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Guidelines for Internship Results

Guidelines for Internship Results: All the supervisors are requested to instruct the students to ensure the following points are considered for Internship. Otherwise their Internship will not be considered for evaluation.

  1. Student must make sure that a verification e-mail has been sent by his/her manager to internship supervisor, through official e-mail id, before evaluation of internship report.
  2. Weekly report is an important check on student’s performance during his/her internship tenure. They must be sent on regular basis to internship supervisor through e-mail and must also be a part of internship report.
  3. Department requires one hard & soft copy (CD) of internship report; however supervisor may ask student for hard copy for his own record (not compulsory).
  4. Internship period should must be of at least 45 days including holidays, however if a student ends up with 43 days and Friday being the last day then upcoming 2 holidays will only be counted in case student had started his/her internship from Monday.
  5. Internship start and end date should be mentioned clearly in the letter.
  6. Issuance date on Internship letter should be mentioned.
  7. Issuance date should not be before the ending date of their Internship period.
  8. Issuance, Start and End date of Internship period should be a working day.
  9. Internship period should not overlap with either classes or Exams.
  10. Internship completion certificates should be on proper Letter Head of that company.

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