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Google Coaches its Employees by the Most Qualified Tutors

Relying on the information that has given on the article of Michael Schneider, Human Capital Specialist, Welltower, Google coaches its employees by the most qualified tutors who can provide timely and specific feedback as well as deliver hard responses in a motivational and thoughtful way to make employees work on time and qualitative.

Tailor approaches meet individual communication styles in regular face-to-face meetings since those are the most effective and fast way of getting to know about the worker’s abilities.

Besides, the “great” coach should practice empathetic “active” listening and be fully present to the employee, plus aware of his mindset and that of the employee. The great advantage can bring the coaches ability to ask open-ended questions to discover an employee’s comprehension.


In Google’s office, the people are surrounded by highly educated, smart, and wonderful people, which creates an excellent atmosphere for not only work but also for personal growth and success. This atmosphere creates some challenges in a friendly way. The chance of meeting people the workers grew up reading about, such as Wikipedia authors, is quite high.

The employees assume that their co-workers are advanced, inspiring, and motivating, even if not that famous. Almost all of them have different and exciting backgrounds, making the company’s workers genuinely excited about each other.

Besides the chance to contact IT leaders, company workers often get the chance to communicate with celebrities, who are invited in person.

Google hires to work top-talented employees since it has been considered the best place to work in 2009 and continues keeping high rankings until present times.

A great number of talented people work for Google, Inc. because of their rewards, unique inner culture, and perks.

At the Googleplex, employees are free to show up to work whenever they want, bring their pets, wear pyjamas, and eat food that worker likes, which is quite important for some people. It is developing their motivation to work. Moreover, they are also able to enjoy a free fitness centre and trainer – that is great for keeping themselves in good shape; Google shows its care in this way. Even, if they are sick, workers can see the on-site doctor, do their laundry, and indulge in free espresso at every corner of their special and exceptional “office.” The comfortable and excellent atmosphere has worked well for Google because it offers a psychological advantage to promote innovation and efficiency for workers. Google’s job design approach is to stay away from the burden of work that stifles and distracts innovative ideas.

In addition, to create new ideas and innovative goods, Google creates small, interdependent, and entrepreneurial teams. The organisation proposed the bright idea that they could create realistic solutions with minimal investments by forming small teams. There are also no official networks to allow ideas to flow within global groups. Indeed, Google works on numerous smaller workgroups that may have several committees supervising a project manager. They are really independent as well. Such were Google Inc.’s methods of relaxing workers.

The manager is responsible for creating a safe work environment, proper care, and attention to the employees since those are quite important aspects of the workplace. Google said 57% of success is a qualified manager, which means the comfort is almost on the shoulders of the manager. Happiness is something that people can bring only by themselves, since in Google, many things can bring happiness, after a long hard day with a cup of coffee or fresh juice. However, the young staff shared with the experience, probation in the company enormously hard, and teamwork in tandem with collaboration helped them pass through it.

A company hires a good manager to handle the problems associated with employees, either theoretical and practical methods. The company’s main goal is to effectively use employees’ necessary skills through the organization’s aims. Nevertheless, at the same time, the manager should pay attention to working conditions, preserve the health and well-being of each worker, and establish the team’s right and appropriate relationships. Google streaming responsible, effective, determined to succeed employees. Therefore, dismissal in Google is something very rare. Indeed, they are trying to keep the worker as long as the company can. For instance, in the interview, Ivan Suvorov said, he wanted to quit. However, the manager gave him an intriguing and complicated task, and then Ivan decided to continue to work at Google.

Managers at Google do not have the right to make a decision about hiring a candidate. The Committee, 5-10 people, specially compile the reception staff on the work. This Committee may include both top managers and future colleagues of the employee being hired. All interviews are conducted in turn, and all opinions are taken into account when making an employment decision. Everyone who interviewed a candidate fills out a feedback form based on its results: what questions were asked, how the person answered them, and the candidate is evaluated. The form also includes an assessment of how suitable a person is for the team and whether their personal qualities match the company’s culture. These detailed interviews help Google to tumble down the staff turnover because managers’ and workers’ professionalism is enormously high. The most crucial is that employee always has difficult tasks; it also helps to keep qualified people in the company. Thus, it is clear why Google staff turnover is incredibly low.

To sum up with, personally, google is the superb choice for people who are determined to achieve the aims that had put in the beginning. The Greatest quality of education, the biggest experience in tandem with the professionals’ chance of working, makes Google unique compared to other companies. Google is the only company taking care of the environment and the culture inside the team and making them feel as they are at home.

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