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Godiva Chocolate Consumer Behavior and Internal Influences

Introduction to Godiva Chocolate Inc.:

Godiva Chocolate Inc. is the manufacturer of premium quality chocolates, coca, cookies, flavored coffee, ice creamGodiva Chocolate Consumer Behavior and Internal Influences etc. across the world it is the famous brand, which was founded in 1926 by Joseph Draps, the quarter is in New York City. In the major cities like in North America and in other big cities there are around 250 stores of Godiva Chocolate. Godiva Chocolate Inc. is very concerned about its reputation in the market and in the customer’s minds, it is a well-recognized brand across the world, to retain its customer, brand is loyal, and want serves the finest quality. They keep on doing innovations and struggle for excellence to satisfy its consumer demands. The consumers are very loyal from years, large share from the chocolate industry, it taken by Godiva Chocolate Inc.

Godiva Chocolate Consumer Behavior and Internal Influences

Consumer behaviors and Godiva Chocolate Inc.:

Godiva Chocolate Inc. know about customers mind very well, they are creating the most elegant, handcrafted chocolates for the consumers, they are making consumer addicted to the best chocolate, from the sensatory overload, which attracts the customers and allow temptations, their services are top-notch, excellence on designs and they have balance their counter point with the aroma, texture and flavor. They are attracting the customer’s based on the taste and good will in the market. They are not attracting the customer by lower their prices or making cheaper product with maximum quantity, however, they are using the strategies on discount offers for occasions; they have the special products or chocolates on different occasions like Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Christmas etc.

They are serving the customer in an effective manner and successful manner; they are offering special products as they have recognized the need of the current market. To identify the consumer needs based on demands is significance, that what can influence him/her to buy the product (kpmg, 2012). The consumer behavior and purchasing decision influence the Godiva Chocolate Inc. to sell their products online since early 1990, from then they are concerned about their customer choices and preferences.

The online website, help the consumers to know about the product and prices, they can also order, what they desire off. On social occasions they offer the free delivery, they also have the feedback options so they can stay updated with the consumer’s demands and they can change the strategies, according to the current demands. The markets need to have the full insight to predict specific behaviors of the customers. In case of Godiva Chocolate, they have elegant packaging and quality chocolates for the consumers, if customers are not satisfied, then there could replacement, refund or exchange in the product (Godiva, 2016).

Internal Influences on Consumer Purchase Decisions:

Internal factors attract or affects the consumers buying behaviors, marketers need to serve the consumer internal needs in an effective way. The internal influences could be consumer’s personal thoughts, feeling attitudes or motivation to buy the product, the internal influences can also be known as, psychological influences of a person or develop ideas or beliefs of a person (Novak, 2016).

Godiva Chocolate Inc. is well aware, that how to influence customers needs, to satisfy the internal influences, they play on sensual desires to promote or consuming chocolate. They use the pleasure principle to attract their customers by the advertisement they made that, “The only thing missing is you”, by appealing or making the emotional connections, they create sense of pleasure, in the customers, to increase their cognitive interests.

Godiva Chocolate Inc. is focused about the internal influences of its customers, they do need customer or market to recognize them as they serving from years, and they are just focused on the quality as they have individually wrapped chocolates, which can enjoy anytime. The colorful wrapper that have the “Touch of Gold”, appeals one’s mind and attract the customer psychology, as the customer feel special, this is their strategy to make their customer loyal. They are focused on the quality regarding affordability and accessibility. They listen to the customers and by observing the consumers behaviors, they design the strtgies that directly attracts ones insight, they know the attitude of customers, so they keep on doing innovations, to retain the customers (Blogspot, 2013).

They often give gifts to their customers, from that the customer can feel special, and his/her trust develops that Godiva is concerned and care about them. Godiva Gems is more relevant with the customer special needs on special occasions. Godiva Gems focus on the requirement of low-level involvement, they want to make every occasion special for their customer, and this is the reason, the customer feel them-selves important, they are hitting the emotional side of their customer, by showing the care for them. They always talk about previous experiences that what they loved and what not.

The interest of customers is important for them, like in the Godiva boutiques the customers are pampered, luxurious environment is given to them, and they can have their favorite’s chocolates there. The chocolates offered to them, are in gold gift boxes. They influence on the decision-making process, their decisions are according to the need of the customers, the customers are satisfied and feel pleasure when Godiva Chocolate, is offered to them. They entertaining their customers by social and cultural influence, to identify the customer’s needs; they use the modern methods, as they have planned its biggest valentine’s promotion ever, and gave the grand price for $1 million. They are not missing the heartbeat of the customers, and know the trends of the market that how could they emotionally influence the purchase decision (Vainikka, 2015).


Godiva Chocolate Inc. is serving best quality of the chocolate to the customer, by identifying the current market needs, they are serving their customers from years, and however, they are still focused on the innovations. They want to keep involve their customers, by targeting them emotional or psychology; they are focused to influence the purchase decision. They directly approach the customers through creative and inspired approaches.

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