Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Brews up the Best Marketing Strategy Case Study Answers


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Brews up the best Marketing Strategy


Answer. 1

Green Mountain Coffee Roaster is leader in coffee industry. The firm use coordinated multi-channel distribution network with wholesale and direct to consumer operations. Green Mountain derives the majority of its revenue from than 7000 wholesale customer in the united state. So, Green Mountain Roaster used distribution strategy and also provides best quality. This distribution is designed to maximum brand recognition.

Answer. 2

Green Mountain wants to be the leading company in the U.S. market and its goal to capture the highest market growth so Green Mountain focuses market development strategy. Green mountain roaster have already product development through distribution and best quality.


Major strategic uncertainties for Green Mountain in the competitive market:

  1. Threat of new entrants is the major uncertainties for green mountain coffee. They should use differentiation strategy and analyze the competitive.
  2. Economic and political uncertainties in the competitive market, green mountain should be enter in international market so that, loss will compensate in one region. But the political and cultural factor involve.
  3. Threat of substitute is also the strategic uncertainties in the competitive market. Threat of substitute is over come by price, target market and analyze the competitive.


Green Mountain should include best quality coffee, different taste and flavors for creating customer value proposition and it’s also include healthy product.

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