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Green Electronics Market in Saudi Arabia Case Study

Prosumer Motivation And Engagement in Greening The Desert

The Case Of Green Electronics Market in Saudi Arabia


The low carbon energy system can be delivered for the reduction of energy consumption in the green system. The consumption of energy is becoming inconspicuous and the significant increase should be for the sustainability. The resource consumption is relevant to the reduction of energy in the system (Butler, Parkhill, & Pidgeon, 2016).

The theoretical orientation for the engaged energy is related to the interpretation of the social change and the social actions. The tackling for the dynamical nature is associated with the possible changes and social actions. The focus of present work is for the green electronics system developed in Saudi Arabia. The analysis includes behavior and the attitudes of the system, the prime argument is regarding the practical works and implementation of the theorizing energy (Butler, Parkhill, & Pidgeon, 2016).

The empirical research is regarding the emerging areas or energy that is consumed in the everyday practices (Moisander, 2007). The prime consideration for the green energy system in Saudi Arabia is based on the contribution of energy insights and dynamical demand of energy about the values, choices, and agency (Butler, Parkhill, & Pidgeon, 2016).

The critical process engagement considers the Bourdieu’s practice theory and considers Richard Wilk’s development. The social action works on the dynamic process and emerges new practices for the complex processes. The energy demand reduction considers the unsophisticated policies for the choices and the agencies. The individual rational choices are based on the assumptions and the hyperactive reflexive representation of agencies (Butler, Parkhill, & Pidgeon, 2016).

The research recognizes the increasing scale for the transitions as it is essential for the society of low carbon. The significant reductions in the demand for energy can be covered by the low carbon society. The developing practices of energy were measured by previously conducted analysis based on theoretical Bourdieu concepts. The implication analysis considers conceptual societal changes. The role of these polices is for the reduction in the demand of energy (Butler, Parkhill, & Pidgeon, 2016).

The complexity of the analytical tool considers green consumerism but there are challenges for the insights of environmental consideration for the green consumers in the markets. In the green energy system, there are some considerable barriers to the ecological orientation (Moisander, 2007). The compellability for the behavior of the consumer and the primary motivation is for the green consumers of Saudi Arabia. The environmental protections are related to the collective goals and the self-interested goals for the individual consumers (Moisander, Johanna; Pesonen, Sinikka, 2002). World is changing with the innovation in the technology. Green production is a modern concept towards products manufactured all over the international and national markets.

Prosumer are engaged with the modern concept of green products and getting motivation to adopt this strategy to promote sales and improve production of the company. In Saudi Arabia trend of green deserting is increasing with the time (Boncori & Paché, 2016). Prosumers are working day and night on this issue to enlarge their potential market. There is concept that through following green strategy companies can access to the target customers more easily as they feel encouragement to buy green.

Research will analyze the trend of green electronics in Saudi Arabia. It will also address the motivation and involvement of the prosumers in the market of Saudi Arabia. According to the point of view of the experts environmental policies are not enough to address the individual behavior of the customers as all customers are not interested to have eco-friendly products (Butler, Parkhill, & Pidgeon, 2016). The research paper will also study the green energy usage and production system in Saudi Arabia.

The objective of the work is to analyze complexity in the green consumerism and to determine challenges faced by the green consumerism in the market. The intellectual bases are for the ultimate contribution of the policy-making process. The other analysis includes responsibilities of decision makers and the pursuit of all the sustainable developments (Butler, Parkhill, & Pidgeon, 2016).

The gap in the development is measured for the individual consumer and shift in the focus of policy measurements. The collective action is for the policies and social actions and elaborates the motivational complexity for the orientation in the consumer behavior. The analytical tool measures environmental directions to determine and draw conclusions (Butler, Parkhill, & Pidgeon, 2016).

 Green Electronics Market in Saudi Arabia Case

Background of The Proposed Study

In the previously conducted research, there is some particular consideration for the social marketing field and the motivational tendency includes meta-analysis and studied the green consumerism (Butler, Parkhill, & Pidgeon, 2016). Some non-agreeable terms motivate and refer the occurrence of behavior and motivation for the green energy system in Saudi Arabia. For instance, the motivation issues are for the accounting in the vigor directions and persistence nature of the behavior (Moisander, 2007).

The consumer motivation is measured in previous researchers addresses the issues regarding the behavior and consumption rate. The studies are related to the directed and sustainable behavior so the motives are to determine the reasons for the changes in behavior (Butler, Parkhill, & Pidgeon, 2016). There are two important components for the consideration of motivation including direction and strength for the motivation and intensity. There are some underlying assumptions for the purposive consumer behavior (Moisander, 2007).

 Green Electronics Market in Saudi Arabia Case

The goals of people can be satisfied by for the needs and aim of people, there is some accepted and associated motives that considers hidden and overt. In some cases, there are some consumers those are not aware of some hidden motives in the behavior. The destination is composed of some selective motives and primary motives (Butler, Parkhill, & Pidgeon, 2016).

The primary motives can be defined as the purpose of the decisions of the consumer. The decisions sometimes engage or sometimes do not engage the ecological responsibilities behind the response of consumers from Saudi Arabia (Butler, Parkhill, & Pidgeon, 2016). On the other hand, the selective motives can be defined as the particular behavior of the consumers that are engaged with some purchasing processes of ecological products, saving of the energy and the recycling process (Moisander, 2007).

In addition to the behavior, motivation, and the assumptions, the ability analysis measures the functionality. The ability can be assumed as the personal resource of the consumer and performance in the behavior. The opportunity can be defined as some sort of external factors that have an impact on the behavior of consumer for the facilities (Moisander, 2007). The influence on the direction of motivation is for the engagement of the behavior. The strong motivation can be analyzed by various methods such as impact and influence of other resource opportunities (Moisander, Johanna; Pesonen, Sinikka, 2002). The perception included in the behavior of the customer is linked with the control of concepts for people of Saudi Arabia. There are some dimensions and some kind of elements that produces an effect on the motivation and control system of the consumer (Ritzer, 2015).

In case of general terms, there are unified theories that provide approaches for the positions in the social world. The theories are emerging from the practices including structure, ideas, discourse, and consciousness (Butler, Parkhill, & Pidgeon, 2016). The conceptualization ability of the consumer considers social action, transcending process for the distinction of subjective and particularly objective commitments. The commitments are inseparable from the subjectivity and the practices (Butler, Parkhill, & Pidgeon, 2016).

The conjunction involvement is for the consciousness and to determine all the pre ecological, pre-objective and pre reflective understanding. The analysis is based on the key concepts that are significant for the social actions and variation in the relational process or inter subjective processes (Butler, Parkhill, & Pidgeon, 2016). The explication of these concepts are in the terms of Bourdieu dispositions at the individual scale as it lasts for different actions, thoughts and schemes regarding the perceptions (Moisander, Johanna; Pesonen, Sinikka, 2002).

The key concepts for the present work are significant for the social reproduction, dispositions, habitus and some social fields. In the literature of social marketing, the key factor discussed was green consumer behavior as a traditional view for the ethical orientation of the consumer behavior and motivations for own personal needs and concerns of the welfare is for the general society (Butler, Parkhill, & Pidgeon, 2016).

The consumer behavior needs to be motivated towards the specified needs for the welfare of the society. The personal and ethical concepts need to be focused on the social responses and approaches. The individual accountability is for the goal orientation and to define the consequences such as benefit loss and cost issues (Moisander, Johanna; Pesonen, Sinikka, 2002).

The private consumption is a complete attempt that results in the change of social situations and generates the sustainable developments. The moral issues of some agencies are related to the ideas for the appearance of the green consumer (Moisander, Johanna; Pesonen, Sinikka, 2002). The normative destructive approach is the most suitable approach that considers the ethical framework and the moral dimensions of the consumerism and ethics. The ethical judgments are prime subjective of these considerations. The main stream in the social marketing literature is environmental policies that include moral actions as well as presumptions (Moisander, Johanna; Pesonen, Sinikka, 2002).

The conceptualization of green consumerism is customarily for the personal ethics and for the set of pro environmental attitudes and values. The value approach that is associated with the expectancy values and for the decision making process. The social conscious issues are for the green consumers and it can be viewed as the goal orientated individuals (Butler, Parkhill, & Pidgeon, 2016). The account for the environment is for the public consequences. The moral orientation consumers choose the empirical and particular behavior of judgment. The mainstream presumptions are about the moral actions and the situations for the unelaborated ideas or grounded concerns (Moisander, Johanna; Pesonen, Sinikka, 2002). The conceptualized terms are based on the particular ethical choices and actions of the human well-beings. Somehow, a little attention towards the paid and unpaid moral reasoning gets attentions form the teleological normal (Ritzer, 2015).

Concept of green production is not all new. Research will describe the main background history of the green production researches. In the previous researches, the focus of the researches was the consumer’s behavior and rate of consumption of the energy (Ritzer, 2015). Green production promoted the concept of green consumerism or vice versa as both has direct influence on each other (Boncori & Paché, 2016). Customer in the market considers himself or herself as the ecologically oriented citizenship. Therefore, they prefer the products that go green.

In the field of energy as electricity, Saudi Arabia was not enough paying attention that was required while in present situation is getting change. In the western counties, people were engaged with the green production form many years ago as western counties are advanced and developed countries that encourage the researchers to research on all topics to bring ease in life. Therefore, considering this into consideration I decided to research on the topic that can help professionals and students of the Saudi Arabia to work for the betterment of their country. The topic will increase their knowledge and will motivate them to work on the green strategy when comes to the professional life.

Research Issue

Through the previously existing researches, the consumer behavior is in the form of prosocial consideration. The viewed social specified are conscious or the social responsibility. The behavior of consumer is to be involved in the perspectives of environmentalist considerations (Moisander, Johanna; Pesonen, Sinikka, 2002). The environmentally concerned consumers can be described for the exhibition and reflection of the concerns. All the objectives and the reasons include practices for the services of multitudinous and agreement. The appropriate consumption strategies in the agreements are green consumerism (Moisander, Johanna; Pesonen, Sinikka, 2002). The divergent views are equally responsible for the strategies of ecology. The view of the true care in the environment reduces drastically and multiple numbers of purchases are for the bare minimum (Ritzer, 2015).

The radical green consumer considers denying options to refuse alternative views in the radical environmental approaches and consumptions. The green consumerism acknowledges some radical approaches that are sometimes not easy to be adopted therefore some new methods are required for the radical approach, consumption orientation, and the liberal views for the green consumerism (Moisander, Johanna; Pesonen, Sinikka, 2002).

The product choice services are becoming less destructive towards the environment. The positive impact is for the particular significant life ways. The green products and services can be illustrated by the environment friendly process of shopping. The sound products and services are for the environmental process (Moisander, Johanna; Pesonen, Sinikka, 2002).

  • The services and environmental sound products are based on the consideration of health and animals and these products are not dangerous (Moisander, Johanna; Pesonen, Sinikka, 2002).
  • The products cause no damage to the environment during the process of disposal and manufacturing system (Ritzer, 2015).
  • These products have no process that causes any unnecessary waste but in these processes, the excessive packages are considered to resources particularly for the shorter time of intervals (Moisander, 2007).
  • The product materials are independent of threated species and environment.
  • The environmental qualities are linked to the ecological factors of Saudi Arabia (Butler, Parkhill, & Pidgeon, 2016).
  • World is adopting change rapidly to flow with the new information and trends. Modern world developed countries lead the other countries of the world. Green production or green consumerism that was once a new strategy and concept is now functional and success of the companies is based on green strategies(Ritzer, 2015). While Saudi Arabia was not paying importance to this modern approach, therefore just a few companies were working on the principals of green consumerism and production. In this way it was necessary for the companies and presumes to meet with the requirements of the international market.
  • Without adopting this strategy, Saudi Arabia cannot function in the proper way in the international and national market. Therefore, it is the major issue for the research to study the motivation for the go green strategy in the presumes that are consumers and producers(Dyes, 2010). During the whole studies, main focus will be on the market of Saudi Arabia. It will be viewed completely in the dimension of its uses in the electricity production as renewable-energy.

Research Gap

The research gap is concerned with the limits in the researches that can be filled out to pave the path or complete the big picture. Researchers conducted researches on this topic in the international markets and other counties of the world. The research will study the gap that relates to the Saudi Arabia and electricity market. Through researching on these factors in the light of electronic market in the Saudi Arabia, the gap can be filled out. The researcher uses many of the unique and different resources to search for the data and the material that is needed to be filled out the gap properly. The gap in research is very much dangerous for the work because it stopped the process of working of the project.

Researchers are made in order to increase the working efficiency and the knowledge about the topic with which you are concerned. The gap that has been created between the electricity issue and the electricity problems in Saudi Arabia is very much created now a day that is making it very complicated. The electricity issue is increasing day by day as the use of electricity is increased as well as it is also getting wasted by the people as they have no sense to keep it safe to be used by all the people. The electricity should be used properly and according to the need, it should not be wasted by the people whether they are consumers or producers as well.

Research Problem

The major research problem is concerned with the poor interest of the country and its population towards the green electronics market. Saudi Arabia is a country of natural resources that utilize fuel and oil to get energy therefore their main focus is on the products that get energy to operate from the fuels and oils (Dyes, 2010). In such way, green electronics are completely ignored. In light of this, the major research problem to be studied is role of consumers and producers in the electronic market of Saudi Arabia. The research problem is to identify whether prosumer role is poor or encouraging for the green electrics market because success of the green strategy depends upon it.  

The people of Saudi Arabia must be made aware with the benefits of using green electronics in their country. The other problem is that people think that they are right what they thought of about using not the green house effective electricity. This thing makes the working efficiency of learning of the people about this issue very much effective and beneficial as they know now about the facts and benefits of using this greenhouse effective electricity. The green electronics term is very easy to understand as it benefits the sustainability issues in the Saudi Arabia. The atmosphere in Saudi Arabia is very much polluted because of use of too many vehicles by the people on the roads. The use of this is the implementation of some sources that are human friendly. This is known as the term of sustainability in the country.

Research Questions

In accordance to the research, there are some questions that are developed to address the whole research. The research will find out the answers of these questions that are mentioned below:

Does there is any relationship between motivation and prosumer for greening desert.

How go green strategy is supportive to earn huge market shares?

Green strategy is supportive in terms of earning more market shares for the market as they are going to make the people more comfortable in living in that place. People always wanted to have the best atmosphere in the place where they live or work. The sustainable environment is very much important for the health and for the better living of the people in the country where they are spending their lives. Sustainable atmosphere makes the living of people relaxed and comfortable. The polluted environment is dangerous for the health of people. That is why countries must have the sustainable factor in their developments.

How Saudi Arabia is working for the green electronics market?

The country Saudi Arabia is putting very many efforts to make the country sustainable and environment friendly as this is the best forms at which they get the maximum level of success among other countries. When company does not focus properly on the sustainability then they cannot be able to get efficient success in the market shares of their country. Saudi Arabia is producing that type of electronic products that are human friendly and that focuses on keepingthe environment clean and pure for the people who live in the country. They produced human friendly electrical products that make their working easy and comfortable.

At what level prosumers are engaged in the green electronics market of the Saudi Arabia.?

The green electronic market in Saudi Arabia is contributing well in the success of the country in the competitive market. The most important is that

How the green strategy can be promoted in electronics market of Saudi Arabia?

Significance And Contribution of The Study

Research significance and contribution is mentioned below in the two different dimensions as theoretical and practical contribution of the research:

Theoretical Contribution

Green marketing, consumerism, production and strategy all work for the relatively same purpose. Significance of the research can be determined through the validity and reliability of the study. Significance of the research can be determined through the results of the studies as positive values and research indicate that there is research is significant (Ritzer, 2015). The research will significant, as it will contribute in the understanding of the people.

Practical Implications

The major contribution of the research is that it will contribute for understanding the situation of the green electronics in the market. Through this research, researcher and new professionals can evaluate that whether green electronics in the Saudi Arabia can be effective or not?(Butler, Parkhill, & Pidgeon, 2016) The contribution of the research is very high as it will increase the knowledge of the new readers and provide them literature knowledge towards modern concepts of sustainability and consumerism. The research also contributes, as the knowledge is practical knowledge that is based on the clear and authentic literature review and research. Research will be support for the future researches on this topic to provide guidance.

Literature Review

According to the (Boncori & Paché, 2016) consumer in the market face many challenges because of the green consumerism complexity model. Environmentally policy measures the factor of intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. While studies of the (Dyes, 2010) UAE was once not taking interest in the green approach of consumers but now in present age it is consciously taking interest. According to a study held by the (Moisander, 2007)all environmentally oriented consumers are not but some of them are encourage to spend their own resources as time resources, energy and cost for the environmental products promotion.

Another research conducted on the topic of consumer’s sensitivity to the retailers working at large scale. According to the researcher (Boncori & Paché, 2016) big companies of the developed countries are using transports that work in accordance to the green energy. Article also discussed that sustainability of the companies also get increase because of the green strategy of the company. For the purpose to develop sustainable consumption trend green marketing and advertisement is common.

According to the studies conducted on this research problem of consumerism, there are several challenges in the market for the consumers that pay attention to the green consumerism. The environmentally concerned consumption is basically behavior of the consumers that focused on the environmentalist. There can be negative influence on the activities that involve and concerned with green consumerism in the market.

The Methodology of The Research And Justifications

Methodology for the research is complete method or process that was adopted for the research. According to this in research, data is collected through various resources as secondary resources of journals, articles, websites and books. While primary resource also used to project and elaborate information regarding the green electronics in Saudi Arabia. The data is collected through the authentic resources to reduce biases in the research.

Unit of Analysis

Unit of analysis for the research are related to the sustainability and green strategy. Green electronic market is basically idea based on the green strategy for the companies to go green in the market.

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