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Human Resource Management Introduction Report


Human resource management is that department of an organization which deals with the process of recruitment means hiring and firing of new employees and in replacement of old employees. The selection process involves the steps of selecting a new employee through a proper procedure in an organization. This procedure depends on the strength of your decision, which you choose to select that person for the job. The success of an organization depends on the working of employees in any organization. If the employees in an organization are not much efficient then they will not be able to achieve the targets with a hard work and success in that organization.

It is the responsibility of HR manager to maintain a positive atmosphere in an organization so that the working capabilities and efficiency in an organization improve day by day and with a mesmerizing way. Your competitors have always remained in a search that whenever you did something wrong and reputation goes down so you should remain curious and attentive that your working efficiency may not goes down. HR manager should keep on introducing new ideas and themes so that there came a variety of your working accomplishment procedures within your organization.

Recruitment and Selection is the proper procedure followed by the HR manager in an organization. Our HR manager of Makah & Madinah Hotels is a very hard working and passionate person who loves to work hard with a great efficiency and accuracy as well. He feels that some old employees are not showing proper efficiency in their working. HRM policies and procedures are shaped and designed to support the employees in terms of their relaxing atmosphere in the premises of Hotel. HR manager should look around within organization that any gender discrimination issue, a difference of job among employees, age difference as well.

Human Resource Management Introduction Report

Recruitment And Selection 

These terms are to be kept in control of HR Manager so to avoid conflicts in the Hotel atmosphere. If HR Managers feels a disturbance in its employees then he can fire them and can hire the new person on that designation in the department of that hotel. It includes a proper procedure that how you appoint a new person in the hotel management which could be sweepers, clerks, cashiers, chefs, stewards, waiters and any other person could be in the Hotel. The procedure must be followed by the Recruiter in order to attain best results, which are:

Staffing Of Agents

Agents are those people who, on behalf of your hotel or any other organization hire or find employees who are willing to do the job in other countries and collect their data according to eligibility criteria of the organization.

Evaluating Of Applicants

Applicants when send their Resume according to the nature of the job you advertised for according to your need in the hotel. You first had a look on that by a panel of members you appointed for this purpose. They consider all the person’s qualifications and selects some persons for an interview in their hotel at a specified date.


When you select some persons for an interview, the receptionists of the hotel management then call them for the interview at a specified date. When they reached on time, you interviewed them according to the job, which you described in your advertisements. The questions must include relevance with the job and nature of designation you are going to fill space for. After a detailed interview, our managers of hotel hires the required person by a proper discussion on its salary and working timings. They then appointed as a member or employee of Hotel and they are given an appointment letter as a confirmation of their job’s proof. After a day or two, they joined you.

Developing Candidate Trust

After hiring or selecting a person for your required designation to fill. It depends on the person that whether they join or not because sometimes many persons have applied for a job in many other organizations as well. Therefore, you must attract them with such good offers that they will not go anywhere else and you can best utilize its abilities in your hotel. After a complete paperwork, you must welcome the new candidate in your organization or Hotel.

Managing Change

In a hotel management conducted under HR, the needs of all departments of the staff are managed and fulfilled by HR manager, as it is its foremost responsibility. He/she further transfer it to seniors of its management. All the needs, which are essentially of each employee within the hotel, are must be fulfilled and provided them by the hotel management so that they can feel comfortable while working in the hotel. The needs must be proper uniform, wages given on time, little relaxation in working hours etc. If they are affordable then you must provide them with these.


Some policies according to the working criteria’s in the hotel must be prepared so that a proper working atmosphere could be remaining in the hotel. The employees of the hotel especially the junior employees like sweepers, watchmen, cleaner, laundry workers and kitchen helpers are must be motivated with little incentives and bonuses because they already have a low wage as compared to the senior staff in the hotel. Therefore, they must be provided with the little percentage of monthly bonus or bonus n their extraordinary performance, which could motivate them and encourage them to work hard with more enthusiasm in the hotel.

Maintaining Relationship

These steps involve the maintenance of positive atmosphere in the department of the hotel where you hired a new employee. Some time old employees did not accept new member so you must crates such policies, strategies that the atmosphere remains positive, and new and old employees work combine within the department by helping each other without any conflicts.


HR managers must estimate the cost of the process that is used in the recruitment and selection process and they keep an estimation of the cost related to the employee’s needs and incentives provided by the hotel management. That they may not become over budgeted or may not be less than the assigned budget. It should be in a balanced condition.

Human Resource Management Introduction Report

Personnel Administration Departments

Personal Administration

The Administration of Makah and Madinah Hotel has some functions to fulfil as a must. Otherwise, the administration working efficiency may disturb. Here are some functions, which are to be accomplished by the Administration Department:


The documentation procedure involves the proper paperwork of every employee whether it is junior or seiner in the hotel. Paperwork includes keeping the documents of each people like their degrees their identities proofs, their nationality evidence etc. All these documents are essential to keep employees in an organization because it keeps your working efficiency legal and of your employees also. Any business must be run on legal terms and regulations so that in future your business may avoid any problems. As you are going to book, your hotel rooms and all the reservations are to be done online so you must provide proper information of documents to the customers and make easy for them to provide their documents online as well. This makes them comfortable and they rely more on your online booking methodology and procedures as well.

Quality Check

The term quality is the essential term, which should be examined very keenly and with complete interest because it is the base of your business reputation. If the customer does not satisfy with your quality, they will definitely leave your services and products for your business. The Quality must be of very high level as an online booking website your quality includes proper timing to the customer, timely replies to the customer, assigning them complete information about your hotel and guide them about all the procedure properly. This makes them happy and they suggest more to join your hotel and contact you online for the reservations of rooms.

Employee Relations

Employees relationship maintenance is the most important and essential part of Hotel and any other organization’s Administration that cannot be even neglected for a while. When your employees have good relationships in between them then they work better and more comfortable in the surroundings of the hotel but if their relationship is negative and not good then their working performance may be disturbed very much. As it effects badly towards your business development as well.

Human Resource Management Introduction Report

Duties And Tasks Of Each Employee And Each Position

The duties of each employee in the hotel area are assigned by HR managers and seniors as well that what to do by whom and where according to their abilities and qualifications. The duties, which are assigned by HR managers, which must be according to the working abilities and according to the efficiency of the persons. The position of each employee must be assigned by HR must be according to the degree and qualification they have. The duties which HR manager going to assign every employee must not overload the work of that employee.

Their duties limit their working hours and their working efficiency as well. Each employee must be efficient and hard work in its working as they are going to provide their services in the hotel management. Each employee position must be change within few weeks so that every employee understands every type of working in the hotel surroundings. It is the essential duty of every employee that they must work properly according to the duty given to them. If someone does not follow the rules and instructions of the managers then they must be threatened by any means, which discourages their sense of rebel in them.

Training And Training Program

The hotels have many tasks to perform by the employees regarding the security, cleanliness and others as well.  Sometimes you hire some persons, which are not aware of that type of work. Therefore, you must need to train them by arranging proper training sessions and programmers. That actually makes them comfortable to learn the new working styles and is easy for them to take out some time from their working hours to learn new techniques and procedures for working in the hotel.

Human Resource Management Introduction Report

Human Resource Management Introduction Report

Human Resource Management Introduction Report

Human Resource Management Introduction Report

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