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How to Replace Laptop LCD Screen


The world today has a lot of revolutionaries in computers. Usually, most activities are performed using computers. Computers ‘ vast uses lead to their everyday growth. Computers have built laptop computers from PC suits that are commonly used because of their mobility benefits. Every engineering equipment is subjected to some kind of maintenance as it is bound to fail at times. The maintenance can be done by a technician or by the computer owner. It is necessary that the manual be used for purposes of repair. This is a guide that shows a technician how to perform different operations on machines. The manual also allows the technician to understand the functioning of the system. This manual outlines the steps taken to change the LCD screen of a laptop. The first part shows how to remove the LCD screen while the second part shows how to mount the laptop.

Tools and Equipments Required

The following tools are necessary before repairing the laptop

  1. Screw drivers The are the small star screw drivers
  2. Source of light provides illumination when working n the Laptop
  3. Plastic pick for unhooking the LCD bezel
  4. Tape assist in joining
  5. Sharp knife edge for removing the bezel

Procedure for replacing the LCD screen in a laptop

Removing the LCD screen

Identify the laptop

This is the first and the most important step.Various manufacturers have various LCD screen assembly methods. The laptop manual must be used to define the need to open the laptop and its internal structure.

Unplug the Alternating Power Cable (AC Cable)

Before opening the laptop, all the power cables should be disconnected. This prevents the risk of shock and also prevents the computer from short circuit which damages the mother board the processor and other gadgets.

Remove the Battery

Remove the battery from the laptop, this battery is on the side where the LCD display is hinged to the main body of the laptop. Removing the battery does not cause damage to the laptop’s sensitive electronic circuitry. Figure 1 showing the location of the battery.

Figure 1 showing the location of the battery

Remove the Rubber Seal

Remove the rubber seals at the all the sides of the laptop screen. These rubber seals can be easily identified as rubber projection. In some laptop designs countersunk bolts are used without a rubber seal cover. These bolts can be seen by carefully observing the edges. Removing the seal exposes the bolts. To remove the seals a sharp object is used.

Figure 2 Showing the Removal of the Rubber Seals

Unscrew the Bolts

Unscrew the exposed bolt. Use a Phillips star screw driver. Keep the bolts in a safe place as they will be used when the set is reassembled. It is important to check each screw’s position as some do not have the same size.

Image 3 Showing the Bolts Removed During the Repair of the Laptop.

Remove the Front and Side Seals

Remove the side seal this exposes more bolts, again take note of the bolts positions. Different bolts used have differing lengths and thread types.

How to Replace Laptop LCD Screen

Removing the LCD Bezel

Remove the LCD bezel. Do this by wriggling the bezel so that it is released by the latches. Latches are made of plastic. Unhook the bezel from latches using a guitar pick.

  • backlight
  • reflector

Picture Showing the LCD Bezel Removal

Inverter Circuit

Lift the bezel to expose the inverter circuit.

Picture Showing the Disconnection of the Backlight.

Unscrewing the LCD

Unscrew the LCD by opening the four screws that hold the LCD screen assembly.

The LCD screen is secured with four screws at the back. This assembly holds

Picture Showing the Unscrewing of the LCD Screen

Place the LCD screen assembly on the keyboard to help un mount the other parts.

Open the LCD display unit this reveals the backlight and the reflector.

Removing the Cable

Remove the three main cables that are connected to the LCD screen, these are

  • Simple ribbon cable
  • The video connectors
  • The power cable connector
  • Also, remove the inverter circuit connector, the inverter powers the backlight.

Remove these cables in that order it is important to note that some laptops use the inverter while others have Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL)

Picture Showing the Removal of the Cables

Removing the metallic housing securing the LCD screen and the backlight

Remove the metallic structure that holds the LCD screen to the backlight. This is done using a sharp edge.

Separate the Backlight and the LCD Screen.

The backlight is secured on top of the LCD screen using a tape. Disassemble it by removing the tape. The tape should be kept well as it will be reused.

Picture Showing the Removal of the Backlight

Test the Backlight and Ensure it is Working.

Remove the LCD

 Procedure For Assembling the LCD Screen

(A) Carefully unpack the new LCD screen

Picture Showing a New LCD

(B) Join the backlight and the LCD screen, this is done by securing it on top of the LCD using a tape.

(C) Reassemble the metallic case that holds the backlight onto the LCD display. Joining is done by applying a small pressure so that the metallic structure clings tightly and holds the backlight in position.

(D) Join all the cables making sure that the power cable is the last to be assembled. These cables are joined in the following manner

  • Simple ribbon cable
  • The video connectors
  • The power cable connector

(E) Screw the LCD unit on the laptop frame. This is done using a screw driver.

(F) Secure the inverter at its right position and ensure it is connected to the backlight

(G) Mount the LCD Bezzel apply a slight pressure so that the bezels firmly attaches itself to the latches.

(H) Fasten the side bolts using a Philips screw driver, also fasten the front bolts.

(I) return the rubber seals

Picture Showing the Assembly of the Laptop After Changing the Screen

(J) Connect all the power supply cable and also connect the laptop battery.

(K) Test the Laptop.

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