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Factors Affecting Consumer Buying Situation

Consumer Situation

Types of Consumer Situation

A consumer is the buyer or purchaser of the product of his/her need. A consumer faces many situations when he/she goes out to buy something in the market. Most of the time there will be a situation while purchasing that consumer stand on a corner of one stall for example book shelf take a look on the all books check the titles of some books the one attracts him/her and he/she take it. This is impulse situation other one is routine purchasing when the consumer has a plan what to purchase and those products are of routine use.

Characteristics of Consumer Situation

A consumer most of the time has to face a situation for purchasing of his/her desired purchase. A consumer mostly has a situation of impulse means they chose a thing for purchase just after having a look in this situation a consumer  should choose smartly that whether this thing give him any profit in near future just like a book air magazine. In routine purchase customer always rely on the products which are long term reliable, have good market goodwill, have best quality, have reasonable price because consumer will buy that things again and again because those things were compulsory for consumer for regular use.

Factors Affecting Consumer Buying Situation

Advertisement Description

Advertising a product on the particular occasion is the most intellectual way of advertising your product or most valuable time. The product which is advertised according to the situation captures much worth and likes because of being on time in the market. In this year I have seen many adds which in which advertiser advertised his product on that occasion in which, that product must be used by many of consumers as it was the essential product of that event, for example woolen clothes in winter, Lawn collection in summers, Fish in winter, Mangoes in summer etc. these are occasion based products of consumer use.

Situational Influences on Consumer Behavior

Situational influence on consumer behavior is an important factor to keep in mind while advertising your product. An advertiser should keep in mind the current liking of consumer in essential and compulsory items of living that are clothes, food and beverages, Brands of house accessories etc. People now a day mostly prefer those products which are high in quality but low in price. So the advertiser should capture consumer’s mind and then should advertise his product to earn maximum likes and sale of the product.

Effect of Physical Surroundings

Physical surroundings affect the consumer’s behavior very much. A consumer should be given a comfortable and leisure atmosphere in which consumer enjoys his purchasing’s. A consumer always likes open, airy and spacious areas for shopping. A consumer likes to have all the things placed separately on separate stalls so that consumer can easily select it. If a producer creates an atmosphere where there is some kind of slow music playing at a corner different color lights are blown on that place there is a proper and straight way to take that thing then consumer became very happy and fell comfortable and wishes to come there again and again for shopping. Consumer also suggests other mates to go to that place for shopping due to cool atmosphere of that place.

Online marketing of a brand now a day is the fastest and most popular way of advertising your brand and socializing it among the people. Now all the age, gender people use social media sites to keep in touch with the global world. What new is coming, which product or brand has a high ratings, which trend is trendy this time what is the market value of that brand etc. All this stuff now a days is easily available on social media sites which is just one click away from your finger. Just click on it and get into the new era of time.

Social Surroundings

Social surroundings include moving of a consumer for purchase with group of other people like his family, friends or relatives. When a consumer go out to purchase with his mates consumer can choice easily with the help of listening others opinions about the product. Sometime consumer takes the idea from some old age people because they have more experienced then him. Secondly he asks from the sale staff at the mall about the product which they wanted to buy. Mostly people like to go to shopping alone because sometimes they got confused with other’s opinions. They just like to follow their own choice and get themselves satisfied.

Consumer’s Concerns

Social surroundings addresses consumer’s concerns easily and sometimes difficult as well. Social surrounding refers to gathering around you. This gathering includes all age and gender people living around you. Every person has its own likes and dislikes. Every person has its own choice to choose something or not. Consumer’s concern may get confused in this gathering, so the best way is to get help from social media where brand producers are always ready to help you related there brand so that you can purchase more from that and their sale increases. And consumer trust more on their product.

Single’s Day

In some European countries there is a day celebrated by the name single’s day. There are two types of single’s day as well one which people celebrate in some countries by dating with each other and celebrate there being single with happiness and joy. They celebrate it properly as a festival. The single’s day teaches them the importance of family. In some other countries single’s day is a sale festival in which they create sale stalls and create records of sales. ALI BABA is one of the biggest sale event which on early basis breaks the record of sales worldwide.

Market strategies to capture marketers are to involve the person in his required product as much as possible that he / she couldn’t be able to get out of it. In ALI BABA sale festival they arranged discounts on every item smallest to biggest from cosmetics to car, on clothing and on shoes. Mobiles and smart products were on top sale ranking there. Everyone was purchasing their desired product with a lot of discount without compromising on quality. And it was very easy for all the consumers that all the products of all the brands were available in under one roof.

Temporary Situation

Temporary means “short timings”. Temporary situations are those situations which held suddenly aura for a very short time. Last Sunday I had an experience to attend a short time sale of ladies woolen clothing brand near my residence area. I first visited all the stalls, take a look at the quality and compared the prices from different stalls. I didn’t at once tooked a decision I first gathers my desired or satisfied knowledge from that area and then purchased some suits which were reasonable in price, affordable for me and good in quality as well. If one should got stuck in this type of situation he/she must do this which I did to avoid confusion.

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