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Group Analysis Discussion

A Group Analysis


A group is something that consists of a number of people working on a same project or theme with the same effort and same Idea. Working in a group is a very good impression that shows your team working skills properly. Group working is something that enables us to communicate with each other without hesitating and understanding of their languages as well. Team working is something that keeps you aware of the different people’s nature among your group. Team working also called co-operative working is the solution to many problems that occur while doing work as a single person.

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The team working consists of many different peoples, which are different in their nature and have a different type of nature and thinking styles as well. That helps in finding solutions too many problems quickly and efficiently. Sometimes a problem cannot be solved by an individual at that time only teamwork can help in the solution. In terms of student life when you work alone on any project or assignment you sometimes, have some difficulties for their solution you have to concern with your elders or teacher and seniors as well. While you are working in a group you will not need to consult with your elders you will consult with each other member in the group and you will find a better solution to your issue.

Group Analysis Discussion Paper


Every person has its own idea according to their think so it is more beneficial to work as a team rather as an individual. A team is something that is a combination of different minds, different thoughts and different ideas according to their skills and capabilities. When we built a team, we must consider this that this team would be a combination of the items mentioned above because it is wrathful only when then different minds combine at a place because if same minds meet somewhere and work with same capability that issue will not be able to solve completely and efficiently. So proper grouping should be made in order to get the best results of your problem’s solution. Otherwise, your efforts became useless and your time wastes a lot.

Team working has many types the number of groups depends on the complexity of the project you are going to work on. Sometimes we made a team of just two members because that work would be simple and easy so that only two persons can also do that with precision and accuracy as well. Sometimes two people whom you select for the project completion are skilled enough that they can work on that project better and with an adequate solution as well. Therefore, you do not need to make a big team for that project. The completion of any project sometimes needed too much efficiency of minds that it can only be solved by the number of people together with a hard effort.

Group Dynamics

Most of the time groups are just made based on the people of the same caliber. This is not a true way of making a group. A group must consist of sharp and both dull people because if any person is dull in one thing then he/she will definitely be sharp at any other point. Therefore, a mixture of different ideas and capabilities of different people is called a group. A group is something that represents your workings and ideas that you put into your project to complete it. The team effort that you put in your group highlights you’re working and efforts that you really put ion completion of efforts or not. (Dean X. Parmelee, 2010)

Groups are made in every field of working in life. Because in every field projects are completed and different projects are present there to complete as a must. In businesses, field projects are of different types. According to your business, you are assigned the projects to your workers so they can easily complete it and achieve the target at the specified time given to them.

As in the field of business, it needs to be made a strong group and efficient as well that they can survive at the time of difficult situations as well. Because sometimes there came a situation which is more than tough that they can only be solved by hard and tough strategies’. Therefore, in that situation, you must have a team as backend support, which can table all the situations with very much efficiency as a must. There are many dynamics of the group in the business. It is actually a process of evaluating tough with easy ones so that they all can merge in between and the solution will come efficiently and on time as well. (Parmelee, 2010)

Group dynamics refers to the individual characteristics and attitudinal behavior as well. It is concerned with how and why a group is created. The groups, which you create, must have the skills of achieving high target completion capabilities and on time as well. The formation and development of groups must be based on the attitudinal and behavioral difference. Not all the short-tempered and irritated people are to be placed in one group and not all the dull and sluggish people must be the part of the group. Therefore, groups are to be selected and made according to the abilities that the people in the groups have. (Yaple, 2011)

When a task is assigned to a group then the first and foremost step in the fulfilment of a group is to discuss with each member the details of that project. Each point should be discussed deeply and precisely so that it can be solved properly and efficiently and at the specified time as well. Group dynamics involves the proper procedures to accomplish the fulfilment task of the required given target. When after a detailed group discussion one must share with each their reviews and ideas about the project that what they understand about the work or what they not.

Sometimes different people in groups have different calibers, which makes them learning slowly to all the aspects at once. Therefore, group discussion will definitely solve these issues smoothly and accurately. This step involves a better step towards completion of the project. (May 2001)


Analysis towards the group formation and the topic on which the project actually is must be discussed so that many different ideas can be generated to complete that project. Any idea among them, which seems to be the best, must be implemented in the project to get best results out. Not all the people may have positive and negative attitudes and seriousness towards the project accomplishment. So one person among them must be so much mature that he/she can handle that project very easily and effectively.

Positivist always rewards good so in order to give good and efficient results one must build well strategies’ and planning’s to achieve the target with the high quality of efficiency as well. Only a lot of experience is not enough in being in a group so you must behave well and good in a group. Group member’s behavior must be kind and friendly to each other so that they can share the workload and complete the assigned task easily. So positivist and friendly natures personality should be maintained in the group to keep your group away from conflicts.

Therefore, in order to be efficient and a good team member, one must have good qualities of teamwork and positive attitude with good and soft behavior with soft-spoken abilities as well. This will make you a good team member also your team will become a good team, which can easily and very efficiently complete their task or projects under specified time as well. In addition, it increases the working efficiency of your group in the eyes of your organization’s leaders.

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