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Hong Kong International Airport Analysis Report


The Hong Kong airport is the second topmost airports in the world. It has all the facilities and luxuries available at the airport that makes it very much lovable from the people who uses there services of traveling from one place to another. The airports should be able to manage the facilities in terms of making the passengers comfortable for their stay at the airport if needed and their traveling to different places. The airport was first opened at 6 July 1993 they start from a small area for the runway of the planes. But gradually they started getting success from their extraordinary services.

Hong Kong International Airport Analysis Report

They now have two runways that lead them to the best and fastest flight departure or take off efficiency as a must. They have a wide network of branches to a wide network of destinations with which they are connected worldwide with the relationship of traveling with great comfort and ease for the people. They have more than 120 airlines that are working nationwide on their behalf. They have used to travel more than 5.05 million of cargoes and airmails moved by them around the world till the last year. (Hongkongairport.com, 2018)

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They have staff members of around 73000 around the world. That is serving the people with best regards for them as well as they are doing the best in terms of making them effective and efficient as a must. The services they are providing to the people are first extraordinary and next, they have all the facilities like hoteling, shopping and many more. They have taken care of all the opportunities that people need from them at the airport. The facilities are available all the time and with the highest quality ever that people will feel safe and comfortable with such facilities at the airport.

They also have too many shops there that make the shopping of every renowned brand easy for them. The area of the airport is very much wide as their area consists of around 1255 hectors that is a huge area that needs to be covered with complete accessories and all the needs can be easily fulfilled by the people if they wanted anything from them. They are going to serve the people on 24 hours a day service so that they can avail anything anytime they wanted to have. The airport facilities are so much great that people will like it very much.

Travelers and staff had just to traverse Prince Edward Road East and string their way through the Regal Hotel to drop by workaday eateries, stores, laundries, and road slow down. Schoolchildren ventured the other way, tucking themselves into calm ventilated corners of Departures to pore over their homework. (Hongkongairport.com, 2018)

Dissonant hail-and-goodbye crowds – sisters, cousins, aunties – twirled forward and backward in a whirlwind of flags and cameras. Also, plane spotters, shutterbugs and out and out gobsmacked passers-by would move up to the terminal’s rooftop patio to get the strange display of airplane roaring over their heads, apparently sufficiently close to splashing them with drops of fly fuel. While some Peak occupants broadly went to Kowloon just to get a plane, basically every other person in Hong Kong.

Thought of Kai Tak as an inebriating blend of city treasurer, event congregation and the day by day triumph of human expertise and building. Having developed from an unassuming runway in 1925 to a completely fledged universal air terminal – yet one blasting at the creases – Kai Tak shut two decades back this week, on July 6, 1998. Many heart-ceasing take-offs and landing recordings trim YouTube, while the air terminal remains a powerful memory for travelers, pilots and all the unassuming people who lived close-by.

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