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Excavation Work Project Memo Template


Information About The Excavation Work Project Memo Template


The purpose to create the memo is to present the better overview of the cost project to the Chuck,Excavation Work Project Memo Template However, in the memo, the safe procedure recommendation and of the project is given; the detail of the excavation work, package estimation is given in the detail by trench excavation.


The memo presents the foundation of an excavation work project, which estimates the cost, along with the details of the calculated estimation. The important recommendations and information about the safety, which is needed during the trench excavation procedure, is also addressed.


In the document, the information of the excavation project is given, the recommendations and the cost analysis is also given, the improvement of the working environment for the labors is focused, however, in the memo the rules and regulation, which are regulated by the OSHA are also given. However, the total cost of the factors, which are contributing towards the of excavation work project is also given, the final figures, related to the labor and financial recourses are also being focused, there is the complete perspective of the resources, the resources estimation or the calculates prices of eth resources is about 37,883 $. In every organization, the responsibilities of the employees or the workers are needed to be considering, so that all the function should be carried out safely, and labor force can complete the project with the safety measures. OSHA should be including in the processes or the function of the organization while doing the estimation of the cost.

The factors that were used for the calculation of the work package of foundation evaluation are equipment cost and the productivity of the materials. These were provided in the scheme of per hour. The different number of labor for different activities were used for calculating the cost under different categories. For each destination, the cost summary was also calculated. It included the labor rate per hour. Other materials included in this calculation were excavation cost and quantity as well as the price of per unit. The materials were bedding material. pipe material, compact bedding, joint pipe, backfill trench etc. These were included in the overhead cost. The profit was also included in the calculations. Profit % was kept at 10% on the cost. Lose Cubic Yards LCY was used for all measurements of the materials. Computation of total cost included total quantity and unit price product. Estimation for total cost has provided in the tabular form.

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