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Green Kinetic India Marketing Strategy


The company Green Kinetic Ltd. focused on the Green Mobility Solutions so that there could be effectiveness for the people of the country, as the company focused on providing the solutions for the electronic vehicles that are creating the bad pollution for the company. The company is the innovation leaders in the India because it giving the vehicle at the affordable prices to the customers. However, the major mission of the company is to provide the “Green Mobility to Millions” by the affordable solutions. Green Kinetic Ltd. wants to make the vehicles with the zero carbon emissions and the vehicles with no noise and no vibrations so that customers could get the sense of deep satisfaction.

Target Market

Green Kinetic Ltd through focused on the market segments making the efforts for the green mobility so that there could be effectiveness, the company is driving innovation in order to achieve the better price-performance on the green mobility. In order to satisfy the target market, the company is focused on the green mobility in India, as there are the customers, who wanted to buy the products or vehicles that support the green mobility, thus, for that, the market is targeting the faster demand for the satisfaction of the consumers. The company is focused on providing the maximum comfort to the middle class customers, as the company target market is the customers for the middle-class and high-middle class because they can get the vehicle at the reasonable prices, as company is focused on zero emission of the carbon and other harmful gasses (Kinetic green vehicles.com, 2017).

Green Kinetic India Marketing Strategy

Positioning Statement

Green Kinetic Ltd. In the positioning statement focused on the green mobility in India, the major concerns of the company are to make the “green tomorrow” through the engineering knowledge. The company also has the domain expertise that can make the possible solutions for the people of the country. To promote the affordable green mobility in India, the company wants to position itself as advanced vehicles. Green Kinetic Ltd. wants to see the India clean and green; therefore, the company is focused on the manufacturing with the latest technology. The company positioning is focused so that the customers could trust and get reliability on the company for the pollution free India. Thus, there are the advanced technologies by the company for the innovative and progressive solutions.

Marketing Strategy 

Green Kinetic Ltd. is focused on the good practices in the market, in order to bring the innovation from the green mobility perspective in India. The company needs to focus on the market needs through the collaborative approaches, so that there could be the understanding of the customers need for kinetic energy or the vehicle, as successful marketing allow the marketers to focus on the successful market behavior or successful strategies. The recommended strategies for the Green Kinetic Ltd are discussed as follows.

Marketing Mix Element 1 Strategy

Product Development And Consumer Awareness

Green Kinetic Ltd need to focus on the business practices as there should be continued growing of the changing business environment in the various leading automotive and the energy companies. Thus, the company needs to be strategically agile so that there could be competency and the customers could be aware of the extraordinary services that the company is giving in order to gain the competitive advantages in the competitive environments. The customers need to trust the company, as they need to have awareness about the Green Kinetic products that what benefits they could get if they use the vehicle and how lower prices can be helpful for them (Themsche, 2015).

In the Indian market the customers have the understanding of the green age; therefore, Green Kinetic Ltd. can follow the environmental legislation and focus on the emerging market regarding the changing customer behavior by providing them the benefits at lower cost. There are the tough market conditions thus, the company can focus on the campaigns so that customers could be targeted in an effective way, Green Kinetic Ltd. can design market strategies effectively in order to improve efficiency and agility through the redefining of the business plans.

Marketing Mix Element 2 Strategy

Identify Strategic Partner For Joint Venture

Green Kinetic Ltd. can focus on the joint venture businesses, as there could be partner in the Indian and another international market, so that there could be benefits, however, there is the trend of rickshaws in Asia, example Pakistan, therefore, joint venture with the other countries or buyer can be useful for the company. The automotive sector and energy sectors are growing in the market, there is the need to target the companies so that there could be joint venture facilities through the technology convergence. Green Kinetic Ltd. needs to wisely put the assets in order to successfully compete in the Asian market (Clifford, 2015).

The company has the extensive industry knowledge that what are the optimal strategies and the growth perspectives. Therefore, the Green Kinetic Ltd. needs to focus on the leading engineering consultancies by thinking on the unique perception or viewpoints by identifying the unique strategic partners in the Asian market for a joint venture. However, Green Kinetic Ltd. can also focus on the partnering so that product development can be focused (Nieuwenhuis and Wells, 2015).


Green Kinetic Ltd. is growing in the Indian market, as they have the Green Mobility Solutions and they think on the perspective to provide the effectiveness, in order to give solutions for the electronic vehicles that are creating bad pollution. However, the company has the vehicle at the affordable prices and there are right plans for the growth. Green Kinetic Ltd. has targeted the middle-class customers; however, there are opportunities for the company in an Asian market, example the latest technology and innovative or progressive solutions with the various collaborative approaches can be given to the customers. Thus, Green Kinetic Ltd. needs to be aware of the extraordinary services because there is changing customer of the customer’s behavior. Therefore, through joint venture businesses company could be successful in the market.

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