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Fitness and Health Strategic Plan

Implementation Plan           


The purpose of designing a comprehensive plan for Life Time Health is to establish a structured approach that has the potential to be executed efficiently, thus growing corporate efficiency. A realistic strategy should be put in order for immediate execution. Ultimately, the initiative is meant to influence the behaviours of the organization’s key divisions, i.e., to promote exercise and wellness. Improving service efficiency, consumer loyalty, as well as better corporate management are the main factors that will demonstrate an improvement in the company. Daily tracking is important for the Life Time Health strategic plan to be successfully executed. The action plan should be developed to feature the tasks that have been completed as well as laying a ground for understanding areas that should be given more emphasis. Ultimately, the financial monitoring of the organization ought to be done to verify the efficiency of the changes brought about by the strategic plan.

Functional Tactics

            Life Time Exercise aims to make three major improvements to the practises. In line with the grand plan, the organisation looks forward to establish a customer service center, provision of mobile fitness centers and developing health and fitness centers for low-income earners. In order to achieve these strategies an implementation plan is very vital.

The development of a customer support centre is focused on the desire to maintain clients or gain new clients. Two workers are hired and employed by each division of the corporation in both Canada and the United States; one is an information and technology technocrat that oversees data and consumer input systems as they contribute to the services provided by the organisation. The human resources officer has the full mandate to roll out the advertising for the vacancies. Upon the preference of the interview panellists, they shall liaise with the Chief Executive Officer. In each division, the customer support officer must coordinate with information management workers to ensure that each branch establishes distinct methods to communicate, appreciate and utilise consumers in networking. This will be achieved by the organisation starting on June 1, 2014

            The provision of mobile workout centres in twenty of its centres, distributed evenly throughout Canada and the United States, would be carried out first as a pilot project. The Director of Activities at the Life Time Wellness Centre is responsible for putting up the centres. The company shall acquire five trucks, which shall be modified to have fully loaded fitness facilities on one side of the partition, and the other section shall have a health center. The remaining fifteen trucks must be employed for a duration not reaching two years. The mobile center is meant to bring services close to people and helps promote convenience. The project shall be rolled on in phases; every phase shall include five vehicles. The first phase shall begin on 4th January 2015, the rest shall come after a four months period. Life Time Fitness Centre shall plough back its profits in this project.

            Developing health and fitness facilities for low-income earners is a top priority for the organization. The organization will establish ten low-income centers, three in Canada, and seven in the United States. The target shall be for the areas with low-income populations. The essence of this is to ensure that the company captures the entire market through its specialty. The chief executive officer shall appoint a committee comprising of three senior managers, three junior managers, and three low cadre employees to spearhead the implementation of the project. The project will commence on the 1st of June 2015.


            The objectives of this strategic plan are to ensure;

  • That he organization expands in its operations
  • That Life Time Fitness has the capacity to keep track of its customers will attracting more potential customers.
  • That Life Time Fitness will continue to expand in its profitability.
  • That the company has a way of focusing on its future
  • That the company is capable of developing a differentiation strategy that will ensure that it remains ahead of competition.

Action Items

            A number of activities are to be done before, during and after the implementation of the plan. Resistance to organizational change is prevalent among many organizations, Life Time Fitness is not any exceptional. The induction of the employees to the upcoming changes is the first action that should be taken. This can be done through the departmental heads who will educate and get responses from the employees from various departments.

            During the implementation of the plan, any employee can be called upon to assist in one area or another. This will ensure that there is a smooth transition through the change. After the project has been rolled, evaluations of the progress will be done at least once in every two months.

Milestones and Deadlines

            Since Life Time Fitness Centre does not have a manager in charge of strategy, the operations manager and the chief executive officer shall see into the implementation of every phase of the plan. They will come up with an evaluation team that shall report to them at least once after two months. The team shall be trained and will be required to provide a comprehensive report after the duration.

            The three aspects captured in the plan are to be implemented in phases. The development of a customer care center shall begin on the 1st of June 2014 and will be expected to be complete by 15th December 2014. The mobile health and fitness centers shall be initiated on the 4th of January, 2015 and will take one year and eight months before the whole project concludes. the entire plan should be fully implemented by the 4th of September 2016.

Resource Allocation and Forecasted Financials

            All the three projects requires resources that will help the Life Time Fitness capable of meeting its objectives. The company will rely on its profitability to facilitate the accomplishment of this plan. The customer service centers will require an initial allocation of $ 15,000 per center. This amount will take care of all the logistical expenses as well as the amount required to set up the infrastructural facilities for the center. The setting up of the low-income fitness centers will receive an initial allocation of $ 75,000 per center. On the other hand, every mobile fitness center shall receive an allocation of up to $ 100,000.

Risk Management

            The plans developed by Life Time Fitness have potential risks that need to be mitigated. The first approach considered is regular monitoring. This ensures that the organization is at all times confined to the set plans; a deviation will facilitate enactment of measures to prevent them. This is the reason why the operations manager in consultations with the chief executive officer shall establish a monitoring team that shall report the progress of the projects once every two months. The other aspect is that the employees will be empowered to own the plan. This shall entail a rewards and promises of rewards for the employees that will facilitate the accomplishment of the plan. The team that shall work on monitoring and evaluating the plan will receive an allowance for this. In addition, the plans are developed in a sequential manner in order to ensure that they do not overlap. However, for the case of the mobile health and fitness centers and the low-income centers, the overlap is calculative since there is a duration that is given before the other project is rolled on.

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