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Expository Essay Example

According to the story, Creon displays the possible characteristics of a tragic hero. The audience sympathizes withExpository Essay Example him after he has recognized his weakness. Creon’s self-pride is the contributory factor that has led to his downfall.

The audience has been able to notice that Creon is a villainous person. In this case, they express pity towards him. The audience has been able to realize that he is responsible for all his problems. However, they think that no one should be exposed to such problems. They were also able to understand how Creon felt after noticing that his son is involved in a love struck. They figured out why King Creon is so upset. In this case, they expresses pity towards him because they know the girl is a murderer. Today, most parents must approve those whom their children intend to date. In this case, King Creon did not endorse the relationship between his son and the Antigone. This is the reason why the majority of the audience expresses pity towards him.

King Creon has realized that he has a weakness but finds it too late to change. He is impulsive just like Romeo, especially in decision making. He does not critically think of what he is intends to say. He always says whatever comes to his mind. For instance, in scene 3 line 118 after his initial discussion concerning Antigone, he asserts that “you will not marry her while she lives”. In line 142-150, King Creon summarizes the plans he has about Antigone. After talking to his son, he thinks that the decisions he has made are right. King Creon, never realizes that the summaries concerning Antigone will affect the life of his son. He later realizes this when it is too late to reverse the decision. It is evident that King Creon is an impulsive person who only recognizes his weaknesses after making mistakes.

Self-pride is the primary tragic flaw that leads to the fall of King Creon. His self-pride is what has resulted in the death of his son and the wife. He is very arrogant in making decisions. He believes that no one should go against his orders. He is the final decision maker in the city. Self-pride made him bar his son from marrying Antigone thus contributing to the death of the son.

King Creon possesses the required traits of a tragic hero. This made him become the King in Antigone. The audience expresses pity towards him. However, he realizes his weaknesses. His downfall came as a result of self-pride.

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