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Gender and Human Rights

Gender and Human Rights

  1. Importance of Human Rights

The importance of human rights is that everyone has to secure of safe life, there are many rights which are included in human rights. Human rights must be followed in the Islamic context and all laws should contain statement that person cannot be convicted of breaking the laws or offending an individual or individuals has caused financial or bodily harm, united nation also gave most of the articles about human rights and universal election of human rights also play a vital role to knows the right and equality.

  1. Definition

The fundamental right that humans have by the fact of being human, and that are neither created and not can be abrogated.

  1. Support Mechanism

In human right supported by first of all Islam, then

  • International Conversation
  • Government Treaties
  • Universal declaration of human rights
  • Constitutions
  • Jews
  1. Principles of Human Rights

Human rights are universal or inalienable. Universal it because brief one have their own rights by birth no one can be changed or snatched following principles can be followed.

  • Universality and inalienability.

In article universal deliberation of human rights can be defined all rights.

  • Indivisibility

Discuss/follow by culture, economic, social, political issues. Denial of rights invariably enjoyment of other rights.

  1. Universal Declaration of Right

Its adopted by the United Nation. In Dec. 10th 1948.

This declaration consists of 30 articles. Universal declaration state a common understanding of the people of the country. World concerning the inalienable and right of all members of human family, general assembly give power or structure based on human right. Human rights is naturally given by God and spend or utilized according to Quran and Sunnah. In these article which provide basis of human right that right for human dignity and free development of personality and indicates that they are to be realized through national effort and international corporation.

  • Article 1: All human beings are born free and equal.
  • Article 2: Everyone has titled to the same rights without any discrimination.
  • Article 3: Is very important law, because everyone has right to life, liberty, and security.

In article 20: Everyone has right peaceful assembly and association the need was that to make a obligation or right according to the constitution and entitled assembly or association. Article 1 to 30 focus on education health, democrat, social or political life, lost or leisures, freedom of opinion and expression, freedom to religion, right to own property.

“Democracy must be a delivery system of human rights”.

Without equality and without discrimination for all women and men.

UDHR draws life preserving messages from the part, and essential foundation for building a world in which all human beings can, in the centries to come look forward to living in dignity and peace. International organization of united nation also emphasized on human rights.

  1. Charter of the UN

Charter of UN an important reference to human right. History of the part UN can define the important. The UDHR is an increasingly powerful instrument for the achievement of human dignity and peaceful for all.

  1. Fundamental Human Rights

Government, Bill of Right and the constitution and United Nation aims to protect for all people for example.

  • Right to life.
  • Right to liberty and freedom.
  • Right to control what happens to you and your body and to make medical decision for yourself.
  • Right to grow old.
  • Right to freedom of thought.

So human right plays a very good role in our society. When just follow according to the Islamic context. Different societies have different ideas on what fundamental human right are and the government protection extended to protect basic human rights are the reflection of the widespread cultures and ideas.

  1. Fundamental Right

Fundamental right in the constitution of Pakistan in 1993 have focused on Islamic human rights. Its established some articles and talking about right of individuals, and security of person to person, shall be deprived of life of liberty save in accordance with law or slavery is not determined forbidden and no law shall permit or facilitate its introduction into Pakistan in any farm. Also state the protection against double punishment and self-increment. Every citizen shall have the right remain in and subject to any reasonable restriction imposed by law in the interest of public order. Principles of policy tells what is ideal Pakistan.

  1. Islamic Ideology of Human Right

Islam not only talking about protection it’s also focus or cover the aspects of their language, culture, and social. In Islamic ideology follows 2 Haqooq;

  1. Haqooq-Ullah
  2. Haqooq Ullabad

“There is no God but God and Muhammad (SAW).

Fundamental rights play roots cause in Islamic ideology and not confirmed to rituals. Islamic order is unique balance.

“Islamic ideology based on Islamic social order in this context follow a Islamic context, that Islam is not only for Muslim it’s for all human beings, Islamic social order is object oriented which is success and self-flooding growth.

Fundamental right in freedom. Some fundamental right plays a vital role to secure human rights. Some human rights should be vital and society can play a vital role also.

  1. Islam and Human Rights

Islam provide many human rights for the individuals and the political system of Islam based on the three principles of;

  • Tauheed
  • Risalat
  • Khalifa

Tauheed means that one God alone is the creator, Master of the Universe Risalat is a medium thought which we received the law of God, we have received two things from this source. Khalife. Man is the representative of God.

  1. Purpose of Islamic State

Is that to examine the type of state which is built on the foundation of tawhid, risalat, and khalifa. The constant demand made by Islam is that principles of morality must be observed at all cost and in all walfs of life based its policies on justice. Islamic law and constitution should be there.

The right to freedom of belief

“Say, O ye that reject faith~ (Islam) worship not that which ye worship nor will ye worship nor will ye worship that which I worship, and I will not worship that which ye have been wont”.

Islam also stress on the right of honour and in Islamic context. The human right must be fulfill or managed because Allah says”. Islam is not only for Muslims its for all human beings. Islam also give the citizen right. Islamic Hadood limitze the right of people.

So, human rights and gender based human rights culprits with the nation of Islam.

Islam gives the human rights both men and women, if the women have charity also have men because in Islam men and women have equal right to property. The good parameter also for men and women. This legalize their rights and no one can do anything out of the Hadood which can be registered or produced by God, and Hadith or Quran.

Oh mankind who had created you, male and female and we set your up asinnaion as tribes you may be able to recognized each other. (Ayat 49; 13).


Consult lectures and my own understanding.

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