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Ho Chi Minh and Vietnamese Independence

In Ho’s speech he claimed that independence achievement was contributed by the service rendered during the World War 2 and what were these services? In Ho’s speech he claims that even after the Japanese putsch of March 1945, the Vietnam league helped many Frenchmen to cross the frontier, rescued some of the Frenchmen from the Japanese jails and even protected the French lives and property. According to this statement, Vietnam League rescued these Frenchmen in 1945 from the Japanese and it was during this time the World War 2 was ongoing but in its late stages. The services they offered were to rescue the Frenchmen from Japanese, protected their lives and property, unfortunately after all these efforts to assist the French, Ho claims that French refused to assist them fight the Japanese but instead left Japanese with the power to control Vietnam. (Lam, 2000) This can be proved from the Ho’s speech where he said that, from the autumn of 1940, their country had ceased to be a French colony and had become a Japanese possession. Ho’s reveals the truth by claiming they have rested their independence from Japanese but not the French.

In his speech, Ho’s claims that, Vietnams independence is in consistent with the philosophical principles which the allies claimed were paramount during World War 2, and which were these principles? The principles Ho was referring in his speech are the principles of self- determination and equality of nations. These are philosophical principles that a country has to achieve to be independent; the Vietnams felt that they achieved the principle of self-determination since they have courageously fought and oppose the French domination for more than eight years and fought along with the allies against the Fascists, therefore Ho and other Vietnam feels that such a country should be independence. After achieving all these, Ho felt that their independence and their Republic of Vietnam won’t fail to be recognized by other independent nations.

In his speech, Ho mentioned a number of crimes committed by the Frenchmen, Ho mention both social, political and economic crimes committed by the Frenchmen. Ho claims that the Frenchmen deprived their people of every single democratic liberty, enforced inhuman laws and wrecked the Vietnam national unity. In social sector, the French build more prisons than schools and this prevented their uprising and in economy Ho explains how the Frenchmen have robbed them of their rice fields, mines, forests and raw materials. From all these injustices, building more prisons than schools was so unfair because I believe colonization is to bring modernism and modernism can be brought through education yet they were discouraging it.


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