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Hills Like White Elephants Summary Analysis

Hemingway’s Hills Like White Elephants


This essay of Hemingway’s hills like white elephants is about a girl and an old man who is waiting for the train at a railway station that train will lead to them to the Madrid land. While they are waiting, they were having a can of a bear so that their time will pass and they will have the best part of their life by having a conversation with each other. The most important is that they discussed the working of America in a sense of making people beneficial and as well as making, they facilitate by giving them efficient facilities.


One of the main issues in the essay is that about the relationships. The relationship with someone is a big responsibility indeed to be fulfilled by both the persons who are in a relationship. The relationship needs the consistency and the positivity of both the persons involved in the relationship. In America, the relationships are very rare people avoid making relationships as they believe in living a single person’s life. As well as they do not feel comfortable in listening to someone else’s the most disturbing is that if they made a relationship then they do no keep it for a long time as to avoid hardships in keeping a relationship.

Hills Like White Elephants Summary Analysis

The other conflict or issue in the essay is that the balancing or managing of the people needs and wants in the relationship in which they are living with. The most important is that how people consider their relationship well and as well as how they get compromise themselves in their relationships. Sometimes it happens that one of the people in the relationship never wanted to do compromise on anything or any issue. This causes a problem in the relationship, sometimes both the persons of relationship do not compromise on any single thing, and this causes the breakup of the relationship.

In fact, if people do not compromise then they will do not be able to take their relationship anymore at any place they wanted to take their relationship. The relationships only become strong if people try to focus on the situation that causes their breakups, as well as that, causes their relationship to be weak. There are different types of relationship exist in the world. Some are permanent relationships with parents and children. This relationship needs a consistent place to be done according to the actual needs and wants of the relationship.


The effects of the issues on the society of this essay are mostly negative. The people do not pay attention to the relationships to be strong and consistent, as they do not like to live happily with each other by listening to other and under someone’s instructions. The whole scenario uses to say that the relationship only gets success if both the persons in the relationship have the compromised nature and as well as they become the most desirable in the state that needs to be consistent and as well as well managed by both the persons. The more people live in a compromise condition in a relationship the more they get their relationship strong and perfect.

The most important issue is another that people who have past relationships they also try not to keep them with themselves as they are being disturbed by their responsibility as well as they do not even want to make the lives of each other hell. The new thing is that they all believe well in living as a single person. They think that single person life is very relaxing. A single person can do whatever he or she wanted to do. No one would able to stop him on anything or no one will force him or her on something he or she do not want to do. These issues are very much important to be considered in the society so that people will try to live in a good relationship and do not feel hesitation and burden in order to live in a relationship.


In the nutshell, we can say that in the essay of Hemingway’s hills like white elephants the issue is of people that they do not want to make a relationship with each other. They wanted to live single so that no one can force them to do anything that they do not want to do. This thing makes the people very much alone and as well as this thing or idea will make them away from the people and as well as they are making people feel this that without the relationship they cannot even survive best. This thinking needs to be changed in the people mind so that they move towards making more relationships. As relationship saves people from being bad.

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