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Ethical Issues and its Philosophy

Ethical issues and its philosophy have been discussed as follow in the context of culture, society, relationship, equality, work and business.

Ethical Issues and its Philosophy 

Belief System:

Concerning to the ethics; I am very cultural oriented type of a person, I like to value others, and I want everyone to enjoy their rights. As I seen many, different ethical issues which can be faced by the people of the society, the ethics regarding the business processes, personal rights need to be protected for the welfare of the society or individuals. There are many types of ethics, as in the course almost all types of ethics are discussed. In every society, every individual have the rights which are based on the morals rights, equity, religion, laws etc. Every individual need to be protected under the civil rights, there should be no discrimination so there could be an equality of outcomes. If the people know that their society or laws are followed by the ethics they will feel comfortable in the environment and stay safe and protected. For the betterment, growth and sustainability of every society and country, ethics are needed to be followed properly.

It have been noticed that there are various problems which are faced by the modern generations and can be a problem for the new or next generations if ethics are not followed example, there is need to protect the rights of individuals, and there is need to protect the environment, water, forest, agriculture etc. so the next generations should not be suffered. There are many issues concerning to the modern generations, resources are not enough Ethical issues and its philosophypoor’s are becoming more poor and rich people are getting rich, there is need to give equality to all the people so all of the people in the society can be given the justice or equal rights. Wild life need to be protected, ozone layer is getting damaged, there is need to educate the people and you that world can protect the next generations if ethics are properly followed because there could be worst conditions in the future. The products need to be recycled and through fundraising society can be saved from the many disasters that are predicted.


In my point of view, ethics are needed in relationships also, because every individual have value and right that are needed to be protected, in my relationship example friends and family, I give value to those people who value me. I have respect for elders and love for everyone. I do not do wrong to the people, until someone tries to harm me. I love appreciating people if they are skillful and I love teaches to those who need my help.

Equality is most important thing for me, which is not there in the society, in many of the case studies it is being focused that ethical rights are not secured, as there is a generation gap, women are not considered equal to the men, there are difference in the culture, caste and color etc but everyone is equal for me, I judge people on how they treat others. Many societies in the current era are suffering from all these problems, men are still given the higher wages because they are considered strong or there are sexual preferences. It is need to think that through these examples what our next generations are going to be taught, how can they will be able to think out of the box, if they are bounded by such thinking. For me all people are equal because all are created by God and everyone have capabilities so the societies need to be teach or tell the importance of every person in the society, in this way ethics can be considered and everyone can be evaluated based on fairness thinking.

Work Ethics:

For me work ethics are important, because everyone need to be given the environment comfortable so there could be trust and loyalty. I also want to give my best in professional life; I will stay committed and work hard for the achievements. Employees should also have ethics; I want to value my organization and respect my managers so I can learn from them and show my competencies for the better outcomes. I want to work hard to achieve the mission of a company I am working in. Moreover, beside the human ethical concerns there are more focused on the business ethical concern. In every business process employees are needed to give the importance there is need to consider that stakeholders are important part of any business. They should be given value, there should be no biased behavior by the employers, equality and all business ethics need to be considered by all the businesses. However, I believe that business should not lie to the stakeholders or customers, customers need to be given the product or services on what they have paid for. Every business needs to do the investments and assessment timely regarding to the ethical concern. False advertisement or others deceiving behaviors should not be there so the consumers can trust the organizations. There are consumer’s rights which are needed to be followed by all the organizations or business processes.

As I believe that every company need to maintain the rights of the consumers based on the principles or policies, there is need of fairness. I will as an employer also respect my employees and will give them all the rights they need based on the fairness or equality. I will take care of all the employees. Employees or other human rights need to be protected under the policies, however, companies can also motivate their employees by giving them promotion or incentives based on fairness or equality, the consumers can also be motivated to buy the products or services, if all business or moral ethics are being followed.

Government in this way can make the policies for the companies and societies, so the individuals could be protected, and for the next generations, the environment or countries can be improved in this way. There could be strict orders by the government, in order to follow the ethics.

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