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Human Resource Management Reflection Report


Human Resource Management is a term, which describes the duties and responsibilities of a manager to perform in an organization with the employees. It includes many of the tasks to perform such as making proper planning in the office working within the employees that which employee will do which work, which employee will make the team with other employees for working on a project. Which employee will assist to whom other employees etc.? These all planning should be properly done by the managers of the organizations. A manager should not only divide the work among the employees but must also direct them how to do it by conducting many motivational sessions in the organization.

A manager should also make the vision for the other employees to do the work more specifically and efficiently according to the directions provided by the Board of Directors. The manager should also make goals that will be easy to fulfill by the employees and are capable of taking the business up to a level of progress as well. A manager should lead the employees in a way that they feel very much comfortable and can easily ask anything from him/her related to the problems and issues in the organization. The manager should implement a way in which employees feel the atmosphere of the organization motivated and they contribute more effectively in the office working. Qualitative and quantitative plans need to be considered for the effective planning or of the workforce.

A manager must set an example towards their employees regarding great and efficient working in the organization. He/she must set the working ethics and should treat the people in the term that they became relaxed in the atmosphere. A manager should remove the differences and obstacles between the employees in the organization and try to make people cooperate with each other, so that office atmosphere will become more comfortable and friendly for the employees to work. (Heathfield, 2016)

  • CIPD Professional Map – Professional Areas

The week one topic was CIPD Professional Map – Professional Areas in which I have learned about the integration of HR activities to manage performance in an organization. In this HR strategy is to make new business strategies for the business by keeping in concern the employee’s rewards, their relationships with other employees, their sourcing with other peoples and their learning and development skills enhancements in the organization. The integration is of two types in the map one is vertical and other is external.

The vertical integration reflects that HR practices that design those activities, which supports the ways that can be helpful in achieving the objectives of the organization maintained by the HR concerns. The Horizontal integration represents those tactics and working that are complementary and can bundle the organizational structures to career development. (Armstrong & Barron, 2002)

Performance management can be defined as it shows our role, our values, and our link with over job roles, it also ensures that all employees must receive proper feedback and proper motivation to work more efficiently as well.

Strategic HRM indicates to make the strategies by a manager for the employees and business as well. It enables the manager to help in making proper strategies for the employees. It indicates those techniques also that can help in making better strategies in that organization and how to implement those strategies more properly and efficiently that it can give proper results and takes a business to a progressive level with the rapid growth of reputation.  (Armstrong & Barron, 2005)

  • Flexibility

The second-week topic is Flexibility what its worth. It is the ability of an organization to adopt the working criteria and built proper working atmosphere in the organization as well. It also relates to the ability to adopt responses and cost of inputs required to achieve the objectives prepared to achieve the goals. Flexibility is of different types such as numerical, functional, influential, temporal and attitudinal. Flexibility is to give the proper formatting in an organization for the achievements of goals. Properly planned methods should be built in the flexible atmosphere.(Human Resource Management Journal, 2011)

If any employee has any problem related to the office atmosphere, office timings, any other issue related to other employees behavior, their rude relationship with others any other issue as well. Those problems should be carefully examined by the manager and manager must try to solve the problem of that employee as maximum as possible and soon as well. Managers must aim to communicate the development and the developmental practices of business strategies to be implemented into the organization with a healthy and positive response to working as well. The managers should know that which type of flexibility should be implemented at what time and at what people at what level as well. (Nolan, 2017)

It is noticed that all HR goals principles are important to consider in the organization, so that there could be effectiveness in the processes. For the effective planning or of the workforce the qualitative and quantitative plans need to be considered, for the better strategic management in the company.

  • Recruitment and Selection

The topic of the third week, which on which I am going to reflect in this report is recruitment and selection. Recruitment term is referring to the process by which an HR manager will select a qualified candidate for the organization it is working with. This process aims to hire a person by passing a proper procedure so that correct and most eligible personality must be hired and welcomed in the organization. For hiring, a little tough and a little different way of procedure are needed to select a candidate. (Bratton & Gold, 2010)

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A proper procedure is required by the Management, and a proper working criterion is needed for the selection process in an organization. The process includes a wise and intelligent view of procedures must be needed so that no one can be misled and the right person may not lose the opportunity to be hired in the best organization ahead. There are many choices there which can be used to implement a perfect process for the hiring of the employees for the organization. It depends on the management that what process should be chosen to implement the best process and how. However, the company needs to consider recruitment and selection process in the company in some efficient ways, so that best team or candidates must be selected as there can be much more effective if best person is chosen for the best job as choices exist in the choice in recruitment and selection process.

This process includes many consequences’ as well which are all related to the process of hiring and managing that processes. The best process results in the selection of the best and most eligible person for the post offered by the employer. The most qualified candidate when selected he/she then be guided properly and with all the aspects of the working in the organization that it may help him/ her to give her/ his best output during the working time in that organization. So that all the targets can be achieved timely and with proper precision and efficiently presented to the organization. (barbradozier.wordpress., 2017)

  • HR in the International Business Context

The international business context is related to the terms and conditions must be following all the other organization working according to the same organization working capability. The organizations must follow the international standards of the organization under the (ILO1997) it involves the globalization of working with the other countries and the relationship of those standards with other countries as well. Globalization term refers to the process includes the rules and regulations made by ILO.  (Wilsen, 1955)

In ILO, all the terms and conditions are mentioned according to the working atmosphere of the organization in any country. It includes the borderless world. It also includes the facilities, which must be provided by the organization to its workers all the time during working hours of the organization. Globalization refers to the term more independent and efficient economy. Globalization influences very softly and actively on the organization during working time. Globalization enhances the working capabilities of the workers in an organization.

Globalization provides many opportunities and facilities to the employees. It brings many unique changes to the atmosphere of the organization. It makes the bonding and relationship among the employees and of the organization positive and strong as well. It can create the challenges to manage international teams working or welcoming their projects with a heart to accomplish and to achieve better targets as well by coming in the good impressions of the international organization when they send a project or come to visit your organization as well. (Pawan, 2017)

  • Talent Management

The fifth-week topic is the talent management in business in HR the term refers to the managing of the talents in the organization. In an organization, many people will work at a time all have different abilities and mental capabilities in it. Some people are extra efficient that they do not even want a proper guideline to work which is assigned to them. Most people are less efficient that they needed a proper guideline to work according to the target set for the organization and according to the skills of that person.

If work could not be accomplished properly, then it is just the waste of time, and the effort became useless of both the worker and the manager as well. A proper and comfortable culture should be made in an organization so that organization will give a proper working platform for the employees. The culture in an organization depends only on the atmosphere made by the higher authorities. Better, the atmosphere better will be the confidence of the employees in the organization as well. (Williams, 2000) The managers in the company need to integrate HR practices and planning efficiently, so that management could make effective psychological contract with people and there could be better decisions of the financial and non-financial rewards.

The talent is a war between the employees of an organization that who will give better and efficient result of the project accomplishments. The employee who works better quicker and more correct with accuracy and precision in an organization will automatically come in the good books of the HR managers and the eyes of higher authorities because of his / her good and efficient performance in completing the tasks assigned.


The topics, which were studied in the last five weeks, all have many more advantages in the organization. An organization, which follows all the terms mentioned in the weekly reports, will become the most efficient and the most successful organization in the competition with other organizations as well. In the integration, process the problem, which could be, came is the difference of thoughts level in an organization.

In an organization, many people work having different thoughts, different ideas and even different creeds and cast which could affect the atmosphere of the organization if that could not be solved. The issues came inflexibility will be the distances matter most of the times with the employees having located at a distance of places. To different employees, different tasks are assigned which can be little difficult for each of them to fulfill on time and with pure efficiency as well. The recruitment process may involve the difficulties of having the interruption of outside persons in the hiring of an ineligible person.

That person may have not the required qualification, which is essential for the required post. The upper person pressure may create a hectic atmosphere in the organization for other employees. The globalization has the following threats includes too much difficult projects assigned by international clients for the employees of the company. The employees may suffer the position of overworking and may have to apply an over timing schedule for the completion of the project. It will lessen their confidence in the organization’s HR department and their managers.


Summing up all the points described in the reflective report. The main theme of the report was based on the HR departments working and culture or atmosphere of the organization. The HR department is the main department of an organization that manages and controls all the other departments working. Especially based on the completion of the projects on time with precision and accuracy.

For the growth of the business it is observe that all HR goals principles are important to consider in the organization and the projects must be completed according to the instructions and target gave by the project evaluation department of the organization. The atmosphere results in better working with the employees, which comforts them at work on time and feels them relaxed at an office as well. The employees with extraordinary talents should motivate others by helping them in completing their tasks and completing on time as well. This behavior will make an organization successful and trustful for the employees as well. Which is good for the organization.

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