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ERP in Education Implementation

ERP in Education – Introduction

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning it is of a wide range programmers that is prepared for modern business that are working now a day whether they are on a large scale or whether they are working on a small scale in the market. It is beneficial for the internal systems of the businesses as it manages all the processes of businesses with great efficiency as well as improves their communication in between all the departments of that organization internally where this system is implemented. This system provides proper reporting in the system as it can be measured continuously that whether it is working efficiently or not. (E. F. Watson, 1999)

ERP In Education Implementation

It provides the businesses the appropriate image of their functioning in some of the departments in which this system is implemented like in the production department in, inventory or manufacturing departments as well. It deals with the many of the important resources of the business like cash department, employee-managing department, and material maintenance department and in other departments like taking orders for overall departments or for a single department of the businesses as well. They work in the form of modules and in terms of implementing any module in any business organization, it helps the employees or workers that are performing their duties there.

Here we are going to discuss our ERP system implementation in the education department. The education department in our world is making an efficient success now a day. This system is very much important to consider keenly so that it can improve well and can benefit this department with efficiency the best level. The education system always needs the innovation to be happened at its best level so that it can improve the education system and make it more beneficial for the people. With the help of implementation of ERP system in education, we can get access to a community where students are being provided by more services that are suitable for them as well as they demand that services in their educating process. (Ellucian.com, 2018)

This needs to be run under a high qualified faculty as well as with best staff that can make it very efficient in implementation it in the class rooms and other learning places where students can get maximum benefit from its learning and as well as where students can get most of the benefit from its implementation as a must.

Processing in Education

This system is now a day is making the education sector very much revolutionized that it is enchasing the results of success among students as they are being educated by using this system. It is implemented to improve the performance of management and administration system in the education sector. It made very remarkable efforts in the improvement of IT departments in education system. The IT department is most important sector in education now a day as it is increasing the efficiency of the education department and as well as the world is making a lot of progress by implementing IT department features in education sector. (Amin Y. Noamana, 2015)

In higher education department, it is very much essential to implement this system as this system increases the efficiency of the software’s on which the working of IT sector is focused on. There are many of the software’s that are used in teaching the IT related coursework easily and efficiently. These software’s can easily be controlled and learned to the students by the backend support of the ERP system in the educational institutes. It handles a range of activities that not only improves its efficiency as well as they enhance the working of success rate in the education department. (Edward E. Watson, 1999)

It supports some of the departments well like making proper schedules of the class lectures, making proper and efficient learning advices that will make it very much easy to be understood by the students. They are providing very easy ways for the students so that they can learn new things with great efficiency and this system has made the learning easy for the students. It indicates the performance of the criteria made for educating the students whether it is performing well and if not, it can change its procedure so that it can be made more beneficial for the students to achieve success with it.

Develop Business Requirements

The system that runs using ERP in education is a very advance and unique system that needs experts to run it properly and efficiently. These are computer-based systems that can run through proper functioning. These are properly designed to makes the efficiency of the system very much efficient and manages the overall functions well. The most important thing is that it not only makes the efficiency of working of the organization to make efficient transaction of information from one place to another as well as it improves the learning methods as new systems have been introduced to make students learn new things like many of the software’s have been introduced that makes the understanding of new and complicated terms of IT department with ease and comfort. (Singhal, 2014)

As well as they are going to make some unique tutorials that also making easy the life of students that they are going to address the students with best explanation and with best gestures understandings with the availability of all the required learning material that supports their learning as well as that improves their efficiency well. This makes the interest of students more in the education as these tutorials created more interest of people in learning new course material. (Al-Mashari, 2003)

The proper planning in this regard is compulsory as without planning properly we cannot get actual success with the system. If education sector want complete success then they must focus on the consistent working as well as on consistent efficiency as well. These are the requirements of ERP system after the fulfillment of these requirements only then it will make the system implementation successful.

Determine the Systems Requirements

There are many of the compulsory requirements present that need to be fulfilled efficiently by the implementation of ERP system so that it can work well and with great efficiency as a must. The following steps should be followed well that the design of the system must be according to the proper functioning so that it can give accurate results when came in process. It is implemented in the form of modules so that each module must be inserted with best efficiency so that it can provide best results in future. (ZheZhanga, 2005)

The ERP system must be inserted under common database management system (DBMS). These modules must be integrated and re being connected with each other with proper system so that they can transfer in a better way as well as they must be interconnected with each other in such a way that all the performance can easily be analyzed and all the progress can easily be transmitted to all the internal departments and all the other department of the educational institute as a must. They are mostly inserted at a high price because they are to be implemented in the whole institute and they are needed to be designed to improve the efficiency of the education system. (Casey G. Cegielski, 2015)

The functions they run makes the working very much easy and it saves much time of the workers. Their setups needs time to implement but once they are implemented they saves the cost of too many methods already working in the institutes that are charging high for the owners but not giving efficient results as well. They require an internet connectivity to work in a flow so that it keeps working and do not get stopped by the poor cone cavity of it with the internet.

Software and Vendor Selection

While purchasing an ERP system we must take care of the needs that must to be fulfilled by the educational institutions because only after their fulfillment these systems work efficiently and can be able to provide good results. The implementation of this system helps to achieve the targets and goals of system that you have already made but it is not working efficiently. Every educational institute has some goals that they needed to be fulfilled at any cost. The ERP system helps the organizations to achieve their goals with great results.

It offers many of the new technologies in the system that makes the working of the education department well and that can easily achieve the goals made to be achieved. The efficient system in ERP is that which meets the needs of the system well and provides better solutions it determines whether the system is capable of meeting the technical needs of the system. The speed of the efficiency of system must be increased by implementing of the ERP system so that it increases the efficiency of the system by making it more reliable and more efficient as a must. (Selecthub.com, 2016)

ERP system is the most valuable tool for the institutions that implement it in their system. As it increases their working efficiency as well as it improves their rate of progress by providing unique ideas and innovative functions by working on those organizations can get more success and can go to a higher place at the scale of high efficient educational intuitions. They help in proper plans to be made by the institutes in terms of making learning efficient for the students so that they can get more success in their educational carrier.

As you are the cause of their success by providing them great ways to learn and to explore their minds with unique aspects to think of related to study. The system that makes the working of the ERP system well and managed faces the challenges in it and as well as it explores more ways to reduce the challenges to be come in the system in future. We must first evaluate all the functions properly so that we can accomplish accurate system to be processed according to the need of our system‘s working in making our educational requirements fulfilled properly. Therefore, this platform explores many ways in increasing efficiency of the business institutions. (CompuData Inc.com, 2013)

Improving Business Efficiency

To implement this system, it is the foremost efficiency of this system that it increases the efficiency of the system as well as it makes the system well equipped and well planned as the system became runs more smoothly and with great efficiency as well. The best thing is that it not only improves the efficiency but as well as it increases the worth of the institutes working efficiency where it is needed. The ERP system in education needs to be handled very carefully by functioning it with the web-based applications that runs it very much smoothly and efficiently. The educational institute’s accuracy and efficiency is increased by making their systems worth according to the new innovative system under learning to the students. (Claire, 2013)

The ERP system is the whole system that communicates internally and that is making the learning very much easy for the kids. It communicates the messages from one department to another with great consistency and accuracy as well as it is to be managed by the proper functioning so that it can be arranged according to the true needs of the maintenance of the educational system.

The improved educational system is that which provides the best ever efficiency to the people as well as that meets the true needs of the system to get rid off as well as to improve the learning skills of the students so that more concepts of the students must be cleared. The more they have cleared their concepts the better they can explore the world by their exploitive minds. That only be get sharpened with the advancement of new technical changes in the educational fields and makes them learning of with the help- of those fields of study

Level of Efficiency of the Technology Implementation

The technology that is implemented in the educational sector is not only of high efficiency as well as it is of great extent that it not only provides the working system a great support but it also leads towards the extraordinary success and with the passage of time the new systems introduces are needs to be made with the most unique technology implementation. The technology that you are using in implementing ERP system in education sector must be very unique and meets the new technological demands in term of making it very much efficient and attractive as well as interesting for the students as well. They love to take education from those resources and they make their concepts more clearly by understanding more bitterly the concepts.  (Research gate.com, 2018)

The efficiency must be always remained high in this regard as they are to be made accurately great with best outcome according to the true needs of the system. The most important thing is that it enhances the learning scale of the education department as students are more likely to be taking interest in the education. They have been facilitating well with the facilities and in order to work with best efficiency they can be made able to achieve great goals in the education sector.

The most important thing is that it is exploring many of the unique ways for the people and students themselves are discovering many new and innovative ways for the students to explore more things for study just for the sake of fun. The more students rely on this system the system facilitates them more The system is a good communicating system among the students as it provides many ways to enhance the efficiency of the education system as well as to improve the performance of the educational sector.

Examine Potential Security Risks, Data Breaches

The higher education system is now a day has been passing through many of the issues with the development of it. Till now according to a report the education sector is passing by a security threat of the 7% till 2017 in the overall world. In recent times around 3800 professor’s data of different universities in the world is hacked by any hacker that is very efficient in this matter. It was a very big disaster for the students, professors and for the whole education sector as it has damaged the lot of secret data of the students as well as of the teachers as well. (Erpscan.com, 2018)

There were exams placed in the systems of the teachers that were going to be held in coming days. But after this cyber-attack they are to be cancelled and this cancellation disturbs the whole education system in universities. The security is the most important factor in terms of implementing ERP system in the educational sectors. The students and the teacher’s id have been secured and they are directed to check them consistently with regular in changing the password for being making them more secure. Students are required to make tough security of the accounts they have in the information technology department.

The most risky factor in it is that they if get hacked then they will not only hacked the accounts but they can get access to the overall system that may be sometimes attached with this system. The institutes that provide education to the people they are providing easy approach to the students towards their accounts but warn them again and again to keep your accounts secure and updated all the time by cyber security systems updates so that it can be remain safe from being hacked by someone.

Provide Guidelines on how these Risks could be Mitigated

These factors must be secured and stopped by providing a high efficiency rate of security factor to the account system of the overall universities and to the students on individual level. The most important is that the security that you will provide to the people are very much secure and had very much strong protective shield that it cannot be achieved or hacked by anyone in the world. The cybercrimes are in search of those systems that have weak security systems and that can easily be approached by anyone. (Downing, 2016)

The most important thing is that the security systems you provide the anti-hacking techniques that can evolve the continues techniques that needs to be placed in the systems to keep the complete accounts safe and secure. The more efficient system is that who can scan the prints of the person who is unauthorized in the system to deal with the security issues. In modern days there are many of the anti-hacking security system so that keep your system secures and as well as make the system very much efficient that keeps the data of the persons secure.


Summing up all the points we can say that the ERP system is increasing the efficiency of the education system with great efficiency and with better effect of it in terms of increasing the efficiency of the education system. It makes the interest of the students more and more into their educating fields by inventing new and innovative technology so that it can make the learning of the people easy and interesting as well. The more education becomes interesting the better it will clear the concepts of the students more and they will explore new ideas more. (Medium.com, 2016)

This innovation has increased the individual learning of the students as well as they are exploring the minds of the students so that they can explore more unique ideas and more innovative strategies that can make the new techniques in making the education sector more explosive and most interesting in terms of making it more famous so that education can spread more in the overall world as without education we cannot be able to get the success and we cannot go higher without getting efficient knowledge in terms of getting extra knowledge from the educational institutes in the overall world.

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