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Human Motivation Theory

A Theory of Human Motivation – Introduction

Motivation is all about the needs of the human psyche. Why we say the word motivation it relates that we are in needHuman Motivation Theory of something and how does it comes that we need to satisfy our self. In other words, we could say that we have different forms of needs one is less satisfying and the other is more satisfying. This is the process that relates directly towards motivation E.g. I make a plan to buy a small car for myself. What is the reason behind that I have to fulfil my motivation?  The question arises how I need to fulfil my dream. I will make a goal. I will start struggle towards that goal. Now I order to achieve my goal it makes a financial plan. Once it becomes final my motivation towards that goal gets completed.

The people who are self-motivated are always remained more confident in their needs and are always wins the hearts of the people because they are going to manage their livings accurately and as well as according to the needs and wants of the people on their company. The motivated people not only trust in themselves but also they are going to motivate the other people and tell them about the positivity in the life of people. The motivated people not only help themselves but also motivate others to be more positive and accurate.

Review of Major Concepts and Principle

There are major five needs

  1. Biological and physiological needs:
  2. Safety needs
  3. Love and belongingness needs
  4. Esteem needs
  5. Self-actualizations needs
  • Biological and physiological:

These are the basic needs such as food, hunger, taste, sex, warmth, sleep, air. Everyone in our life is in need to able to fulfil their basic needs. Before this needs the motivation theory derives first that everyone needs food to live. To satisfy his hunger, a taste he needs somehow and the other he will fulfil his motivation. It comes to know that human without basic needs mentioned above is helpless. He for sure needs to complete these needs in order to satisfy himself. If not he has to focus on these needs to keep himself satisfied?

  • Safety needs:

This is also one of the important needs of human motivation which relates to the protection and security. Now how does it make relations towards human motivation theory? Every man and women need a security and safety in his or life. Somehow he is scared from day to day activities and then what happens he needs protection to keep himself safe e.g. in a house if you are living alone you need one person four yourself as a security guard to keep yourself safe a secure. And once it’s completed the safety needs is confirmed by the human body. (Thepeakperformancecenter.com, 2018)

  • Love and belonging needs:

This is also one of the essentials needs that relate directly to the human motivation.

E.g. As a human being, we all need love and affection to keep our life moving smoothly. If we will keep distances from everyone’s life which is not practically possible. A human being is a social animal and him later or sooner needs love and affection, friendship to keep life moving strongly. And when it becomes more comfortable to be a part this esteem the human motivation within the organization.

These needs are very much important and efficient in terms of making them suitable for the human nature. The people who do not focus on the needs and wants of the people then they have to manage their timings well and as well as they should be able to control them according to the need and wants of the human. (Pickens, 2015)

  • Self Esteem needs:

This need comes after love and belongingness needs that everyone in his life needs esteem needs. Esteem relates to the respect. It is so important in everyone’s life that whether it’s a small boy or a man or a women or children everyone needs respect.

When it comes to the dignity the motivation theory of human becomes more necessary in this relation of needs. Because everyone wants to have status and dignity in his or her life and from where it comes through the esteem needs of motivation.

The self-esteem needs should be consistently changed and they need to be developed accordingly so that they can be changed and made efficient according to the actual needs and wants of the person who is going to manage the workings of its proper planning’s and as well as their actual needs must be fulfilled. (More-selfesteem.com, 2018)

  • Self-actualization needs

It’s the last and essential needs which have a different impact in every human’s life. In this need, there is a desire of becoming and achieving everything in his life. Self-actualization needs say that its human nature to achieve every day to day lifestyle and like everything human being wants to achieve in his life which is not practically possible. But he tries to achieve his goals to be more superior than anybody in the world.

This is self-actualization needs in order to achieve every goal and the desire of his life. Self-actualization is the final steps or process towards the human nature. The human nature which varies from time to time must be controlled or managed according to the situation. The self-actualization needs when fulfilled properly then that problems must be settled down by the human and then it impacts positively on the human nature. (Komninos, 2017)

Information is important to understanding the organization:

This need plays a very vital role in the organization e.g. in the office environment there are different colleges who are working on a different task. All of them have different needs one focus on self-esteem needs, one focused on self-actualization needs and one focus on safety needs, some focus on esteem needs, and some have self-actualization needs. The more cooperative staff would be that who focused more on these needs and by putting his efforts for working in the organization through these needs one becomes more successful.

As an employer, everyone needs food, a shelter which is the basic needs of all. Such as the employer also need safety needs, like everyone wants to be secure in his job. Just like that the employer also wants love and belongingness needs such as every employee wants to have friends and to have a good relationship with them. As an employer, everyone wants to have dignity and status in his life. Which is important in this environment of work?

Lastly comes the self-actualization needs that as an employer we need to have high aims and wanted to achieve everything very high and very quickly. We want to capture the entire world but which is not possible. But mostly we want to have higher aims to be achieved in short time. But actually, it takes way longer to be achieving a lot in life.

Some of the Difficulties and Challenges:

There are many difficulties and challenges one can face in these theories within the organizations. Sometimes as a worker we feel that we have to achieve this target but actually what happens that by achieving them we come up with such a mistake that leads us to the problems. In such a by becoming more overconfident that we don’t follow these needs in a proper way then we might have a chance to be not able to work in the organization properly.

Different employees have different challenges and difficulties such as by ego issue, some have a language problem, some have relationship issues and some are not cooperating in a way that they have some kind of psychological problem. The problems mentioned above needs to be strongly condemned in order to be a part of the successful motivational theory. In order to overcome these difficulties, one can have a plan to be more positive as an employee and be more courageous which could help in every aspect of life. By following this policy one can never be beaten up in life and the success becomes more frequent in his way. (Maslow, 2000)


In the end, if I could summarize all these theories it has an essential role in human motivations. All these theories are the very important aspect of human life. Every human being has his basic needs, then comes the safety needs after that is love and belongingness need, self-esteem needs and last self-actualization needs. All these needs have a positive impact on every human life that without these needs one can’t survive. Whether in home, or office or with colloquies somehow and the other you need these needs. This can be utilized in our daily life or our day to day activities. The motivation of human being never ends. It’s a never-ending process in a way that we keep on fighting with our needs were to overcome and where to put it in forward.

The best thing to be more accurate and more emphasis and be more practical in whatever needs you are performing. Human nature sometimes becomes very much difficult to understand as they are going to be different in a different situation. The nature of the human is very much unique and it varies according to the situation. The human nature or mood of people swings according to the situation as they do not know how to handle a work so that they can do wrong things sometimes in order to get the best out of it. Some situations may need to be handled very much care and with sensitive effects that that situation may not get failed. In order to maintain that situation positively.

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