mass customization of the product and product should be designed or customize on the customers demand, if the choice is given to the customers that they can design their own bikes it would be interesting for them.

To match both internal and external marketing environment of the firm is very important because what customers see on blogs they want it in reality also. Marty Echt told about that one of his customers says that website looks like a fraud with compared to blog, so employees should be trained to deal with the customers and for that, he used authentic marketing tactics. Organization do not accept the changes soon, internal factors could be changing in the management of company, employee morale values, culture changes in organization and financial issues with the employee. In addition, external factors for any organization are hardest to control; external factors could be changes to the economy, threats from competitors, political factors or government regulation. So balance both the factors are important for any organization who want success, all the issues should be sought out with justice.

Authenticity is very important for any business no matter the business is big or small. It can elevate your business above the expectations. Be real with the clients if you want to make long-term relationships with them. Authenticity give essence to your business, it helps your client to understand that you are a reliable company and they could trust you while buying any product. Authenticity give consistency to your work, make your business strong and your client will trust you and will never shift to any other brand. What people need now days is not only product or service, they want honesty and loyalty and once they satisfied, they will always admire your company and tell to others. So authenticity is a key to success. If you claim authenticity but when your customer buys, the product and he do not get what you claim then your company will be remember as bad name and people won’t take a risk to believe your company again.

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