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How to Develop Awareness Sessions for Employees

Developing An Awareness Sessions

Quantify The Gap                                                       

The employee sometimes is not aware of their liabilities and ethical standards and reveals information about the commercial bids to the supplier or the contractor. The procurement personal are specific issues that fall under the violations in the organization. The company holds confidence in their dealings with the suppliers and bidder. Only the functional group head can deliver confidential information to the bidder after stating the justification. The employee is not allowed to consult with any supplier and bidder to disclose information about the organization. The dishonest and clever contractor tries to get information about the pattern of bidding, unexplained changes order, and lax procedures. In the organization, the dishonest procurement employee often works in collusion with the corrupt supplier and fraudulent bidder.

Uncover The Cause

The employee often remains from form the obligations of an organization. They observe core values and embarked on mutual agreements. The revealing of information can be for the personal benefits or denouncing of the business practices. The objectivity of performance is often not provided to employers and co-workers. Workers are unaware of their limitations and personal rights. The most probable cause of an issue is personal benefits and unawareness of employee rights. There are the variety of tactics that are used by qualified bidders to exclude information. The arranging of a solution is based on narrowing the burdensome on the employees with the pre-qualification criteria. The revealed information enables the supplier to establish an unreasonable specification of bids and often splits the bids to avoid from the competitive bidding with the organization.

Problem Key Players

The people involved in revealing the bidding information to the supplier and contractor are Departmental head, all divisions and unit head, Project procurement department, Operations procurement department, and Contracting and procurement unit (Infoentrepreneurs.org, 2018).

Problem Impact on Business

The seller does not make business with the organization until the invited bid was selected as a winner. The task of the seller are activities as pre-solicitation, getting qualified, find the effective selling for the post quote period, maximum accuracy for the estimation of cost, differentiate the bids and offers from the competitors, and review all the available intelligence before having a contract with the organization (Clarkslegal. com, 2018). The impact of revealing information about the bidding process to the suppliers are listed below,

  1. A significant number of efficient and intelligent bidders fails to make bids with the company.
  2. The contract specifications become unreasonable and narrow (Spendmatters.com, 2013).
  3. The short and limited time is allowed for the bidding as contractor already know specifications of the organization. And very often bid fails on the initial stage.
  4. The unreasonable and the pre-qualified procedure are required to be adopted.
  5. The adequate request of biding become falling and fails due to publicizing the process of bids.

The key driving issues due to revealing the bid information are increasing for the number of purchases and the orders processed by the standard functions. The organization needs to be centralized for the procurement function as the standard system makes easy to have a contract with bidders. The employee considers the task in a consistent manner. For instance, the top performance of organization was average 1923 purchased before the revealing of an e-sourcing process and e-procurement process information. The organization was not able to invest with next bidding or to purchase orders due to issues. The e-procurement includes system process and increases the amount of work for the employees for the direct and indirect materials revealing. The impact is identified on the leverage volume discount, decrease in the cost for the human labor, and particularly for the consolidated buying process (Finance. gov. au, 2018).

Revealing the information might reduce the negotiation for the state of requirement and forces to compromise on the early stage of negotiation. The impact of improper dealing is on declining the revenues. The cost of services changes due to denouncing and rejecting the bids. The owner of the business must avoid such circumstances that impair the performance of the organization. The employee is required to avoid from adopting such methods of revealing the information. The required specification is affected for the services and products. The limited competitive sourcing becomes dominating on productivity (Philexmining. com. ph, 2014).  The failure in the negotiation is a weaker part of the argument and becomes the strength of the supplier. If the supplier already knows bargaining and business process of the organization, he compels to make business on substandard services. The reliability of equipment decreases. The organization needs to ensure the strategy and confidential information for the services (KRAMER, 2012).

Create Options

The problem can be solved by establishing certain processes, the comprehensive solicited master agreement should be provided to the employee about services offered in the organization. The portfolio can be designed for the managed services expected of the employee at the time of hiring. The strategy development is for the management of technology, spend and rate management, and temporary hiring services. The efficiency standards should be displayed in the recruitment process combined with the ethics of the company. The best optimal solution is to organize awareness sessions and guidelines to the employees that are involved in any kind of service procurement activities.

Decide The Solution

The aim is to initiate training and development services for the suppliers, department heads, and employee. The development programs are committed to provide support and to encourage the staff about the qualification and liabilities in the organization (County, 2016). At the end of these sessions, the employee will be able to have effective procurement guidance and policy understanding. The employee will learn about the limitations, responsibilities, role, and structures in the organization. The individual and personal development plans will provide the staff with more information for the appropriate level of memberships in the organization (Iberdrola. com, 2017). The awareness program provides opportunities for the collaboration and innovation regarding all the members. The implementation of these programs in the organization will provide an opportunity for the employee for having collaboration and innovation. The contractor and procurement policy manual will be provided to the employee for the performance management in the organization. The procurement service structure provided in the training sessions will include responsibilities, allocated areas and role in the organization (Parliament. scot, 2008).

The annual training program will start during June and May each year under the instructions of the head of procurement. The plan will provide training and development activities year on year for the benefits. All the staff will be advised to attend cooperate procurement training programs. The manual of the training program will be published in June. The formal coaching program will include secession plan and formal system. The organized program for training will be funded by the organization to deliver the professional services. The procurement related training sessions will include procurement modular training, external seminar, formal and external training programs, and procurement coaching programs (Philexmining. com. ph, 2014).  The training program will cover a variety of learning opportunities related to the procurement topics. The employee will provide feedback of they learned from the training programs. The training and development program will meet the requirement of the professional services and delivery of procurement services. The development of support will consider informal coaching related to the specific project, mentoring, and attendance in succession planning and training programs. The employee will be provided with the information about the bidding process and how to keep the process of the company away from the suppliers (Philexmining. com. ph, 2014).


The present work is mainly a problem solving workshop that quantifies the gap in employee learning process. The main objective of the present work is to develop an awareness program or sessions that provides a guideline to the employees. The issue faced by our organization is lack of awareness among the employees. The lack of awareness results in violation and low communication skills with the suppliers. The supplier gets information about the business process and commercial bidding system of organization. Last year our organization faced crises due to a discussion between the supplier and the employee. The discussion revealed important information to the supplier during the process of biding. The present report is primarily based on the identification of essential initiatives to overcome such issues in the organization. The best optimal solution to the problem is to initiate an awareness session that provides knowledge to employees and prevents potential violation in the organization. The organization will maintain and seek beneficial relations between the uphold principles of the company, core values of the organization and suppliers.

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