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Green Marketing Research Study Project Report

Keywords: SMEs, Marketing, Networking, Word of mouth (WOM), Green marketing, Limitations, Constraints Green Marketing.



This study aims to explore how green marketing can be adopted in the confinements of small to medium-size enterprises (SMEs) and to offer any recommendation that could be made for the concept to be utilised to both a competitive advantage and the benefit of the environment.


To explore the concept of green marketing in SMEs, a qualitative research using semi-structured in-depth interviews amongst six respondents of a small to medium-size B2B business located in Reading was used.


Marketing in SMEs is centered on building relationships with customers (customer engagement) most effectively through networking and word-of-mouth communication. Hence, any traditional form of marketing is perceived to be more of an afterthought. Thus, green marketing is then delivered inconsistently.

Research Limitations:

This study used one SME context within a given region in the UK. It must then be acknowledged; the research findings may not be generalisable and perhaps very limited. Future research could add to the number of SMEs to study and also across different regions in the UK.

Practical Implications:

This study offers insight into different strategic efforts to suggest how SMEs could effectively deliver green marketing for a competitive business advantage in small B2B dynamic markets.


Studies’ aligning how green marketing is adopted in large organisations compared to smaller businesses is very limited. Thus, this study is of benefit to academics as a foundation to future researches and also to managers as a new form of marketing for their businesses.

Paper Type: Research Paper

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