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Google Five Forces Model Analysis

Porter’s​​ Five​​ Forces​​ Model: Generic​​ Overview​​ and​​ its​​ Implementation on Google​​ 

The model, called the five-force model of the porter, was introduced by Michael E. Porter. What is it all about with this model? This model is all about the five forces that serve as​​ the​​ foundation for every market to be formed, concentrating intensely on the following five competitive points to be defined and analyzed.

  • The competition​​ in the concerned industry​​ 

  • New​​ entrants’​​ threat into industry​​ 

  • The supplier’s power​​ 

  • The customer’s power​​ 

  • The threat of substitute products​​ 

This model is the best choice for you if you are looking to learn about your affected industry's profitability, attractiveness, and competition​​ strength. A brief overview of each model is given here intensity to provide you with a proper understanding of this​​ and the example of Google's implementation.

Implementation of the​​ Five​​ Powers​​ Model of​​ Porters on Google

Google, I don't think it requires some introduction, since this popular organisation and the features that it offers to consumers worldwide are well​​ known to all of us. As one of the world's biggest search engines, it creates a platform for the community to search for all other websites worldwide. The implementation of the five-force porter model also teaches us about the five strategic factors that lead to rendering this site efficient or inefficient. The planet also poses various kinds of problems as one of the greatest and most successful organisations.

A​​ Quick​​ Overview of Google’s​​ Five​​ Forces​​ Analysis​​ 

A summary of the porter's five forces analysis on Google is the following:

  • The competition​​ in the concerned industry -​​ Strong

  • New​​ entrants’​​ threat into the industry​​ ​​ Moderate​​ 

  • The supplier’s power​​ ​​ Weak​​ 

  • The customer’s power -​​ Weak​​ 

  • The threat of substitute products -​​ Moderate​​ 

Competitive​​ Rivalry or the​​ Competition:​​ 

This model's force teaches us about our rivals in the sector concerned to recognize and recognize all the threats involved with it; we can plan and shape ourselves accordingly.

Google faces​​ a tough and robust rivalry, as clearly mentioned above. The tough competition limits the development of the business, as per the five-force porter model.​​ What are the external considerations that are part of such an intense battle against Google?​​ There are three most common external​​ variables: the diversity of a large organization,​​ a​​ large​​ number of businesses, and small switching costs.​​ 

What are the biggest rivals of Google? Being one of the world's most significant search engines, Google has​​ many​​ competitors, such as Yahoo, Apple, Bing, Comcast, and much more.​​ As it provides Google Fiber, Google Class, and Chromecast, the biggest service provider is still under production. The key reason it faces intense competition is the low cost of switching, as it is easy for all consumers to migrate to other competitors.

Bargaining​​ Power of​​ Buyers:​​ 

This strength of the study of the porter​​ deals with the bargaining power of buyers.​​ The effect of the buyers ' bargaining power is low for Google.​​ According to the porter's five-force model, this most massive search engine's strategic decision merely considers such a downward force of the buyers as minimal. What​​ are the external variables behind the bargaining power of a soft buyer?​​ The small size of individual customers, the quality of moderate details, the buyers' growing demand.​​ 

Bargaining​​ Power of​​ Suppliers:​​ 

Google, I don't think it needs some introduction, since this popular organisation and the features that it offers to consumers worldwide are well informed of by all of us. As one of the biggest search engines in the world, it provides a platform to be checked by the community worldwide for all other websites. The usage of the five-force porter model, then, teaches us about the​​ five strategic factors that help render this site successful or inefficient. The planet is also experiencing various kinds of problems as one of the greatest and most successful organisations.

The​​ Threat for​​ a​​ New​​ Entry:​​ 

This model 's strength shows us how simple or challenging it is for new competitors to join the business in question. The reason is that the power of the company has a huge influence on it as competitors come to the affected marketplace and the strong and productive rivals would undermine the business's position in its field.

The strength of this model tells us how easy or difficult it is for potential rivals to enter the organisation in question. The explanation is that when rivals come to the affected marketplace and powerful and efficient rivals will disrupt the role of the business in its sector, the strength of the company has a tremendous impact on it.​​ For Google, the force is​​ mild. What? How? For any new company, the cost of starting a business is not so high, so it is easy and straightforward for other companies to enter the related marketplace and compete with Google.​​ It is also not difficult to have the utmost satisfaction with the​​ customers' regulatory​​ requirements so that new entrants will quickly acquire a high reputation​​ to compete well against Google.​​ 

The​​ Substitution​​ Threat:

The last but not least force of the five-power porter model is the risk of replacements. For instance,​​ 

all prospective buyers would turn to the other available reserves if your organization does not have reasonable service and equal rates.

TV, print media, radio, and several other commercial platforms act as the foundation for​​ establishing Google's threat of replacement, albeit at a modest degree. The supply​​ of reserves in large quantities and less swapping costs are the two main external variables that lead. The one listed later, i.e., low switching cost, makes it unproblematic for the customers to switch to other services as they have several options available in this scenario.​​ 

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