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Food Security and Grain Import in Sub Saharan Africa

Sub Saharan African Food Security and Grain Import Dependency

Globalization and Trade

Food security in the globalization could be explained as the consistent access of the food that isFood Security and Grain Import in Sub Saharan Africa required for the healthy life, as there could be the cultural and other aspects for the individuals based on what the food issues and food security can be discussed. However, regarding food security in the country, there can be aspects example, household political, geographical and the other economic factors. The food security are focused across the world so that the food quality or the food could be given in the affordable prices, mostly, the food security is focused by the agricultural and other departments in order to get the healthy food. Moreover, there can be the agricultural crisis as; based on that food can be expensive and non-healthy in the country, the rapid urbanization is the other reason because people are not getting the healthy and pure food, and people do not have adequate food resources. There is the widespread poverty in the countries, especially the developing worlds. The food security is also the problem of the socio-economic structures of the countries, as in the developing countries there is no or little quality of life because the agriculture department of the countries are busy in making the grains for the other countries. Thus, for the protection of the human rights, the developing countries are aware if the rural problem so that there could be food security and the appropriate level of the healthy food. The developed and developing countries are taking the steps for the sustain activity, so that there can be socially acceptable fashion in the various or different modern capitalist economies. Moreover, for the healthy foods and the awareness regarding the food security, the countries and the agricultural departments need to do efforts in, order to provide the individual knowledge and the aspects of the healthy eating.

Economic problems regarding the food security and grain imports are there in the countries, as the household budgets is the greatest issue of getting the healthy food in the country. Food security is the urban problem because the healthy and fresh food is expensive and people do not have this much income, in order to get the quality food. It is the urban issue because there are people, who can suffer from the healthy issues if there is no focus on the food security. There are the issues regarding food security in the developed world as well as the developing world because there is food insecurity and food is expensive for all the people who are in the countries. There are issues for the developed and developing worlds because there are the barriers to the trade. Moreover, the consumer rights are focused in order to get the environmental protection and to provide the nations with the food security as farmers of Africa and other developing countries are producing and making efforts to support food securities in the developed countries.

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