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Environmental Sustainability and Its Challenges to Management

To environmental sustainability and economic development, we can identify four mind-sets and there are debates on these different mind-sets, the mind-sets are Doomsayer mind-set, Cornucopian mind-set, Haves versus have-nots mind-set and Aesthetic mind-set.

Doomsayer mind-set, always predicts, worst’s outcomes, according to them, the economicEnvironmental Sustainability and Its Challenges to Management growth is a curse, and for the long-term development of the earth, there is need continued or consistent growth, at the present level. If there is no continued consumption or growth, then there could be disasters, for the survival of earth there is need to change quickly. Cornucopian mind, are the people always talk about the continued progress, they believe that we are not using natural resources on the earth, because technology is developing, there is need to use more efficient ways, for the survival of earth as there are enough matter or energy, for the people of the world. According to “Haves versus have-nots” mind-set, in the less-developed countries, there are exploitations of the natural resources, just to alleviate the poverty, as they need to develop towards the economic growth. The cornucopian’s says that LDCs should not stop for the economic development. The aesthetic mind-set says that over consumptions of the things can lead the earth or humanity towards lose of respect for the ecosystem. There is need of respect and appreciation, with the consumption of nature, the things will be end and human beings cannot be happy.

Yes there is a conflict between the economic development and environmental sustainably, in my point of view, economic development could only be achieved, by using the resources from the nature, environmental sustainability is important if earth wants to move forward towards economic development. I am agreeing with the cornucopian’s mind that LDCs should not stop for the economic development.

It is ethical to maintain the environmental sustainability, aesthetic mind-set is based on ethical perspective, that the over consumption or misuse of the resources can never bring economic development and can lead the earth to face failure.

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